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I’m not sure as you get older if you become wiser…I like to think of it as you get more moments of clarity if you will. Back in my 20’s when my aunt asked me if I would like my grandmother’s china I was like um no, I have nowhere to put it. And now of course I find myself sad that I said that.

The same goes for recipes. My mother would always ask me if I wanted the recipe to anything or to learn how to do make something and I would always say no because either I didn’t really like the food item or I just figured we would do it at another date and time. Now that I am 40 I am realizing that another date and time isn’t really a good strategy anymore (not that it was really ever) and that I should sink in all that my mom has to offer in the recipe department.

One of those things I didn’t really like when I was younger but love now are Date Pinwheel Cookies. We had them every year at Christmas (and Christmas only) that I could ever remember. I always turned my nose up at them. They were just this brown cookie with fruit in them…ewww (says the 10 year old). Now it’s a different story. Funny thing is I equate the holidays with seeing them. Those and Russian Tea Cookies (which I know how to make but refuse as I do sit and eat the ENTIRE batch of those…hiding them from any one and lashing out at anyone that comes near them). So this year I decided I best learn the recipe of the on every Christmas cookie tray cookie. So I did. They aren’t much to look at brown on brown and as my mother puts it they have a mind of their own when it comes to what shape they want to make. But like I said before it’s not the Holidays without them.

Start gathering this info now. Get treasured recipes from your family members even if you don’t like that recipe…because as they pass you are the keepers of the lifeline to those family treasures. Plus you get to spend time with the family member who will teach you that recipe…and time is the greatest gift of all.

P.S. It’s National Cookie Day…so get baking!


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  1. I agree! My most treasured memory with my Oma (German grandmother) was when I came over and make her almond cake with her, by hand! Both of us took our rings off and dug into the dough, giggling. Now I look forward to trying that with my boys! :)

  2. I loved helping my dad cook and bake growing up, and my mom put together a recipe box full of childhood favorite recipes for both me and my brother. I love having their recipes on hand! But I’ve never had date pinwheels before, nor have I ever heard of them! Might need to check these out.

  3. I know I would love these, I am adding them to my list to try!

  4. My Greataunt Anna made these with such ease. None of us can make them like she did. When I left Minnesota for the last time heading for California she gave me a big container of date pinwheels cookies to munch on while I traveled. How I miss her and these cookies.

  5. *sigh* Nostalgia post. I have grand and great grand’s recipes but though I hear stories about the feasts they used to put on when my folks were young, I never got to cook with them. I do remember that my little Welsh grandma always had things on the sideboard, the oven full, and all four burners in use whenever we visited! :) We only have one baking, cooking grandma for my kiddos, I’ll have to arrange some baking trips. And get out the cherished hand written recipe cards from my great grandma. ♥

  6. my mom is into recipes and even has a program on her computer with all her family and any of my dad’s family recipes compiled in it. it is wonderful she keeps adding more so every once in a while i copy the recipes to a thumb drive and download them into my computer. she has even printed out copies of family recipes for the rest of the family. we also add tons of new ones we have tried from friends and ones downloaded from the internet.

  7. I love this post and can relate to everything you just wrote – from turning down grandma’s china to the recipes and now wondering what was I thinking ?!

    Great looking cookies!

  8. I would love to have family recipes, the only thing is no one in my family has family recipes. There was no one dish or dessert that any of my parents or grandparents had. I wish I had stuff like that, but I guess in a way it’s kind of good because I’m experimenting with different things and finding out what I like best and I get to keep those recipes :)

    These pinwheels look really nice :)

  9. The women in my family have been making these for generations! And always at Christmas time. I even have a nearly identical index card with the recipe in my grandmother’s handwriting. <3 I love them. Every time I bake them I get to eat the not so pretty ones while still warm. So delicious!

  10. Amen! Handwritten recipes and photos, priceless treasures. Loving your blog and recipes.

  11. Have been making these since I was a young girl. Family tradition and yummy.

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