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January is coming and that means a lot of you will flee my site. I’ve already seen a big drop off. The holidays are closing down and everyone will pledge to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life in 2013 and you can’t do that by eating pastries and goodies. You must say goodbye to carbs, go Paleo, take supplements, strap yourself to the treadmill, never eat anything you like again. Clearly that is the way to go and clearly you can’t make anything on my site and eat it and lose weight right? Guess again.

The first photo is of me at my highest weight. I lost weight on Weight Watchers a few years back and then gained a lot (not all of it back) thanks to Prednisone and this year have been slowly losing what I gained back. But this time at a MUCH slower rate. I have given up nothing. Not a thing. What I have done is eat less of it. I also kind of follow the 90/10 rule as in most of what I eat during the day (90%) is what the world would consider “healthy” food and the other 10% are things like beer and food I make on the blog. I eat sweets every day.

So please don’t leave just because you think you can’t eat any of this type of food anymore. You can. And you can lose weight doing it. Just make sure that you are loving everything you eat or as I like to say take what you want but want what you take. If it’s so-so don’t waste your calories on that. I know I gained weight over the holidays and that is okay. I can blame one source….the shortbread sugar cookies. And you know what it was so worth whatever gain I got. I know it’s not a big gain as everything fits about the same. But those were seriously awesome cookies and they don’t get made again until next Christmas…so yeah it might take a month to work it off but you know what I’m pretty cute as I am right now. :)

The second photo was of me today. Don’t ask what I was doing we were being silly. I’m not wearing the best outfit to show weight loss (aka bulky sweatshirt) but I’m pretty sure to the average eye you can see that I weigh much less than the first photo.

So please stick around. Learn to first love yourself as you are…for if you don’t love yourself now you aren’t really going to be loving yourself smaller. Learn to eat any and all foods in moderation. Move your body every day. Don’t worry if you aren’t losing fast. Be realistic. You didn’t gain it all in 6 weeks and you aren’t going to lose it all in 6 weeks…well you might but you can’t live on 6 almonds and boiled chicken breast for the rest of your life. You can try but if you read food blogs chances are you are like me and you love food. If you are not allergic to it, not supposed to eat it (diabetic), don’t have a health condition that says don’t eat that then there is no reason to say goodbye to your favorites.

Enough of that…hopefully I convinced you to stick around. :D If not I will see you in February when you are in search of a Valentine’s dessert. So if this is goodbye I leave you with this appetizer recipe just in time for New Year’s Eve. If you have some vegetarian friends simply leave off the roast beef as the cheese and artichoke are yummy all along.

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  1. I will stay. I am the kinda girl who is a dieting friends worst nightmare. I bring over tasty things and leave them at their houses. Thanks and Happy New Year.

  2. I love me as me, even if me is not a tiny sort of person. I like food, and I won’t feel bad for that. :)

    This appetizer looks so very yummy – I am really starting to like artichoke hearts in things, so I will definitely have to try this out!

  3. Good words of wisdom. I know I gained a bunch of weight at the end of this year, but it was mostly from my wedding, and darnit, it was worth it to eat all of that delicious stuff. But now, I’m back on the wagon — ONE cookie, not ALL of the cookies, that sort of thing. It really is true, everything in moderation.

  4. Katie Rose says:

    are you kidding? Where would we all go?! I have to say I completely agree with not wasting calories on things that aren’t worth it. Store bought cookies? Meh. Warm homemade chocolate chip? Oh baby, poor the milk! I realized that when I make cookies I always make a double batch. Part of that is that I was one of 8 kids, it’s a habit. Part of it is that if I’m making a mess anyway, I might as well make it worth the clean up time, and part of that is because cookies are really the only dessert my hubby likes (he’s kind of broken that way ;-) ). However, we would then eat way too many cookies and glut ourselves because we didn’t want the deliciousness to go bad before we ate it. I realized that if I froze the dough in balls on a tray before baking them I could pop them into a freezer bag and just bake enough for dessert on the nights we wanted some. No more overindulging and feeling guilty afterward! Of course, right now I have approximately a gazillion dough balls in my freezer from all the prep for the holidays (which I never got around to baking much of because I gave birth late instead of early as I had expected) but since they’ll keep that means I get to have Christmas cookies in small doses for weeks!!

  5. Peabody, as much as I adore your recipes, your stories are equally captivating. As a longtime fan, i’m very happy about your engagement to MDP. He’s got to be a good guy. He loves you, your cooking & Big Bang Theory. As for resolutions, I’ve lost a lot of weight on WW – over 100 pounds. I’ve been successful because nothing is forbidden, including your decadent desserts. As you say, it’s moderation. Wish you & your family a wonderful 2013.

  6. I am staying! Yes I am planning on going back on WW soon to drop the 20 pounds I’ve gained since quitting working a couple of years ago. That just means I need to start exercising and eating in moderation.

  7. I’m sticking around!!! Yes, I need to lose weight and plan on starting to eat healthier and start exercising more, but I also deserve a treat every now and then!!!

  8. You can’t ditch me that easily my friend. Those crostini look yummy. Happy New Year!

  9. Love it Peabody! We always try to move more in winter because it is SO easy not to. But weirdly we also eat more – not quantity but types/flavors etc. We spend our usually snow filled winter experimenting in the kitchen. Happy Cooking!!

  10. I’m sticking around! I don’t bake anyway, so I have no reason to leave. I think I’ve made one recipe in years of following your blog. I’m just here for the food porn!

  11. I’m not leaving! I enjoy living vicariously. Bring on the food porn!

  12. Gotta do more of the take what I want and want what I take. Been doing a lot of mindless eating lately. . . I am going to low carb for the most part – but since I’m a baker . . . I won’t be far off. ;)

  13. I wouldn’t leave you! Hey, to be perfectly honest, I’m here MORE for the sarcasm and straight talk than the recipes–but I like the recipes too!

  14. You are my favorite blog, the only one I’ve consistently read over the last few years. Your family stories are hilarious and you put a lot of heart into your baking and your posts. So I will keep reading and pinning your recipes, even though it might take me forever to actually make them.

  15. i will certainly be sticking around. moderation and at least one sweet a day is totally the way to go at least in my book – i couldn’t agree more. that being said the main reason i visit your blog is you and how that comes through in how you speak you mind and tell it like it is. as long as you keep doing that i will be stopping by.

  16. I’m not going anywhere! As with anything…moderation :)

  17. I’m staying. I’m living vicariously through you! I’m never going to do all of this baking, but you have gotten me much more active in the kitchen.

  18. Everything in moderation, and throw some exercise in the mix – something you enjoy so you will stick with it – that’s what works for me most of the time. I refuse to give up the things I love to eat, so like you I just eat a little less of them. I’ll definitely be sticking around to see all of the goodies you come up with in 2013.

  19. Pfft. As if you could ever get rid of me. ;)

  20. For heaven’s sake, Peabody! It goes without saying that I’m not going anywhere. Hell… I don’t even cook. No sireebob! My husband does all the cooking and baking and shopping (and laundry, ironing, yard work, landscaping, vacuuming, dusting, chauffering children, homework supervising, etc.) On top of that I’m diabetic, but you don’t see me fleeing my favorite blog just because I don’t indulge in any of your wonderfully sinful creations. Ever. I’m here to stay. You can bank on that. Yes, I’m quite the slug around the house. All I do is go to work, slice up the hog and bring home the bacon. Wishing you a delightfully happy New Year and thanking you for the entertainment and wonderful photography.

  21. I’ll still be hanging around your blog because I learned a long time ago that you lose weight by eating less….and doing exercise that you enjoy. I lost 25lbs simply by eating less and walking more. I didn’t give up sweets either….I too eat a sweet every day. I mean really…why give up what i love? Have a great new year and keep posting your delicious recipes!!!!

  22. I think I’ve been reading your blog for 2 or 3 years now, and I have never strayed; you’re posts are too funny and your food looks too delicious. :D

    After one semester of college I’ve gained the habit of eating even when I’m stuffed. Eating is a great procrastination device, haha. But this next semester I’m going to try and not stuff my face with granola bars :P I think that’s going to be my resolution.

  23. I here to stay….been an active reader for years. Moderation is my mantra!

  24. I am looking forward to sweets in January. They will be a nice change from all of the savoury Super Bowl menu testing that I will be doing! :)

  25. I’m not going anywhere – if I did the hubs would have to learn to cook for himself

  26. I’m WW too, pretty successfully I might add. I can have anything I want, I just can’t have everything I want. I didn’t leave you in the past four or five Januaries, and I ain’t leavin’ this time, either. So there.

  27. I’ll never leave you peabody. And while I am fat, I’m not dieting and I hate the word diet. Deprivation people, is not the way to go. You’ll put on even more weight that way. Anyways, I love you Pea. Haven’t written in awhile, I thought I’d say Hi.

  28. Well…I’m not leaving and you can’t make me. HNY!

  29. I’ll never let go Jack!

  30. I’ve been following you for years now and still will! I’ve even been diagnosed with numerous food allergies this past year (wheat and corn being 2 of the bigger ones), so I can’t eat most of the recipies without doing a lot of substitutions- but I still enjoy reading your stories and looking at the delicious pictures :)

  31. Agree with your philosophy 100%. I only eat food I love, including homemade sweets every day, but also including loads of veggies, fruit, whole grains, and beans. And somehow I maintain my weight more than people I know who are always “dieting” and miserable.

  32. Ah, Peabody, you need never fear losing me to a post-holidays diet. Your wit as much as your food keeps me reading…and I never stop baking. Phooey on diets, give me cookies. :P I can bike it off in the morning.

  33. Hope you had a great Christmas. Wishing you a healthy, happy 2013, full of love and joy. May you always keep smiling. I have some health issues and some food issues, but I eat pretty healthy with lots of veggies and fruits, some meat and fish and some goodies thrown in. It’s all in moderation, and eat what you make vs store-bought, or read the ingredients carefully if buying store bought. See you in the new year!

  34. I am not going anywhere. Especially since I only make most ofvthesevthings in my dreams anyway!

  35. I hope that 2013 is rich in experiences, filled with love and happiness and of course great food Peabody. Have a safe and happy New Year. Smile often it is contagious.

  36. I’m not going anywhere! I admit that I don’t cook a lot of your recipes, but not b/c I’m not “allowed”. I come for the wit and humor, and I know you’ll always have plenty of that to share :)

  37. Never would I ever leave you!

  38. I’m not going anywhere. I come here for more than the food. I love your writing style. :-)
    Happy New Year!


  39. Happy New Year. I never make resolutions, never have.. never will.
    I like me just the way I am, and I like you so I will be reading your blog and making many of your recipes in the coming year.
    Carry on!

  40. You know what I say to those people who disappear…. “So long crabby!”

  41. I will stay, I don’t visit as often as I used to because sometimes it kind of hurts. I’ve been diagnosed as gluten sensitive. No wheat. But it never hurts to look and remember…
    I hope you achieve all that you want in 2013.

  42. You’ll never get rid of us! :)

  43. I just happened upon your blog today. I love that you love hockey. I am assuming from the photo of you in your Canada sweatshirt that you like Canada…I’m Canadian! I’m from Victoria, but I now live in FLA.
    I appreciate and agree with your food philosophy, very smart. I’m diggin’ your yummy recipes and can’t wait to see what else you have in store.

  44. I’ll never leave you. I just haven’t had time to catch up on my reading.

  45. I love this- I live like this too. I eat what I want, but in moderation. I exercise daily and don’t stress about calories, and I’m happy with my body. I cannot STAND all my female friends right now- we get together, there’s food, and nobody (but me) eats any, because they are all “on diets”. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Dieting or losing weight didn’t even cross my mind this New Year’s. Yeah, losing 5 lbs would be nice but there’s no reason I can’t do that in May or September, lol! Now that I’m in my 30’s and so are most of my friends, I’m really staring to hate January! People, just eat stuff in moderation, exercise, and enjoy life!! Sheesh!!!!!!

  46. I just found your blog through pinterest and am also doing the 90/10% plan and eating sweets everyday. Not loosing much yet (knee problems) but I am changing the way and the amount I eat. And that’s what is important.

    Great blog, great recipes!

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