One heck of a good sandwich….

Random Updates:

*Finally got into the hand surgeon. The good news is I don’t have to have surgery. The bad news is that what they thought was wrong (ganglion cyst) is not what was wrong. And now my hand is numb and they are just shaking their head. So yay (insert sarcasm). It’s getting really old is all I know. And truthfully the only person who has helped me try and figure it out is my physical therapist who actually gave a good explanation and showed me on the iPad why it is most likely numb. He did that for free because he is nice. I got charged $795 to be told by a specialist gee I’m not sure.

*MDP turns 40 in a couple weeks and I need to find something special to do for that. It’s going to be hard to top my 40th birthday party (which was a hockey tournament in my honor). And I need to figure out what kind of cake to make.

*Speaking of cake…I need to get practicing back on my wedding cake skills. They are still lacking greatly. The no feeling in the hand though seems to be getting in the way. Speaking of the wedding it was kind of turning into a city hall kind of thing but through the kindness of some amazing people looks like I am having one after all.

*I changed my Instagram account to private but that really just means that you just have to ask…most people have been doing this. Speaking of Instagram I was shocked to see who follows me. Now if I could get 70K followers like her I’d be golden. :D

*I was informed that I am evil. And not in the you are evil by making desserts kind of way that I usually get. Just evil. Don’t be too concerned it was basically like having Darth Vader call you evil. I also got blamed for something I didn’t do.

*The fine people of Peanut Butter and Company sent me some peanut butter. I was already addicted to their White Chocolate and Cinnamon Raisin but they sent us Bees Knees which I had never had before and wow MDP and I are addicted. Luckily our local store carries it as we already had to go buy a new jar of that kind. Oh and yes, we have a peanut butter problem.

*We took the kids tubing last Saturday, it snowed the whole time which I absolutely loved. It’s snowed (not sticking) here today and last night and that was all sorts of awesome to me. Fun day but who knew tubing could be so exhausting. We went to eat afterwards and we all ate as if we had not eaten in days.

And lastly this Balsamic Roast Beef that has been on Pinterest made my sandwiches be sooo awesome. And better yet…it’s a crockpot recipe. So it’s so simple and seriously soooo good! I was looking for a change in our usually pot roast sandwich and this was definitely the answer. MDP and I love these. The balsamic glaze really brings the sandwich together.


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  1. I’m totally buying a crockpot with the sole purpose of making this.

  2. @Salena- you can get them pretty cheap (like $30) and this sandwich is kind of worth that.

  3. Nom Nom Nom. I can’t wait to try this!

  4. @Salena – If you have a WalMart near you, my mom just bought one there for $15. Not a fancy one, but it works well!

    Those peanut butters make me drool. I can’t have White Chocolate Wonderful or Dark Chocolate Dreams (allergic to chocolate…sob) but I’d never heard of the Bee’s Knees before and, ohhhh, am I headed for the peanut butter aisle at the grocery store tomorrow.

    I love balsamic vinegar. As a matter of fact, I can drink straight vinegar of any kind quite happily. :D So making this roast beef.

  5. Oh look, there I am! YOU following ME is big in my Instagram book! : ) And perfect timing for this recipe! My grocery store has chuck roast on sale this week and it was on my list to pick up. Now I know EXACTLY what I am going to make with it! Hope you can figure out what is wrong with your hand and it heals quickly. Doctors (and insurance companies) frustrate the heck out of me!

  6. I agree with Salena I’m buying a crock pot too this looks delicious…and now I’m hungry, sigh!

    I hope you are able to get the feeling back in your hand. I had surgery on my foot a year ago and it’s still messed up, ugh!! No fun when walking hurts no matter what you do…Podiatrist told me last May there was nothing they could do unless they went in and scrapped the scar tissue out, ewww…No thanks! Good Luck!

  7. Perfect timing! I was just prepping my grocery list for my very first slow cooker experiment ever. This might trump the korean beef stew I was planning for this weekend.

  8. It looks amazing! Definitely my kind of sandwich.



  9. I saw this post on my facebook newsfeed and the first thing I did was pin it for future dinner ideas. I’m trying to cook more substantial meals. Not that having a burger three nights in a row isn’t substantial, I just want to do more stuff in the kitchen… that is if my massive course load for this semester doesn’t kill me first.

  10. Victoria V says:

    Okay, 1. I love the White Chocolate Wonderful. And now I need to go see if my grocery store carries The Bee’s Knees. I neeeeed it. :) 2. I have to make those roast beef sandwiches. YUM!

  11. Don’t let them operate unless they really, really have to. I had this bump on my finger that hurt when you push on it, and they thought it was a ganglion cyst, but the only way for them to be sure was to operate. Once they cut my finger open, there was no cyst, but there was a piece of nerve that was a bit swollen. So they cut the piece of nerve off… which made a large amount of my finger go numb. A couple of years later, there’s still a numb spot on the side of my finger, but oh hey, that bump has come back, and it’s actually more pronounced than it was originally. *sigh*

  12. I read this post this morning and bought all that was needed to make it this afternoon. I have just turned on the crock pot. Rather poor timing as it will finish at 0430! Oh well…I will set my alarm clock and set it free. Hopefully, if I haven’t screwed it up, we will have this for our lunch tomorrow.
    I am really looking forward to eating them. I will let you know tomorrow how they turned out.

    I am sad for you that the Doctor couldn’t help you and then charged you a handsome sum of money. I hate to add a suggestion that would involve even more money outlay…but have you tried acupuncture? If your doctor has ruled out the more serious causes of the numbness, I would definitely say acupuncture is worth a go. Good luck! x

  13. Oh yum! I cooked a basic pot roasr dinner for a bunch of folks yesterday, and because of some cancellations ended up with an extra (uncooked) roast that is now in the freezer. I think it will be cooked earlier than I had thought!

  14. Woah… on the one hand I really want to try those peanut butters, but on the other maybe it’s better for my wallet and waistline if I never get a taste of any of them… ;)

    That roast beef on the other hand, is totally happening someday if I can ever convince my boyfriend that another big appliance on the counter of our tiny kitchen is exactly what we need in our lives… :D

  15. Yum! We moved to Minn. a couple years ago from HI and I never used my crockpot so much. I even have two! Thanks for this great recipe to add to my repertoire.

  16. Btw: I follow you but not your famous follower.:)

  17. I said I would let you know how this turned out. The Crock Pptted beef turned out lovely. I decided not to make the balsamic vinegar syrup. ( a little too sweet for my liking) We had them as a French Dip.and we loved them. Thank you for the recipe, Pea.

  18. Glad to hear it!

  19. Oh my god. I just had this for dinner tonight and it’s quite possibly the most amazing sandwich I have ever eaten!!! SO GOOD! Thank you for sharing!

  20. Those are some tasty looking sandwiches!

  21. Great looking sandwich!

    I had the same problem, going for the dreaded nerve conduction study. one of my docs did a massage on my wrist with both thumbs on the inside of my wrist pushing outward and did it firmly. I got some feeling back in my hand and little finger. it was a temp fix. hope that hand feels better soon.

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