Random Tuesday Recipe and Ramblings…

This cake was so good that there are only pictures of it sliced since we couldn’t wait to eat it.

My three day weekend was spent organizing and cleaning the house. We got most of it done. My office will probably never be this clean again. Picky Eater also came by and was nice enough to fire up his old computer since mine was dying. We are hoping this one will last until computers go on a good sale.

I’m far too excited about this. They better do it in my lifetime or I’ll be mad…or dead. Either way.

The dog is very excited that hockey is back.

One of the most asked questions I get are who is the couple you always take pictures of on Instagram? So first off they are not a couple. Just friends. Almost brother and sister like as they are always beating each other up and picking on each other. I took their photos first as a joke and now it’s just what we do. I joke that I am going to get their photos mounted and show them in an art show. :P

The other question is how goes the weight loss. It goes. Not trying too hard. More than happy with where I am at. But for those interested here is a photo from my birthday…

….And here is me last week before running errands…with no make up on and my hair not done. :D

And now to the yummy cake recipe.


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  1. Gorgeous babe. <3

  2. You look wonderful Peabody, but to be honest you looked great before, too. If you’re happy, then I’m happy for you!

  3. You look lovely! Congrats on the wieght loss.

    That cake must taste wonderful and be really moist.



  4. THat looks yummy and you look amazing!

  5. lovely! you look great!

  6. That looks amazing!

  7. You look great! :) Also, I’m jealous of your clean office. Wanna come clean my closet? That is thing is a big old mess.

    The cake looks amazing too. The way I’m craving carbs lately I would probably devour the whole thing in one sitting….yum!

  8. The loaf cake looks good. Well then again, anything with chocolate chips is delicious. And by the way, you look really nice without make-up, but that picture of you in a tutu is really adorable :)

  9. I really like your attitude towards weight loss and eating. I think it’s really healthy and I try to use it as a model for my own weight loss goals. I don’t like how dieting implies something that it’s something that you “do” and then “stop” once you’ve achieved your goal weight. And thanks for the recipe!

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