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top chef, season 10, seattle, brooke williamson, bravo

top chef, season 10, seattle, kristen kish, bravo


Well last night’s episode of Top Chef was a good indicator of stick with what you know. Sheldon was sent home for venturing away from the flavor profile that got him to the finale in the first place. I kind of wanted to slap him. So that left my girl Kristen and Brooke to battle it out.

Last night was part one of the finales with part two and the big showdown being Wednesday February 27th on Bravo 10/9C.

Every time I watch Top Chef I want to scream at the contestants for not being able to make a couple simple desserts under their sleeve. Kristen lists a financier (see one of mine) as her favorite Winter Time Easy Dishes…then make one!!!! I mean you know at some point in the competition you have to make desserts. Why can’t people get this? Brooke’s cake looked good and I was pretty proud of her for doing cake (though she worked as a pastry assistant so you would hope she could do that)! Though I wanted caramel over that bad boy but that’s just me. :) Perhaps they should have kept Josh on as he is now a pastry chef at his friend’s restaurant (hmmm).

While I do feel that they should have done more Seattle in Top Chef Seattle and highlighted way more local chefs than what they did, obviously my favorite episodes were ones that featured what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. I loved the Remlinger’s Farm episode as it was a good reminder of all the good produce coming my way once the gray skies of Winter go away. Kristen’s Matcha Goat Milk Custard with Macerated Tayberries looked so good and I was happy to see someone use tayberries (which I love) in a unique way.
As far as who I want to win I am going to stick with who I have liked from the beginning…Kristen. I love the fact that Brooke never went to culinary school but went the route of learning to cook by working in kitchens. But Brooke and her husband already own their own restaurants. So to me she kind of has already made it. As where Kristen is just kind of getting started or so it seems. I’m impressed by both though I must say. I also think Tom has a major crush on Brooke but that’s for another post. :P

And while I want Kristen to win I won’t be upset if Brooke happens to win. I’m very ambivalent about it. Now who I would want to cook for me? That’s an entirely different story. I think anyone that reads my blog or more important knows that any man that uses bacon and pig as much as Josh is the guy I want cooking my food at the end of the day! What about you? Who do you think is going to take season 10?
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  1. Wow, I guess now I don’t have to watch the episode, completely spoiled, couldn’t even not notice the images. Maybe rethink, geez.

  2. I’m just happy it’s two women in the finale. I believe for the first time ever. Awesome! I like them both so I’ll be happy either way. :)

  3. I totally agree that these chefs should have a dessert or two ready to go when they get to the finale. Sheldon actually said that he had one but was saving it for the next challenge. Why not have two at least? They had a couple weeks to prepare. It is nice that I like both chefs this year but am also leaning towards Kristin.

  4. @jenny sorry about that


  6. Boo to spoilers :(

  7. Sorry Bravo requires me to talk about what happened on the show

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