With Sprinkles On Top….

Now you are probably looking at this cake and thinking aww how sweet Peabody made a cake for a 6 year old girl. Nope. That cake is for a 40 year old man. :P I know it seems silly for a grown man to be getting a pink cake with sprinkles for his birthday but MDP is pretty confident in his sexuality (as am I ;) ) so he can handle it.

When I was trying to figure out what to make MDP for a birthday cake (he is not a big fan of chocolate) I asked for suggestions on FB (are you following me on FB? If not, would you?) and boy did I get a lot suggestions (yay!). Other than making me hungry for cake, someone put a link to a Strawberry Milk Cheesecake that Sprinkle Bakes made. I had it pinned already but forgot about it as I often do. I knew immediately that would be the cake. After all it’s way too festive and MDP LOVES Strawberry Milk (heck I just made him bark).

Problem is that Heather (Sprinkle Bakes) excels at decorating and Peabody excels at knowing people who are good at decorating. And so I feared my cake would not look like hers. And while hers is still way prettier than mine I think I did a darn good job of coming close to it! Yay!!!

I changed this recipe a little as there were no graham crackers in the house and so vanilla wafers got use. I love those stupid cookies so they were a good choice. I also added a little more strawberry milk powder as well as the addition of malted milk. And my topping I added custard powder and more malted milk. A lot of bakeries add vanilla pudding mix or powdered custard to their whipped cream frosting FYI so that it is more stable and keeps it shape. The bakery I worked for used custard powder and so I just always have for some reason.

So happy 40th birthday to my best friend, fiancé, and defensive partner. Here is to a great year ahead. And hey your 40’s aren’t so bad…I mean you get to marry me so ya know…that alone makes your future better. :P Love you honey.

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  1. It’s gorgeous.

  2. I LOVE that there are sprinkles in the crust! My brother would totally dig this for his birthday too because he is more of a fruity dessert person (and honestly I am too unless it involves peanut butter)

  3. This is awesome. I like that it is no-bake, and the sprinkles in the crust make it look extra awesome and yummy!

  4. That looks delicious, Wow!! I’d marry you too if you’d bake me a Birthday cake like that, lol…

  5. You did a phenomenal job on this cake!! Happy birthday to your guy! :-)

  6. Your cheesecake looks just as beautiful as Heather’s does :)

    I too saved that recipe and saw it earlier this week and I am determined to make it sometime either this weekend or week. It’s so pretty and pink!


  7. Too cute!

  8. That is absolutely beautiful!

  9. I’m glad its for your fiancee, because it would be wasted on a six-year-old girl ;)

  10. Ok, I want this for MY birthday. Of course, I’d have to make it myself but I think it would be worth it :-D

  11. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say you have no idea how truly awesome you are. That cake….well….it’s pure awesomeness. :)

  12. It turned out so cute! Happy Birthday indeed :)

  13. This cake looks fabulous! And I may just make it for my own
    birthday coming up – is it a super rich/dense cake? Do you think
    there’s anyway of lessening the cream cheese?

  14. It’s a cheesecake so you can’t really lessen the cream cheese.

  15. That is soooo pretty. Really, it has to be one the prettiest cakes I’ve seen. You did a great job decorating it!!!!

  16. The cake looks gorgeous.

  17. wow. this looks so amazing!

  18. My birthday is February 1 and I was thinking last Friday that you had a friend with the same birthday. Seems like you have mentioned it in the past. At any rate, I guess your friend is now revealed. Hope he had a nice birthday! The cake looks super yummy!

  19. Elizabeth Bobbitt says:

    This is such a pretty cake. We’re having a function at work Thursday and I would love to see the looks on my co-workers faces if I brought this in.

  20. Willah Sewell says:

    All the best people are born on Feb 1st :)
    My daughter has requested a strawberry cake for her upcoming birthday; wonder if this would fit the bill?


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