Back in the saddle…

So when I was watching Top Chef Seattle on Wednesday they started the Quick Fire Challenge by being inspired by Canada Dry Ginger Ale. They had to highlight ginger in whatever they were making. Of course all but one went savory as they all fear the world of pastry usually on those shows. So I thought I would represent ginger ale in the dessert world. But not in a quick fire kind of way…pound cake takes a little more than 15 minutes. :)

For years I had heard about making pound cake with 7-Up. It’s quite popular in the south or so I am told. Having not baked since Christmas due to the hand I decided to get back in the saddle so to speak and make a 7-Up pound cake…only this time using ginger ale. So glad I finally tried it. Now I can’t compare it to the traditional version as I have never had it. I love that it makes the nice brown crust all the way around not just on the top. Ironically it reminded me of Sara Lee Pound Cake. Which isn’t meant to be an insult I actually like Sara Lee Pound Cake.

I originally thought that I was going to chop candied ginger in there…only to remember when I went to use it that I used it all at Christmas. Oops. So if you like yourself some candied ginger I would totally throw some in there. The glaze is just ginger ale and powdered sugar but you could add more ginger in that as well.

As far as Top Chef Seattle goes I was happy to see them do Bite of Seattle. It’s a fun event and I’m bummed I didn’t go last year as clearly they were there. Boo. Oh well live and learn. As far as contestants go: I’m happy that my girl Kristin is still hanging in there and being strong. Josie needs to go home…like 4 weeks ago. I’m tired of her saying I got good feeback…most people aren’t going to be brave enough to tell you it sucks to your face on camera. I’m impressed at how much CJ is kicking butt at Last Chance Kitchen.

I’d love to say that I am back to baking full time or even part time. I did kind of hurt the hand the whole time but oh goodie I get to go to another hand surgeon for a second opinion. But it was certainly good for the soul…and tummy.

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  1. We make 7-up cake a lot in my family. Surprisingly, it doesn’t work if you substitute Sprite.

  2. I just gained weight looking at this! Fantastic!

  3. It looks beautiful..

  4. We love ginger (ale), and my boyfriend loves the Sarah Lee Pound Cake, so I think I shall be making this for him sometime soon. :D Hope the new hand surgeon is able to tell you what’s going on with your poor hand! :(

  5. Helen in CA says:

    1.2 C shortening. Really?

  6. @Helen- yes 1/2 cup shortening.

  7. I’ve made soda cake before but not a Ginger Ale one….I’m going to now!

  8. I’ve never had ginger ale, but my mom adores the stuff. This pound cakes looks d dense and delicious!

    So glad to hear your hand is on the mend. Hopefully the second doctor will have more to say than “I don’t know”

  9. Until your hand is fixed, you need a sous chef…someone to play Beaker to your Professor, like in the Muppets! Glad to hear you have found some delicious recipes that you are able to cope with to some extent in the meantime…

  10. looks really good!!

    I hope your hand is better soon or that the doctor gives you some good options.

  11. That looks super tasty!

  12. The cake looks delish. Hope your hand gets better soon.

  13. I love pound cakes of all kinds- I am excited to have a new one to try!! Thanks!

  14. There is a regional Kentucky ginger ale that I love, Ale-8. I bet this would be a great way to showcase that soda!

  15. This sounds great I love ginger ale– I might make it a Dark ‘n Stormy Pound Cake by using Ginger Beer and adding a splash of Goslings ( or other dark rum) to the glaze.

  16. I baked this cake this afternoon, using Blenheim Ginger Ale which is very strong and I added minced crystallized ginger (about 1/2 cup) and 1/2 tsp ground ginger. It is very delicious but one caution: Pam is not good enough for this cake – grease and flour the pan or all the good crusty yummy sides stick! I just scraped them out and put them in a bowl to eat, but the cake doesn’t look very nice! It does taste good though!

  17. Sorry yours stuck…mine did not.

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