Forget football….

The Seahawks lost. I only care because my friend M cares otherwise it’s football. Anyway so no Seahawk Super Bowl for us. For some bizarre reason I equate the Super Bowl with Snickers. Odd yes I know. I think when I was a little kid Snickers must have had good commercial or something.

Now on to the important sport…hockey. It’s back. Some of you didn’t even know it was gone. But it was. It starts back on Saturday for those who are interested (raises hand).

Figured out what to do for MDP’s birthday…it’s a good one.

This week I have more things than time. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Hangs head in shame…the fun sized Peanut Butter Snickers used in these are from Halloween. They are still fresh. I’m mostly just ashamed that I have Halloween candy left…normally that never happens. I’m slipping in my old age. :)

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  1. I love peanut butter flavoured things, so these look super amazing. I will definitely have to try them!

  2. Oh I definitely have Halloween candy leftover. I stocked piled on these exact candy bars when they went on sale afterwards!

  3. Every year the amount of kids coming to the door to trick or treat dwindles by about half it seems. For this last Halloween my mom bought like 2 or 3 bags of candy (better be safe than sorry) and there is still the equivalent of 2 bags of candy left in the pantry…

    As for football, I barely understand it. I can get a little excited about it when it comes to college football but only because I”m in college. In fact I’m not much of a sports fan at all. But maybe I’ll try and catch a few hockey games… I like watching them for the fights :P

  4. I think last year during the Super Bowl was that awesome Betty White Superbowl commercial. So maybe they always have cool commercials and that’s why?

    Regardless. I am not waiting until then to make these. They look so good and I love that it makes a bunch!!

  5. I would walk ten miles to get to one of these…and I want a big slice!

  6. Those look so amazing! Do you think they would travel well? I am trying to come up with something awesome to mail to my friend in Colorado. Also, my hubby and I are very happy that Hockey is back on. He was trying this morning to get me to go see the Coyotes practice in Glendale tomorrow, as apparently their practice is open. I would love to go to another game or two this season.

  7. Its 12pm and the store is closed. Which stinks-cause I want these now!

  8. @Rachel- I think they would ship alright…they are pretty solid.

  9. Ooh, my brothers will love me for this. They’re PB+C fans like some people are, well, hockey fans. :) Maybe I’ll throw in some chopped Reeses cups too, or throw some ganache on top.

    It always makes me laugh to see those Peanut Butter Snickers 2-packs that say “Eat one and save the other for later!” Uh, yeah, right. Later like, when I swallow the first one? :P

  10. (raises both hands!)

    hockey + PB-PB Snickers Bars – sounds like a winning combination to me!

  11. I’m actually impressed. Nothing that contains peanut butter would have survived in this house for that length of time. :)

  12. I can’t believe you posted this! I came to the site today because I have a bag of peanut butter snickers that I want to do something with and I was hoping you would have an idea…and it was front and center at the top of the page! I’m making these tomorrow!

  13. Peanut butter rocks! Nice photographs. I will be making these at home very soon. Please check out the food blog I have just started Thanks!

  14. Pretty much anything peanut butter works for me.
    And there is still football here in my area.
    And yes, HOCKEY!!! Bout time.

  15. Oh you do not know how I like snickers bars! I think we had the same childhood! I know they are a calorie bomb but make them from time to time it seems an excellent idea, specially in winter!



  16. Hmm… I have been looking for the perfect recipe to use my “Dark Chocolate Dreams” peanut butter, and I wonder if this is it… except I would use left-over reese’s pieces bought on sale on November 1!

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