Running on empty…

It’s a known fact I don’t run and am not a fan of it as a general rule. I own a bumper sticker that reads 0.0 I don’t run”. I’ve done the 5k and 10k thing and even a triathlon back when I was 31 because a friend thought it would be a fun thing to do (she was wrong). My point is I can run…I choose not to.

I bring this up because you may recall my special friend who went to lunch with me last year and started with “remember when you used to be in shape”. For the record she has gained some of that weight back. Just saying. :P Anyway weight comes and goes and I don’t care about people’s shapes or sizes. Aside from her being the food police when you go out to eat with her (she sells diet supplements and always wants you to buy them from her) she LOVES to tell me how in shape she is because she runs. She does a 5k at least once a month if not more.

She wasn’t really believing me when I said I can run I choose not to. She took it upon herself to “challenge” me to do the Turkey Trot with her with the agreement that if I couldn’t run a 5k I would buy supplements from her to help me become more in shape. I was going to my parents for Thanksgiving and so I told her that wouldn’t work but feel free to show up at my gym on Wednesday and I will get you a guest pass. I told her that I realized that running on a treadmill was much easier and so if she wanted to run a little longer that was fine. She said no, that she didn’t want me hurting myself.

She showed up. I’ll be honest in saying I really didn’t know if I was going to be able to run the 3 miles as it had been quite some time since I had chosen to run other than when chasing down the ice cream man. But I do work out a lot and I do a lot of interval training and I was hoping that would see me through.

We started. We ran. I was surprising not huffing and puffing like I thought. She was a little. So I decided to be a pain and talk smack…because I could carry on a conversation…and she couldn’t. We reached the 3.1 mile mark and she started her cool down. I did not. She asked why I wasn’t stopping and I said that I was curious just to see how far I could actually run (since I was already a little in shock that I went that far no problem). So I ran (ala Forest Gump). I stopped at the 2 hour and 5 minute mark…because the treadmill shut off (apparently they have a timer).

At the end of it she told me to F*#k off and gave me the bird. Things I was surprised by: knees did not hurt, my boobs did (this was a surprise because I don’t have any). 2. At no time did I feel winded..and I kept a pace of 11’56” which isn’t all that fast but does include my walking warm up.

Yes, I somehow managed to run for over 10 miles. For the record I hated every minute of it. I got no high. Most of the time I just kept thinking and people do this why? I mean I get why I burned 1400 calories but I can do that at hockey as well and it’s way more fun and less hard on the knees. Though I never actually got sore…except two days later when I went skiing and then my quads hated me something fierce.

The good news about burning all those calories the day before Thanksgiving is going and getting to eat stuff like these scones. My mother has been talking about these scones for FOREVER and so I finally said let’s put them on the blog. It was the first but not the last time I will be having them.

You really do need to toast the walnuts it does make a big difference in my opinion. These are amazing and what is the best thing about scones? They freeze so very, very well. Which makes them the perfect holiday breakfast treat to have around.


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  1. 10 miles! Hot damn Pebaody!! You have confirmed my motivation to go run 6 miles in 2 hours!

  2. What a funny story. I hate running too. The only time I do it is with my husband and we talk the whole time. I prefer interval training as well and I have found that it’s all one has to do to be prepared for a 5k!

  3. Wonderful scones! Packed with great ingredients.



  4. I love you.

  5. I love this story. 10 MILES!?!?!? That’s crazy. Girl, I couldn’t even do that, and I run once in a while. I really do love to run when I feel like running. Other days, it’s “torture” and I hate it as much as you do. You got respect from me, and I love ya any which way!

  6. I’m a daily six-mile runner, but I always say that is partially because I was never encouraged to play team sports and running is one of the few sports that’s easy to take up as an adult. I love running, but I know many people who aren’t runners who are much fitter and more talented athletes than myself. I also ride horses, and every time I attempt a sport that requires teamwork and coordination (like hockey as well), I am totally humbled–I just started as an adult, so I truly suck at riding, even though I love it. Being able to run doesn’t automatically transfer your skills to other sports. I am always inspired by the fact that you play hockey and wish I could ice skate well enough to do so, but I will just have to cheer you one. Do remember, though, that not all runners are fitness Nazis with no respect for other sportspeople! Some of us are just not good enough to play team sports without getting hurt by our frustrated teammates!

  7. Junglewife says:

    Wow, that is amazing! I think some people are more “natural” runners, and others are not. You must be one of the “natural” ones. I work out quite a bit, at least 5 days a week, running 2-3 of those days. I don’t like it either. And I huff and puff a lot, even though I have been at it for several months now. I hate it, but I do it because it helps me to get/stay in shape.

    And… I gotta try me some of those scones. Printed the recipe already. Oh, and for your hater who didn’t like that you didn’t have a “print” button? I never use those print buttons on anyone’s website! I just copy and paste into a Word document, and print from there. And that way I have the recipe saved on my computer in case I ever lose (or give away!) the paper copy and can’t remember where the heck I found it!

  8. Oh I hate running to. It kills me to do it. But these fruit and nut scones, my kind of treat.

  9. Dude, a 10 mile impromptu run?! That is incredible. Major props to you. And, those scones look delish as always!

  10. Gee, some friend she was. For the record, I run because I love it and it makes me feel good, not because someone tells me to or because I’m desperate to lose weight. I’m jealous of your 10 mile run…I don’t usually have time to do one that long, and I’m not even sure I could make it that far! Though I’ve never run on a treadmill…

    The words “white chocolate” and “walnut” make me glom onto things and not let go. Add apricots in buttery, flaky scone goodness? Screw calories, I’m down. :P

  11. I love this story! I’m a runner but I never push it on other people unless they ask me about it first. “hey, I’m thinking about running…” Then I’ll encourage them. Otherwise no. I generally try not to talk about running to much because I know it can get really nauseating (like my boyfriend booking us a marathon on Valentines weekend because if would be romantic) Hey, nice story bro.
    When other runners have mean attitudes it really annoys me. That’s not what running is about.

    Congrats on your 10-miler! Go Peabody :)

  12. Ummmm…I’m pretty sure running of any kind would probably kill me. Props to you! I am, however, on board the scone train. Scones may kill me too…but…I would be be okay with that. Especially these yummy looking bad boys!

  13. Good for you on the running. Can’t stand the running cult/supplement selling people who work on being supportive and getting everyone to run & lose weight yet making everyone else feel bad at the same time.

    Great looking scone, good to know they’re freezable!

  14. did you post it all over facebook and twitter? That’s the other almost as annoying habit of some of the fitness/nutrition policing types.

    Another slightly annoying one? The guy who links you to articles..but here is one on the runner’s high. Maybe jogging at 5mph wasn’t strenuous enough for you to release the endorphins needed to get a runners high.

  15. Dang, you did really well. I don’t usually like running either, but I can do it. The other night I was at a friend’s apartment (he lives about two rows behind me) and I realized I had like 3 minutes to get from his apartment to mine if I wanted to watch glee in time. I booked it like no other. I’m pretty sure if my pants weren’t falling down and I didn’t have a deadline (Glee is important!) I could have sprinted for a little longer, maybe… I don’t know. Either way, congrats on showing up ms. diet supplement :D

  16. I love stories like this :)

  17. You just went and ran 10 miles…wow girl! I don’t remember how long I trained before I made it that far. You impress me, but I suppose that goes to show what consistent exercising can do!

  18. @Rod- or run longer…looks like they said AFTER two hours you could really tell the difference. And yes I thought as a joke I would post it on FB but I did not. :)

  19. lol, well you’ve got the screen shot. Next time you catch her bragging, post it on her wall :D

  20. Yeah, Peabody! Running is boring. Walking is boring! Yep, give me some intervals and hand weights and it’s all good. You get the cardio anyway if you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing!!! I did a little walk-training, but mostly stuck with my usual circuit training routine, and did my first (and probably only!) half-marathon in May; kept it just under 15-minute miles the entire time. And I’m 52! So there to those runner people! B.O.R.I.N.G.!!! (These scones are dreamy…..)

  21. I bookmarked this recipe awhile ago and just got around to making it today. I cannot believe just how fantastic they came out. I froze them in an attempt to not eat the entire batch tonight :p. Thanks for the recipe!


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