Trade ins….

When MDP and I were talking marriage but not actually engaged there were quite a few people who suggested that I use my OLD wedding ring and trade that in to get my new wedding ring. Ummm. I gave them a perplexed look. Number one my ring was from Tiffany’s and while they do “trade ins” so to speak but you must spend a minimum of $10,000 to upgrade your ring (yes you are now all realizing that I had a very expensive ring before…don’t come try and rob me it’s in a safe deposit box). And number two that’s just tacky. Nothing like starting your new marriage with the bad ju-ju attached to your old ring (yes I am superstitious).

I guess that’s part of why I wanted my mother’s diamond. There is a lot of good ju-ju on that diamond. A lot. I did not know I was getting my ring. I had already owned the diamond as my mother had it put in a necklace for me. MDP took it without me noticing. He chose what the ring would look like. There aren’t that many surprises left in the world…I love that my wedding ring was one of those.

My parents had a simple ceremony and a brunch reception. They didn’t have a ton of people. And at the end of the day they were married and that is what mattered to them (still working for them 41 years later). My mother wore heels and towered over my dad. She had a simple daisy bouquet and wore yellow and one big ass hat. Anyone who follows me on Pinterest is nodding their head at this as there is a lot of yellow on those wedding boards of mine. And while I am trying to keep it as simple as possible MDP and I know a lot of people…and a lot of people are happy we are getting married. Every time I put a picture up of us people comment and give thumbs up galore on FB…67 likes for our photo just the other day. So that’s our biggest issue. We want the people who want to come to get to come. :)I just have to figure out how to pay for that. :P

Simple with a twist is what I am going for. Kind of like these cookies. I make these a lot. They are deceiving because they are flat people assume they are crunchy…which around the ends they are…but the rest of the cookie is chewy. Then there is the flavor that people just can’t place…Captain Crunch cereal. Pulverized into a flour (aka food processed down into powder form). It really does add something special.

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  1. A lovely picture of your parents…

    Those cookies look very tempting!



  2. Do you think I could use regular captain crunch? I can’t eat pnb, and I’m scared to try the cereal. So would they still have flavor, without the pnb?

  3. Oh my gosh.. I am almost in your mom’s time:) 39 yrs this June..and I wear my mom’s diamond:)Simple back yard reception mom:(
    You are so lucky to have her:)
    I baked with one of my daughters today..I loved it..and wish I could have had those moments with my mom..
    My sister-in-law.. wore that same floppy hat for her wedding to my brother 41 yrs ago..

    Great memories you have brought back to me..
    Bittersweet too..
    Cookies look delish.
    Thank you.

  4. Yes you can use any captain crunch flavor

  5. I still think your dad looks like Elvis Presley.

    Annywayssss… I like the look of these cookies, and even though I don’t eat sugary cereal, I kind of want to buy a box just so I can try this. I want to taste cereal in a cookie!

  6. I’m totally telling my dad that you think he looks like Elvis.

  7. Love the picture-and the cookies!

  8. What a sweet pic of your mom and dad!
    The cookies sound delicious! I couldn’t eat Captain Crunch in cereal form anymore, but I bet it makes for awesome cookies!

  9. Ooh, wedding planning! Now that I’m done with mine, I’m always interested in hearing about and helping with other people’s. :)

  10. Love that picture & love the cookies!!

  11. Love the wedding picture. I have Capt’n Crunch in the house, so I can try these right away.

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