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My hand has now seen three different people and they all now tell me the same thing…nothing they can do. That surgery will not help and I just get to deal with the fact that my hand will be numb/in pain and be thankful that it’s usually only a few hours a day and not 24/7. Well awesome. Not. It’s a sore subject right now (no pun intended).

In awesome news while I was on vacation I found out that I won Sprinkle Bakes (btw do you own her cookbook yet? SprinkleBakes: Dessert Recipes to Inspire Your Inner Artist You should…it’s $11 on Amazon…how can you not pull the trigger on that!) hosted a giveaway that I could really get behind. I love all things Kate Spade and this had sprinkles on it as well. Squeal. And then I won!!! Double squeal. While I love when people give away mixers and what not I don’t usually enter because I own things like that…this was unique and I love it!

Now that vacation has come and gone I’ve decided I need more vacation. :) I’m trying to wear down my friend again to let us get one of his beach houses that he owns (rough life I know). I’m willing to go off season darn it all. :P

There is a huge rilvary between UW and WSU but almost everyone who lives in this state can agree on the fact that the cheese they make…Cougar Gold is darn tasty. You used to only be able to find it around Christmas time but I seem to be able to find it more. It’s not cheap but it is really freaking good. I have no idea why the university makes cheese I’m just glad they do. It makes for one heck of a mac and cheese. And since I love it SOOO much and you probably can’t get it if you live in the US (and have a physical address, not PO stuff) since winning a prize have decided to pay it forward and send someone a can of Cougar Gold Cheese. All you need to do is leave a comment and tell me your favorite kind of cheese in the comments and a way to get a hold of you (aka valid email that you actually check). You have until next Tuesday, February 5th 2013 at 9pm PST to enter.

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  1. I love me a plain piece of Muenster. Also living near the Heart of Amish country in Ohio, we have some EXCELLENT local cheeses- including several famous swiss cheeses.

  2. I love all sorts of cheese. My favorite recent pick was a cheese festival find, which was goat’s cheese with honey in it. DIVINE. Though for everyday cheeses, I think I’d have to go with smoked cheddar, or real parmesan. Or good ricotta. (Yes, you said one; but picking one type of cheese as a favorite is almost as hard as picking one favorite book.)

  3. I’m a big fan of dubliner. They get better with age.

  4. One kind? I have favorite memories of sitting on the porch with my Grandpa and eating smoked swiss with caraway seeds & crackers. Our University has a Dariy Store and some mighty fine ice cream. I will have to check out their offering of cheeses. :)

  5. If I had to pick only one kind (what a cruel world that would be) – I would have to pick manchego…just for my memories of trying it for the first time in Seville, Spain :)

  6. That is a tough question, but I’ll go with fresh mozzarella, especially with tomato and basil.

  7. Mmm cheese. How to pick just one? Sharp white cheddar if I’m forced to name a favorite.

  8. I would have to say my favorite cheese would be Swiss cheese, but I love many many kinds.

  9. Yummmm! I’m a Coug and a big, big fan of homemade mac n cheese, how come I never thought of using Cougar Gold??!! Looks so good!

    Oh, and if I have to pick a very favorite cheese, it would just be a good sharp Cheddar. I love most all cheese though.

  10. Yummmm i love sharp, munster, colby, limburger, cheddar,nacho…..shall i continue?

  11. I love me some good aged cheddar.

  12. I’ve never made homemade macaroni and cheese. Your recipe will be the first.

  13. Cougar Gold is the bomb! The creamery at WSU makes lots of different kinds of cheese, but Cougar Gold is my favorite. I love using it for mac n cheese and for nachos.

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