Oh Fudge…

The first time I made fudge I used my mom’s no fail fudge recipe…only to fail. Second time. Fail. And so I went in search of easier fudge recipes. One of the fudge recipes I love to make is peanut butter fudge…very simple and super yummy. It almost reminds me of no-bake cookies which are also yummy.

I was sitting around thinking my pants were feeling far too comfortable for the holiday season…I mean I haven’t even broken out my holiday eating sweatpants yet. :) So why not make some fudge. And boy did I. I made three different batches that day.

I knew I wanted the peanut butter fudge but really wanted chocolate with it. This worked nicely with the exception that sometimes the bottom half likes to detach from top…which if fine I just stick it back together. It only happened on a couple of them.

In other news we have a winner of the Harry and David Peppermint Glacier Gift Basket!

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Which was Jan (who has already been contacted) who wrote the ever so exciting: Follow you on Pinterest

Congrats to those who entered and I hope those that joined me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram continue to follow me.

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  1. The fudge looks delicious. I definitely need to try this.

  2. I love that it’s no-fuss, no-hassle, and that it involves…PB! My favorite!

  3. Here’s a silly question – can the peanut butter and butter be warmed up on a stovetop? We’re a couple of weirdos who don’t own a working microwave. ;)

  4. Mmmmm, looks very delicious!!

  5. Oh yummy! I’ve made fudge once… it was not good. pure sugar, no texture other than granular. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking when I handed it off to friends xD

    Anyways I want fudge now and I’m going to have to make some soon :)

  6. @Belinda – you know I don’t know. I would think so but I don’t know if it has to get to a certain temperature. The microwave kind of cooks it so to speak.

  7. I’m not a fudge lover, but this has peanut butter in it, so it has to bed good

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