Apple of my eye….

Not around much in the food blogging world this week….crazy busy week but crazy good. Don’t worry next week I have nothing and can sit around and talk food…and make food.

These are a great appetizer that is a spinoff of my Blue Cheese Cheesecake with Pear Onion Jam I made years ago. If you are saying ewww gross…I can assure you that savory cheesecake is wonderful. And when spread on crackers it’s a fun way to serve a cheese spread. And it classes things up. :D

This recipe originally was for a magazine article that ran the story but never paid me. So thanks for that. It’s my fault because they stiffed me before and asked me to do another story telling me check was in the mail. So I figure I will put the recipe up for you all to enjoy since I never got compensated!!!

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  1. Oh damn, that’s terrible. Great recipe though, but I hate hearing stories of writers getting stiffed, as a writer myself.

  2. Ughhh… hate that you wrote up a fabulous recipe and didn’t get paid for it! It really looks like a perfect party apply that my friends would enjoy! I’ll keep it in mind for our next get-together.

  3. This looks really good, I love savory cheesecakes. I keep thinking of you every time I see the story on the LuLuLemon yoga pants recall, all the ladies in your town must be in such a panic. Also, there is no print button on your blue cheese cheesecake recipe, you must be so ashamed! ;)

  4. Peabody, I Googled your recipe to find out the ripoff magazine, (the curiosity got me) and came across this. It looks like this person is stealing your stuff.. probably others’ too. Thought you’d like to know. What a jerk.

  5. Nutmeg Nanny says:

    What a curious combination, I’d love to try this out soon!

  6. I do love reading your blog. I get to roll my eyes, shake my head, and wonder what the F people are thinking all at the same time as drooling. You know, ever classy. But seriously, how unprofessional? Their loss – these sound really good. I love the idea of apple onion jam.

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