Harry and David Easter Gift Basket Giveaway….

So Hippity-Hoppity Easter is on its way…end of this month in fact! I love Easter for the décor and of course the candy. Cute bunny and chicks everywhere. And it’s the holiday that fuels my addiction to jelly beans so there is that.

So when Harry and David asked if I wanted to give away an Easter gift basket I jumped at the chance. I loved Easter baskets as a kid (okay who am I kidding…as an adult). I immediately went and looked and was torn between two baskets but ultimately chose The Big Hopper Easter Basket as that came with candy corn and gummies and the bunny it came in was just too darn cute.

It comes with:

2 Royal Riviera Pears
Milk Chocolate Moose Munch Popcorn (6 oz.)
Gummi Flowers (4 oz.)
Candy Corn (6 oz.)
Chocolate Eggs (4 oz.)
Yellow Chick Shortbread Cookie (0.8 oz.)

And of course it all comes in the adorable bunny!

We have eaten everything but the cookie. It’s too cute for me to eat. Someone else will have to I can’t take it’s happy little chick face looking at me while I eat it. :)

So now’s your chance to get one for yourself. You have from now until noon (PST) on March 14th (Pi Day) 2013 to enter. All you need to do is leave a comment telling me what is your favorite treat to find in an Easter Basket? Open to US residents only, sorry. And please make sure that you leave a valid email. I have had a couple giveaways as of late that I had to go to the third or fourth pick because of bad emails or no response. And you don’t want to miss out on this adorable bunny basket trust me!

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  1. I can only pick one? LOL Ok, then it would have to be jelly beans. Brings back so many memories of Easter.

  2. janice dulemba says:

    I love a cream filled Easter egg.

  3. Cadbury Cream Eggs! And Cadbury mini eggs.
    And Robin’s Eggs. And giant chocolate bunnies. (I have an Easter candy problem…)

  4. Ferrero Rocher or anything with hazelnuts.

  5. I love those Cadbury Eggs!!! Yum :)

  6. Best treat in an easter basket is definitely cream filled chocolate eggs!!!

  7. CHOCOLATE BUNNY EARS!! They were always the first to go on my bunny. Then I would trade my peeps for chocolate covered eggs!!

  8. Marilyn Sikes says:

    As a child, the candies were delicious, but it was the surprise goodies that grandmother hid around the yard for us to find. She would choose things that little girls needed as they became young women. I remember things like a hair brush, hand mirror, nail products, and my first pair of panty hose.

  9. Coffee flavored jelly bellies, but they are hard to find

  10. karen farrell says:

    Chocolate covered Marshmallow Rabbits

  11. Cadbury cream eggs or Cadbury mini eggs

  12. Choosing only one is hard! Has to be Hershey chocolate eggs!

  13. Anything chocolate or coconut will make my day.

  14. I like the malted milk “robin eggs”.

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