First off it’s National Margarita Day! Second off to the 41 people who sent me hate mail yesterday you need this drink more than me.

Sorry to those that I spoiled PART ONE of the finales to Top Chef Seattle. Bravo pays me to discuss the show. I have to do it in a certain amount of time. I’m sorry you didn’t get to watch it on your DVR yet (remember to good old days when you missed a show and just missed it). I found out about who was out before I watched it on FB. Oh well. I didn’t go off on the person. I still watched the episode to see WHY people were in or out. But I certainly did enjoy “I hope something really important in your life gets fucked up” and “thanks for ruining my weekend” or how about “ hey dumb bitch, next time put spoiler on your site”. So I’m just going to go there and say its reality TV and if you are that attached to it then you might want to rethink your priorities in life.

I wrote it late at night after I stayed up to watch the show. I was going to change the pictures but it was already sent out into the RSS Feed Universe when I sat and thought about it. But I’m sorry that so many felt it worthy of telling me I ruined your life.

My suggestion is to chill out and enjoy a cocktail. A few months ago Norton Publishing asked if I wanted Rick Bayless’ new cookbook and while I normally say no to Mexican food I like his stuff. Except when it got here it was all margaritas and guacamole. Which is a cool concept it’s just not what I was expecting? I know they wanted me to review it in time for the holidays I just didn’t think it really fit. So I looked up to see when National Margarita Day was since there seems to be a day for every food/drink. And sure enough there is one…and that’s today. So I figured I would make a margarita (I’m not usually a tequila drinker)using one of my favorite flavors of all time…key lime. I also figured I would give away two copies of Frontera: Margaritas, Guacamoles, and Snacks in honor of the day and so that you would have them ready for Cinco de Mayo…which may seem like a ways off but it’s almost already March!!!!

So leave in the comments what your favorite mixed drink is. It’s open to US and Canadian residents. You have until 2-28-13 at 12pm PST to leave a comment to win. You have two chances to win as I have two copies!

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  1. I’m a simple girl. My go-to drink is Ginger Ale and Gin. With the right Gin it is Heaven.

  2. I just got his older cookbook for Christmas, yum yum. Being in phoenix we drink many a margarita, so I’m sure I would love this one too. My favorite mixed drink is prob. a margarita or a Jack & Ginger.

  3. Give me a champagne cocktail any day!

  4. Wow. Clearly you have some amazing powers if you can ruin someone’s life with the touch of a button. How awesome!

    My top two favorite mixed drinks are margaritas and white russians. I’ll be making margaritas later today with fresh limes and oranges. If I had raspberries, I’d add those too.

    Here’s to you!

  5. People sent you hate mail?? Were they incapable of not reading your post after the first sentence which indicates what it was going to reveal? Not your fault they kept reading!

  6. @Erin…in the RSS Feed both photos showed up…only one was supposed to. So people saw both photos…but yes the title was then there were two. :) And yes I was in AWE of the hate mail on that one.

  7. Grapefruit margaritas are my favorite! Easy to make and so, so good. It was also the signature cocktail at our wedding reception and our guests really enjoyed it. I also like Mexican food and Rick Bayless. His Frontera Grill cooking sauces are really nice and on sale at Target for $2!

  8. I’m not trying to suck up when I say it is a Margarita. I like them on the rocks with salt on the rim – original flavor is best, made from scratch . But tonight I am trying a mix by Powell and Mahoney made with cane sugar. Wish me luck ( with the drink and with winning the book! )

  9. Totally agree that people who freak out about TV spoilers need to get a life. For drinks I’m usually a Jameson & ginger ale girl but I love a good margarita or pina colada when it’s hot down here in Texas.

  10. Vodka tonic, followed by a good margarita on the rocks.

  11. Wow, I mean, I was a little upset about the spoiler but about 5 seconds later I got over it. People need a life!

  12. This looks like an awesome margarita! My favorite mixed drinks is a Pisco Sour…started drinking these after moving to the Bay Area, and I love them. :)

  13. Jennifer H. says:

    Thanks to you for telling us it was going to be Maragrita Day I’m having a few later!!! My fave mixed drinks are cranberry and voda, whiskey sours, strawberry stoli and Sprite, and any thing frutiy with pineapple juice and rum!!

  14. My margarita recipe requires 24 hours of marinating. I can totally see this one happening tonight!

  15. I love Rick Bayless. My fav cocktails are a good margarita or a Hendricks and tonic.

  16. Spoiler alerts are nice but having a surprise spoiled does not warrant a rude and immature response. People always have something to say so really, screw them. Anyway, I don’t have a favorite mixed drink because I like anything that is sweet and gives me what warm buzzy feeling :) A frozen margarita with some thin tortilla chips and salsa sound really good right about now.

  17. Allyson Lamoureaux says:

    I love how refreshing a lime Margarita on the rocks can be. One sip in the middle of winter and all of a sudden i’m transported to a tropical adults only paradise.

  18. I make something with home made lemonade, blueberry vodka, fizzy water and a splash of cranberry juice. Too good! But margaritas with patron silver tequila come in a close second…

  19. My husband ruined me with Rye Manhattans. 1/2 shot sweet Vermouth, 2 shots Rye, and (my personal touch) a couple dashes of grapefruit bitters. Or as he calls them (being from Long Island) “bittahs.” As for the hate mail, I have family that is rabid for reality TV. I don’t get it at all. You can’t do anything with them if “their show” is on. Drives me nuts. We’ll come in to visit from out of state and we’ll have to arrange our schedule around Survivor.

  20. I am all over this margarita. (I gave up sweets for Lent, but surely this doesn’t count, right?) And it’s a TV show people. And I love me my screwdriver. Sweet, simple and YUMMY!

  21. I was a little disappointed when I looked at your blog post and got spoiled for who was going to be in, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say you ruined my life. Heck, you didn’t even ruin my 5 minutes. :P I would love it if you’d put a spoiler tag next time, though.

  22. I love a good margarita (I even have a shirt that has margaritas on it!) but a rum and coke also hits the spot too. And my fiance likes to mix Calpico and Korean soju, which is a vast improvement on soju’s rubbing-alcohol flavor. :)

  23. I love margaritas and piña coladas. And I really love Mexican food as well..

  24. Gin and tonic for me – with lots of lime in it!

  25. My daughter and I absolutely love a good margarita and we are always looking for great recipes! This raspberry margarita recipe is going to the top of our list!

  26. geezz people 1) need to get a grip and 2) get a life. come on – it is tv show. if they want to get upset about something it is not as though there are not real issues out there i.e. hunger, health care, global warming, the economy etc. none of which warrenty giving you a hard time. i tell you sometimes i just don’t understand people.

    to be honest i’m not really a mixed drink consumer but more of a wine drinker.

  27. can I say fuck the dick heads? My fav drink is what ever my skilled bartenders bring me! But I may just be stupid as I am 6 days after my wedding and my advice is to shut down for a few days after!

  28. There are so many drinks I like, but I love anything citrusy–let’s say Tom Collins, at least today.

  29. I like a gimlet!

  30. Rum and oj. Especially good when you’re fighting a sinus infection. ;-)

  31. The key lime margarita sounds yummy!!! Thanx for sharing! My fav is a Sailor Jerry’s Rum & Coke. :)

  32. People are lame. Seriously lives people get them.

    As for cocktails – French 75’s with vodka instead of gin or sangria. Ahhhhh sangria.

  33. Lately it’s been a homemade margarita. But wouldn’t say no to a French 75.

  34. Amy Vanboxel says:

    Margaritas of course! Had 3 of them to celebrate yesterday…regular with a splash of strawberry, oh and on the rocks, never frozen! Also love a Tanqueray and tonic at home, because the margaritas can only be enjoyed at our favorite restaurant.

  35. Wow. Some people… I just have no words. I probably shouldn’t comment on this post since I’m not 21 and can’t have a cocktail or anything like that, so on the off chance that I somehow do win, just pick someone else :P

    oh and as for favorite mixed drink, it’s chocolate milk ;)

  36. Sigh. That sucks you got hate mail. People are so rude… And really, If they want to avoid spoilers THAT badly, they just shouldn’t go online until they’ve caught up. More incentive to watch ASAP that way, anyway. That’s what I do with Breaking Bad (I live in the UK, so I can’t see it “live” like you guys in the US do, I’m always a few hours behind)! Once a show has been aired, it’s fair game. People are GOING TO TALK ABOUT IT, and that’s just how it is.

    Anyway, I can’t enter the competition, but I’ll share my mixed drink of choice anyway: I love a good mojito! Rum, mint, lime…heaven.

  37. People are so nasty. I just got screamed at by a lady in the airport for getting the last 2 seats on standby.

    Bombay and Tonic with double lime.

  38. It sounds like some of these people require and entire bottle of tequila to chill out:D Lets all have a margarita together.

  39. I LOVE a good sour margarita with extra lime, on the rocks, with a rim of salt. I’ve also never turned down a cosmo. :)

  40. I don’t know why people freak out about spoilers. Sometimes I like them. And if I don’t, it’s my fault for reading them. You are awesome and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Marg looks amaze!!

  41. I love a good Moscow Mule, served in copper of course!
    Although this post makes me want to rethink my fave!

  42. Actually…I love reading your hate mail. It is the best reality show! Some people are just so strange and animated and childish. I just have to shake my head with the wonder of them all!
    I don’t get to enter this contest as you have invalidated me, which always is a bummer.( Don’t worry, though, I’ll get over it!

    My favourite alcoholic drink is a Strawberry Margarita… if I can’t have Czech or Belgian beer.

  43. Such a silly thing to get hate mail over! Wow. You’re right – sometimes folks need to rethink their priorities.

    My favourite cocktail is a Bellini – either peach or raspberry (or both!). I’ve also been a little obsessed lately by the bold flavour of Crown Royal Black. Tasty. :)

  44. My favorite mixed drink is a dark n’ stormy- rum with ginger beer. It’s amazing and can cure anything that ails me. Although I think if I received 41 hate e-mails over something like “ruining” the outcome of a reality show, I think I’d have two.

  45. WHAT?!? It was Margarita Day? Peabody you have RUINED MY LIFE (or maybe my year, or my day??…or not at all…whatever) A good mixed drink is all anyone needs to calm down about how you spoiled anything (do people just avoid the internet when they miss the show??) As for me I would take a Stoli Orange with 7-up anyday…so light and refreshing…oh sigh I wish I had one now

  46. Wow….. Why, exactly, IS it called “reality” TV anyway??? SO not real life…..

    This will sound lame, I’m sure, but I really enjoy a good old fashioned Cranberry Fizz! Never could get on the Margarita bandwagon though…..

  47. Favorite drink is gin and tonic, but a well-made margarita is a close second.
    Definitely agree that people who went off on you need to GET A LIFE. But that’s easy for me to say as I stopped watching TV in 1997.

  48. While I’m primarily a wine drinker, I love a margarita on the rocks, or a swirl (frozen margarita/sangria combo)! And I missed your “spoiler,” but I’m also probably the last person on earth without dvr, so I have to watch shows when they first air, or I’m outta luck – *hangs head* :)

  49. Favorite drink is spiced rum with vanilla coke zero. However, being National Margarita Day went to Tqla restaurant and had a pineapple mango margarita and it was the best I’ve tasted!

  50. my favorite drink is equal parts oj and sprite with liquer 43 yummy


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