First off it’s National Margarita Day! Second off to the 41 people who sent me hate mail yesterday you need this drink more than me.

Sorry to those that I spoiled PART ONE of the finales to Top Chef Seattle. Bravo pays me to discuss the show. I have to do it in a certain amount of time. I’m sorry you didn’t get to watch it on your DVR yet (remember to good old days when you missed a show and just missed it). I found out about who was out before I watched it on FB. Oh well. I didn’t go off on the person. I still watched the episode to see WHY people were in or out. But I certainly did enjoy “I hope something really important in your life gets fucked up” and “thanks for ruining my weekend” or how about “ hey dumb bitch, next time put spoiler on your site”. So I’m just going to go there and say its reality TV and if you are that attached to it then you might want to rethink your priorities in life.

I wrote it late at night after I stayed up to watch the show. I was going to change the pictures but it was already sent out into the RSS Feed Universe when I sat and thought about it. But I’m sorry that so many felt it worthy of telling me I ruined your life.

My suggestion is to chill out and enjoy a cocktail. A few months ago Norton Publishing asked if I wanted Rick Bayless’ new cookbook and while I normally say no to Mexican food I like his stuff. Except when it got here it was all margaritas and guacamole. Which is a cool concept it’s just not what I was expecting? I know they wanted me to review it in time for the holidays I just didn’t think it really fit. So I looked up to see when National Margarita Day was since there seems to be a day for every food/drink. And sure enough there is one…and that’s today. So I figured I would make a margarita (I’m not usually a tequila drinker)using one of my favorite flavors of all time…key lime. I also figured I would give away two copies of Frontera: Margaritas, Guacamoles, and Snacks in honor of the day and so that you would have them ready for Cinco de Mayo…which may seem like a ways off but it’s almost already March!!!!

So leave in the comments what your favorite mixed drink is. It’s open to US and Canadian residents. You have until 2-28-13 at 12pm PST to leave a comment to win. You have two chances to win as I have two copies!

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  1. Funny stuff. People are amazing. My new favorite cocktail (today) is Gin, St. Germain, and lime straight up.

  2. mudslide or a margarita- this one looks awesome!

  3. Long Island Iced Tea!

  4. Hands down–margaritas are my favourite mixed drink. Anything with tequila, really. So this is perfect!

  5. I like mojitos. Or just Jack and coke. Yum.

  6. I recently discovered Midnight Moon blueberry moonshine. That mixed with some cream soda is fabulous! I do love a good margarita too, especially with a floater of some grand marnier. Yum.

  7. Stoli Vanil and Coke. In the summer, St. G, vodka, and lemonade. Mmmm.

  8. Southern Comfort and Coke. Or a good Mojito. Or give me some coffee and keep pouring the the Bailey’s!!!

  9. Some people take TV way too seriously. I like Mojitos too…or gin and tonic

  10. I’m boring, I like whiskey sour.

  11. My fave would be a Toasted Almond… creamy, and with a nice kick to it hehe.

  12. Quality silver tequila on the rocks topped with a splash of grand marnier and a hearty squeeze of lime… I heart Rick Bayless. So cool you got to review his book! And about the rude people… Ew, so wrong.

  13. sex on the beach. it makes me giggle.

  14. In the winter, a Manhattan. In the summer, Dirty Martini.
    A few years ago, a coworker said I drank like her grandfather. :-)

  15. I hope to ruin as many miserable lives as you some day. What an honor! I’ll go with Amaretto Sour for all your sourpuss readers.

  16. hahahaha, everytime people are ridiculous I can count on you having a hilarious yet logical and normal reaction.

    Thanks for being awesome and giving me a Monday laugh.

  17. I’m just an old fashioned grey-goose martini up with an olive type girl.

  18. I’m not a big drinker so I tend to stick with drinks that don’t taste like alcohol – amaretto sour or white russian is usually my drink of choice.

  19. Mojito is my fave followed closely by a margarita preferable peach or strawberry.

  20. Sabra and Coke! or a amaretto sour. This sounds really good though and such a pretty color.

  21. I’m a HUGE tequila lover! My hubby mixes a fabulous jalapeno margarita with homemade jalapeno sour mix – to most it sounds repulsive I’m sure, but we LOVE it. This book was on my short list for putting in his stocking last year – but I went with Fiesta at Rick’s instead. Now I want this one for myself, lol!

  22. Margaritas! I also like gin and tonic with a wedge of lime. Yum!

  23. On the rare occasions that I have a drink, I’ll usually just go for a Cape Codder – cranberry juice, vodka, and lime, but I have been known to enjoy margaritas, amaretto and coke, or a good mai tai!

  24. noseringirl says:

    This sounds awesome, thanks for the recipe! Sorry to hear about the hate mail, if a Tv show being spoiled means that much to you I would say your priorities are pretty screwdriver up :)

  25. My favorite drink is a strawberry pina colada… but I LOVE me some key lime, so I’ve got to try your recipe out! Looks yummmy!

  26. Oh great. Now I need it go buy tequila!!!!
    Strawberry frozen margarita.

  27. Tequila sunrise. The bestest.

    And it sounds like some people need to walk away from the TV for awhile. I can’t imagine being that upset by a blog post “spoiling” a TV show. If the ending is the only part that it is important, why didn’t they just fast forward to the end the next day? Or watch it when it was broadcast? People are weird.

  28. I recently had a blueberry mojo to at an Itallian restaurant in our area. It was amazing! I feel like I could drink one every day. I also favor Margaritas and will be trying this one out very soon :)

  29. Margaritas are my favorite!

  30. My favorite mixed drink is a thimbleberry margarita that a local Mexican restaurant makes. It is beyond delicious. I know that the berries are picked locally, which makes it seem even better.

  31. Jess Chasteen says:

    These look amazing! One quick question – how many servings does the recipe make? My favorite is a cold Mojito on a hot summer day.

  32. Probably two servings of you drink like me. :-)

  33. Courtney H says:

    I love Margaritas but my new favorite cocktail that I was introduced to in Mexico was the Singapore Sling evidently no bartender in the US knows how to make it!

  34. This sounds fab, can’t wait to give it a try. My current fave is Absolut Citron vodka, Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry and a splash of light cranberry juice. Sometimes I’ll add some lime juice, if I’m feeling particularly festive :-)

  35. My favorite is a margarita, although I had an awesome peach bellini once that I still occasionally order, but never is as good as that first one. This drink looks awesome!

  36. Margaritas get me in trouble every time. :) nothing beats them.

  37. My favorite mixed drink is a New Orleans Fizz. Unfortunately not many bars serve them.

  38. Manhattans are hard to beat this time of year, but in the summer a mojito or margarita always sounds good.

  39. Gingersnaps since Christmas although I’ll have to try something more springlike soon!

  40. I love margaritas but also love mudslides too!! Yum!!!

  41. Sitting in my hospital bed, antipardem wing of labor & delivery, I’m surfing Pinterest dreaming of booze. What can I have to drink as soon as I have my 2nd son is all I’m thinking! I love booze!
    I’m only 23 weeks so i have a long way to go!

    I come across your margarita recipe, yummy, & the blog that goes along with it. YES, people need to get their priorities in line or come spend a day at a children’s hospital to put it all in perspective.

    I’ve had all kinds of drinks, every comment so far I’ve had but right now I would love a Bombay Saphire Dirty Martini with extra olives, maybe even a blue cheese olive or two! Licking my lips dreaming of it! After an excellent dinner at a fabulous restaurant I think I’ll have an Apple Martini for dessert! :)

    Thank you for being my entertainment & taking 30 minutes of my time, it is truly appreciate!
    Looking forward to reading more!

  42. Michele West says:

    Vodka & Tonic with a Twist of Lime!

  43. My favorite is a John Daly – lemonade and sweet tea vodka.

  44. I am more of a beer fan myself, but when I do get a mixed drink, it is often a margarita – they are pretty darn yummy!

  45. Wow! People need to get some perspective. Thanks for a great new drink. My fave is a Mojito but I’ve been craving a white Russian lately.

  46. I don’t drink a lot but when I go out my “go to” drink is a margarita. The raspberry lime one you have looks amazing. I would love to be able to make myself a delicious margarita like that at home!! Thanks!

  47. Yum. Lemonrasgarita.

  48. Favorite drink is a fresh agave margarita with patron and a slice of a fresh orange on the rocks with salt!!! And of corse this raspberry lime one sounds great too!!!!

  49. Stephanie P. says:

    I love a Bloody Mary and really love all the pickles you can put in it!

  50. karen kasian says:

    Blackberry or raspberry mojitos or any mojitos has to be the best. Makes me think of tropical vacations. :)


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