Stuff it….

Yes those are mashed potatoes. Yes in shrimp. Yep they are rolled in potato chips. Yes these are also the most requested appetizer that I make. An unusual combo for sure but then again consider the source of who’s making it. :P

Yes this is another recipe brought over from my other blog. The recipe was originally written for the folks at Tillamook as an ode to their cheddar cheese (which I do so enjoy). It might work well with pepper jack cheese as well but I like the flavor profile that the sharp cheddar provides.

Despite the fact that this does take quite a few steps you can do most of it ahead of time (you can stuff the shrimp they night before). So that when party time starts you just have the deep frying to do. Which if you have a little deep fryer you could totally bust these out quickly. Sadly I don’t own one of those…so a large pot it was.

So if you are wanting to do a little something different this year for a party this may be the way to go. Or just fry up a bunch for yourself and sit around with a beer in one hand and a shrimp in the other…not that I have ever done that. :D

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  1. That looks delish.

  2. Since I have no culinary ability, I have just described this dish to my mother and have commissioned her to make it for Christmas Eve dinner. She seems terrified :).

  3. Peabody, you are like my new favorite person!! I can’t wait to try these!

  4. My middle brother would love me forever if I made these. Seeing as Christmas is coming up, and food is one of my show-the-love-share-the-love mediums…I’m bustin’ out my deep frying pot just for him. Of course, I’ll probably deep fry a few other things while I’m at it and have a fried snack party, but that’s just how I roll.

    Like my mom says, you could deep fry a gym sock and it would taste good. :D

  5. As requested, my mother successfully made these for Christmas Eve dinner with a few changes: semolina flour instead of rice (couldn’t find it) and smoked paprika for the little bit of kick rather than horseradish sauce (couldn’t find that either). They were by far the best things on the table. Thanks Peabody! :). Merry Christmas!

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