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So today is a Way Back Wednesday today as in addition to going to the hand surgeon next Wednesday (limited cooking) I once again took a slap shot to the ankle on New Year’s Day. :) My Orthopedic loves me. Good news is that while it was the same ankle and hurts a whole bunch I’m like 93.674% sure it’s not fractured this time. It does however hurt to stand on (so again with the limited cooking). I am avoiding the gym for the next couple weeks anyway until it weeds out again so this is just helping me. :P

Despite all that 2013 has actually started off rather well. I don’t really remember how 2012 started off but it really does seem like 2013 started off better. As tradition I don’t like to list all the things I’m going to accomplish in 2013 because come 2014 I come back and read this and then just get depressed learning that I didn’t organize my house like I thought I was going to…and then all my pinning would have gone to waste.

So without further ado what 10 things I am NOT going to do in 2013:

1. Become a Victoria Secret Runway Model. I mean sure they keep hounding me to do so but I have so many other commitments.

2. Go skydiving on purpose. Now if say I’m on a plane and things go wrong this one might have to be broken but since I’m not going anywhere on a plane this year that I know of I feel safe with that one.

3. Make a list of 101 things I am going to do in 1001 days.

4. Open up a restaurant/bakery/food truck. People ask me all the time if I am going to do this. No. Why? I like my sanity. Plus I have enough people write and tell me that they use my recipes at their bakery or restaurant so you can eat my food that way.

5. Understand the Gangnam sensation.

6. Become any type of professional dancer. After attending several ballroom cardio classes in which the minute I *think* I get the steps down the instructor always says “now in real time”. And then I resort to my jump up and down and flail my arms around move that I use in Zumba and hope for the best.

7. Own a cat. Allergies do not allow this but I do love the grumpy cat.

8. Own probably anything on my Pinterest style board…unless of course I win the lottery which is totally the plan. The universe needs to get my memo on that. I’m only asking for $500 K after taxes….so I’m not asking for a lot!

9. Break any bones. I have yet to accomplish this. But this..this will be the year. Oh sure my orthopedic surgeon won’t get a new boat from me this year or upgrade her car but everyone needs a goal.

10. Give up my Hello Kitty addiction.

And of course I never plan on giving up sugar….God willing.

These cupcakes were so good when I made them. I love tiramisu though I am more a fan of the Americanized version of it (with lots of chocolate) than I am the straight Italian…though I will never turn down any version. :)


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  1. I love your list of “not dos!” :) I never make resolutions, they always fall by the wayside after a while anyway. However, Grumpy and I did decide to start meals at the table only. No living room (or bedroom if your Grumpy) snacking.

    Your cupcake is amazing. Tiramisu is my very favorite. dessert. ever.

  2. I am a firm hater of tiramisu, never being able to get past that soggy cake thing, but these look FAB!

  3. I LOVE your take on the new year, especially #10 as a fellow Hello Kitty fan. :)

  4. Ohmygiddygoose. I have been toying around with the idea of making tiramisu cupcakes since post-christmas, but didn’t know which recipe to follow. That being said; you paved the way for me. I will follow this recipe. Because if you can make it, so can I, the kitchen klutz.

    Crossing fingers, toes and eyes mine turn out looking at least half as decent as yours. Taste-wise, will definitely nail it. You have never failed me. Ever.

  5. Lol, yes on #5 for me too. Love your way back Wednesday post, I missed this one the first time around. I love tiramisu style desserts but not the actual thing in the US. (I had it in Italy and have never been happy with any other version.) But these look awesome. And the individual cupcake aspect is bonus too.

  6. I agree with #4 and not giving up sugar…. I must make these, Tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts!

  7. I love how you did these cupcakes. They sound so yummy! I could also never give up sugar…or do a vegan/vegetarian/Paleo thing. :)

  8. Mmmm, yummmy!!

  9. Lovely cupcakes! They look ever so tempting.



  10. I love your way of making non-resolution resolutions. It is all about setting yourself up for success:-)

  11. You always make me laugh, Peabody, :) I hope your ankle heals up nice and soon.

    Great looking cupcake. I’m really digging the cream center. It looks so fluffy and mousse-like :)

  12. Tiramisu is one of the desserts I have never tried and I am not sure why. I will have to add that to my “must do” list this year.
    When I first saw your post on Facebook of top photo, I thought “What has she made with croutons on top?” I thought it was some weird-savoury cupcake invention. Turns out it wasn’t croutons……

  13. Love this post and the recipe! I mean how can you go wrong with Marscarpone frosting and Espresso Chocolate Mousse filling? Short answer, it is impossible. As a fellow crappy ankle sufferer I feel your pain. While I didn’t injure mine playing hockey, but simply being a klutz, it still hurts. I fractured my left one the first time in college, and got a weak ankle, which was compacted 6-7 yrs later when I fell again, and this final time in November. Sometimes it just gives out. As to Gangnam sensation, it is an odd one to like. At first, I thought it was the most annoying song ever and couldn’t figure out why everyone was so obsessed, and also because I could never get the damn song out of my head. But then Glee did it, and I found it less annoying, so go figure.

  14. Looks oh so good. I’ve pinned them.

  15. I;m not a huge fan of Tiramisu, but these cupcakes look yummy, I would really like to try them. I’ve featured this recipe on my blog, hoping that you don’t mind, but if you do, please contact me and I’ll remove it. All the best.

  16. Holy Cow!!!! These look so amazing. I love tiramisu cake. You should definitely enter these in the cupcake crown contest: http://www.celebrations.com/cupcakecrown/

  17. Thanks for the recipe, I have a friend who LOVES Tiramisu. I have a few questions if you don’t mind to help. How long did this process take and can they be made in advance? I would like to make them for a baby shower next week but I’m afraid they would not taste good if made a few days in advance. Also, once assembled, do they store at room temperature or the refrigerator. Thanks!!!

  18. @elle- I don’t remember how long these took its been awhile. But cupcakes take about 30 minutes to make. Mousse is quick to make but takes time to set up. Frosting is pretty quick to make.
    You could make all the components the day before but I would not out them together until you are ready to serve.

  19. Oh, thank you! That’s totally manageable. Wish me luck. :)

  20. I love these cupcakes! My roommates and I made these for a college cupcake competition! We won the tastiest cupcake award and I absolutely agree with that! Thank you for this great recipe!


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