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There is an increase in Facebook Pages and Blogs where people create a recipe page and then steal (sometimes on purpose, sometimes not knowing any better) photos and write the recipe out and then give no credit usually pretending the recipe is their own. They get traffic from it and often make money from it as well.

While some still have blogging as a hobby the majority of us rely on it as a source of income. In fact between my Tablespoon job and writing this blog it is my full time job. One blog post to write takes about 30 minutes – up to who knows how long to write. Deciding what recipe to make. Creating that recipe. Making that recipe. Photographing that recipe. Photo editing that recipe. And then doing all the social media that comes with letting people know hey I have a new recipe up. I really do spend a good 30-40 hours a week working on my blog. I know clearly I should have a better blog for the amount of effort I put in. :D

I never started blogging to make money. Back almost 8 years ago when I started this blog I had no intentions of having ads or needing to make money from the blog. Truthfully it’s not even about the money. It’s about the fact that it was my recipe and my photo (the photo stealing makes me really sad)! You would be pretty sad/upset/coming after people to stab them with sporks if you worked hard on a project at work and someone came along the day before you turned it in and put their name on it and turned it in as theirs. I know I would. This is my job. It’s a job I LOVE. But it is a job nonetheless.

How can you help? Number one: If you follow a FB page that post other bloggers photos with no credit or gives the whole recipe PLEASE unlike that page. If they don’t have followers they won’t keep doing it.

Number two: If you pin things on Pinterest try and click through and make sure that the picture comes from the original source. I know this can be a pain but it helps whoever made that recipe AND helps ensure that people who re-pin your pin get the recipe. Nothing makes me more sad than seeing a yummy recipe and I click through and it’s a broken link. :(

Number Three: If you see a website that does take bloggers stuff TELL that blogger (and leave a comment on that person’s blog saying you know they stole it). A lot of you do this and I am SOOO thankful! Some say they feel silly contacting me PLEASE don’t feel silly (my email is under the contact section at the top of the blog). It really is helpful and I appreciate the mere fact that you care enough to reach out and tell me. I appreciate any time anyone comments or emails me (even the crazy ones…because it helps me feel more sane :P ).

Okay enough about that. Let’s talk fudge. So my Drunken Grasshopper Fudge was far more popular than I ever thought possible. Tons of shares on Facebook (thank you!). Tons of Pins (thank you!) and several emails already telling me that it was by far their new favorite fudge (double thank you!). So I started to think what other drinks I would like to see in fudge form. Right away I thought White Russian. I already made a frosting out of it and that was good so why not fudge. I have to say I think I like this more than the grasshopper fudge! I was a little leery on adding the vodka but I only did a little vodka and heavy on the Kahlua. Whole yum times three Batman! I think making Drunken Fudge is my new hobby. :)

Thanks again for reading my blog. Taking time to comment. Taking time to talk food and life with me. Happy weekend all!

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  1. Thanks for the great post Peabody. I just don’t get how people think it’s OK to steal content-as someone who used to help on a blog, I know the time it takes to get a recipe ready for a post. Although I don’t blog any more, my husband still loves taking photos of what I cook and bake….they get posted on recipe forums which I do pin from but make sure the pin goes right to the recipe. I too hate pins that go to nowhere.

    ‘Nuf said about that-oh my gosh your fudge looks AMAZING…….I so stink at fudge making-but I really wanna try this.

    Thanks so much for sharing the recipe-now off to find your Drunken Grasshopper Fudge-how the heck did I miss that?

  2. OH my WORD I am making this NOW. (Or as soon as I can get more Kahlua…). My mind is spinning with everything else I could do with this kind of recipe. Amaretto fudge, anyone? Or chocolate orange…I’ve got some Triple Sec in the cabinet, yum.

    As to plagiarism, I hate it when people steal work that others have put love or effort or even five seconds and a sneeze into. It’s thoughtless at best, deliberately cruel and illegal at worst. I’ve had my own writing stolen, both online and once in a university class, and it didn’t just make me mad, it hurt. I always make a point of finding the original source and telling someone (or reporting them) if they’ve stolen work. It’s just not right and I send a hug to you and an angry animated spork to the recipe thief.

  3. First, this fudge. OMG. And yes, vanilla beans ALWAYS look cool!
    Second, truth. To every. single. word. spoken (typed?)

  4. I can’t believe people do that. I have never seen anyone steal photos or recipes. All the blogs I’ve visited have a link saying recipe from or adapted from “_____.” And I’ve been in the same boat on Pinterest, which is why I hardly pin any recipes because a lot of the ones I like have broken links. :/

    Nice looking fudge. I’m pretty sure when I turn 21 I’m going to end up eating myself drunk instead of having straight up drinks :P

  5. Love your blog and glad you spoke up, I hate thieves!! I have yet to make any of your recipes but I sitll like to read and see what’s cooking.

  6. Love reading your blog! I know what you mean about the photo-stealers. I posted a photo of a wicked witch cupcake I designed and entered into a contest on Martha Stewart.com. The cupcake won second place. Since that time in 2009, I have seen a photo of my cupcake on at least 20 different websites and blogs…..all claiming it to be their own. It’s infuriating to say the least. The only other option is to “watermark” any food photo that is posted with the blog name. They may be able to swipe the recipe, but it will make it almost impossible to copy the photo.


  7. There is a Protect Intellectual Property Online community on Google+ which is made mostly of food bloggers. I reported the ripoff of your photos there. They have lots of advice on how to hunt down and take down offenders. Unfortunately, it can become a full time job. I still don’t understand how these frauds get so many followers. Jerks.

  8. Sherre A says:

    Thanks so much for the recipe….definitely trying it with my home made kahlua at Christmas! I hope I do your recipe proud!

  9. You make money on this? I didn’t know people could actually make money blogging, unless they work for a company (like blogging for a media outlet) or can manage to land a cookbook deal with it. (Heck, how do I get me a piece of that profit pie? :) )

    I sure don’t make anything from my blog, but I’d still be really upset if someone was ripping off my content. Sure, it’s not much, but it’s mine, I made it, not you. (Okay, I do usually base my content on other people’s recipes, but I always credit them, and I always take my own photos.)

  10. @KB- yes blogs that get a good amount of traffic can make money from advertising. Most ads you don’t have to click on…you just have to visit the page. In fact anytime you look at a page from my site I earn a fraction of a penny for the impression. If you visit two pages, the amount increases, and so on. When you leave a comment that’s another impression as well.
    If you have enough traffic you can get an advertising agency to happily work with you and you can make money from your site. Be aware it isn’t much. I think you have to be Pioneer Woman caliber to make an actually living off of the ads. :)

  11. First (and this is my own stupidity) how do people steal content? Second my biggest pet peeve is Pinterest pins that people don’t check seriously people if you like it enough to save it for later how about making sure you’re saving something and while I’m complaining write your own damn description because dear 18 year old niece I happen to know you don’t have a grandson joe!
    Third, I want to make this but my fudge never ever ever gets hard am I doing something wrong or maybe is it the recipes I’ve tried?

  12. @joy- do you use a thermometer? I found I was bad at fudge without one. I also tend to take fudge off just a touch before it reaches 234f because it will continue to cook.

  13. Caroline says:

    What is, or what is a substitute for marshmallow creme [have not seen any marshmallow creme for ale in New Zealand]

  14. Caroline says:

    Oops, typo.
    Should have read ‘ not seen any for sale in NZ

  15. @Caroline- do you have marshmallows

  16. The whole subject of stealing content is so irritating. But this post is so professional in addressing it, I only wish that the people who were the problem would stop and read this. But I guess eaten drunken fudge will take the edge off! :)

  17. This is beautiful, I love the contrast of the dark sprinkles against the white fudge. I also love my boozy treats ;)

  18. @Nutmeg Nanny- someone told me that the sprinkles looked like ants. :S

  19. Caroline says:

    Sorry for delay [computer problems]
    Yes, we do have marshmallows

  20. 1 (6- or 7-ounce) jar Marshmallow Creme or Fluff = Gently heat 1 (16-ounce) package marshmallows plus 3 1/2 tablespoons light corn syrup. Gently melt in a double boiler, stirring constantly.

  21. It’s absolutely appalling how much content-stealing goes on in the internet/blog world…. I’m sorry it keeps happening :(

    On a positive note, LOVING this “drunken fudge” :D

  22. Your fudge looks absolutely divine. I’m sorry you had some of your content stolen. my blog’s still very little, but I think I would get a horrible shock if I saw some of my work (uncredited) on another site.

  23. This fudge looks delish and perfect. I love fudgie.

    I’m sorry people are stealing your stuff. I have a little blog (def not a “best blog”! Ha ha ha!) and it’s even happened to me. It’s pretty violating.

  24. can i use a double boiler for this?

  25. I think you should be able to Tess

  26. So, I have decided these NEEDS to be made. Do you think a chocolate swirl on top would ruin the fudge? I have only made fudge where you boil till 234 then cool (untouched)to 110, so I want to make sure this recipe can take the additional swirl. Thank you in advance…I ‘m about to go buy the flavored vodka! Woo-hoo!! (I realize the chocolate makes it more of a “White Belgian” or a “Dirty Russian” but…we have all sorts of not caring! If I had any talent, I would try a Kahlua swirl, but….yeah.)

  27. I thick the chocolate swirl world work

  28. I think I love you. I will come back and report, but if it takes awhile, have no fear! I may have just gotten way too much into the flavored vodka.

  29. Melody S. from KS says:

    Wow! This looks awesome! I’m thinking this may become a new Christmas tradition this year! TFS!


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