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First off, if you didn’t read my last post (I know the cookies were not that exciting looking) please go and at least read the last paragraph. It’s important to me. Thank you.

And now on to the regularly scheduled post:

There have been a slew of troll action on the food blogs as of late. I personally just delete it or make fun of them on here but one of them went after a kid blogger which is messed up. If they get out of control I block their IP address. This last week a troll had a campaign to email me repeatedly letting me know that how nice it was that I just sit around in my sweats all day eating chocolate and getting drunk. And one of the times something about sitting around doing my nails. So let’s address this shall we:

1. If I’m going to be sitting around all day eating something it’s not going to be chocolate. It’s going to be caramels. Either those kind with the white frosting in the middle or Fran’s Sea Salt Caramels (Fran if you ever want to send me some for quality control just let me know). Then I would finish off with Swedish Fish. Clearly this person does not know me at all.

2. I think most people (and they did tell me on FB) would love to spend their day like that. That if they weren’t working, sitting around eating chocolate and drinking sounded darn good to them. One person even told me that if this was truly my life they wanted to be me when they grow up. :P

3. If women can go out in public in yoga pants everywhere just because they paid $100 for them I can sit in my house in $10 Target sweats. I’m saving money and I’m not letting people see me in lounge ware. Don’t worry I upgrade to my good ($15) sweats for public.

4. It is really hard to get drunk on Thin Mint-Oreo Bailey’s Irish Cream Milkshakes (more on that later). I tried but sadly I failed. The dog and I will line up shots for later, though she really prefers dark beer. :D Also if I’m not in charge of watching children, not driving anywhere, and not talking to anyone important why should it matter if I am drinking at 1pm (it’s happy hour somewhere…or I can call it brunch) or at 6pm?

5. Anyone who has seen my nails as of late knows I don’t ever do them.

Since this is apparently my reputation (well to that person) I decided to dedicate a day (thank goodness they didn’t think my life was boats and hoes or coke and strippers) to living the lifestyle I supposedly live. I woke up and went to an appointment (I wanted to sleep in but sort of had to go get blood work…boo…maybe a nap later). Came home and got into my sweats. Ate a handful of chocolate chips and a few Girl Scout cookies and then it hit me I should make a milkshake…with booze. Because I’m a drunken lush.

So into the blender at 12:30 in the afternoon went ice cream, Thin Mint Cookies, Double Stuff Oreo’s, two mini Bailey’s Mint Irish Cream (I love the mini bottles makes me think I’m on an airplane…don’t worry I know I’m not). A little milk and I sat my butt down. Because I’m always sitting, except when I’m not.

As you can see from the photo I also chose to wear my slippers. A ton of people on FB asked about them. Yes, those are S’mores Slippers. They were a Christmas gift; I think she got them at Urban Outfitters. The best part? They can plug into a USB port and heat your feet. That’s right toasty S’mores keep my toes toasty! And yes there is Crazy Cocker Spaniel being sad that she is not getting food.

So later I am going to continue to sit (I’m sitting while I write this). I’m going to change my nail polish color. I’m not doing an ounce of cleaning (this isn’t really a big deviation from real life :P ). Then I’ll get take out and go to bed. Because that’s how I roll. Oh and I’ll probably pin a bunch of stuff too (but I do that every day).


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  1. I need those slippers. I currently use my two warm pups to keep my cold feet warm – those poor pups.

    Thanks for that last paragraph in the last post – I see far too many people doing exactly the opposite, and sometimes in disturbing levels and that impressionable people see. Not a good thing.

    Baileys is a household favorite here, we add it to our coffee on snow days (in the MORNING, even, gasp!) and I love it in milkshakes… please do try the salted caramel next time ;)


  2. Pinning is highly addictive!!!! Love pinning……your sweets are addictive too and I love them!!!

  3. Now that is one nice looking shake!

  4. Hahaha… I can see it now. You’re going to trade the old trolls for the new ones that are going to rail you for letting your dog drink beer! ;-) My pooch isn’t as picky–she gets dark beer more often, but a good Christmas Ale makes her feel very festive, too. (I think. Really, she’s always pretty happy, so it’s hard to tell!)

    On a more serious note, AMEN to the last paragraph in your previous post.

  5. Don’t you sometimes wish people were more like dogs and less like people??? That looks delicious.

  6. Peabody, you really are my idol, haha. You have the best comebacks and you are just so amazing and funny. Thank you for brightening my morning. :)

    By the way, I love how in your first point to make it clear as to what you eat when you lounge around. I mean just sitting there eating chocolate? You are /much/ more sophisticated than that! ;)

  7. As I sit here in my comfy Crocs and usual purple fleece, I raise “my glass” to you!!! Of course, it’s only tea but…..it’s the thought that counts, right?!? I will intentionally look at life a little differently today…..

  8. I need those slippers in my life.

  9. Victoria V says:

    Those slippers are awesome. People are crazy. And it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. ;)

  10. Oh I heart you – and your slippers – and your luxurious life :)

  11. You are my hero.:)

  12. You’re awesome. Agree with you wholeheartedly. Raise a glass to you and your sense of humor oh and of course your baking / binging the world dessert joy.

  13. Loved your last post’s last paragraph.
    Keep up the self-love and body-positivity :)
    I will absolutely be trying this delicious looking shake on my extra fat butt this weekend- WOOHOO!

  14. Such a dreamy looking milkshake! Your dog is so cute too!

  15. ha, those slippers are amazing !!

  16. Lol enjoyed reading your whole comment and replies lol.Loved the puppy.Saved and pinned even if i don’t drink,some will try that come summer time.

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