Getting Dumped….

1. Next week I have jury duty (sense my excitement). For five days or for the length of a trial. I never get picked for trial. I never get picked. Ever (I’ve been summons 17 times). Never picked. Not once. My parents were both police officers. Someone in my immediate family was the victim of a violent crime. I was a rape victim counselor in college and according to my dad’s friend that worked in the DA office they never pick overly educated people (I have way too many useless Masters degrees). So look for me to be wasting a lot of time on Facebook, Pinsterest,  and Twitter next week as I sit in the jury waiting room. I just hope they have a plug somewhere! If not lots of reading. Which will make me more educated and then even less desirable…a vicious cycle I tell ya. :P

2. I’m jealous that Cookies and Cups, Bake at 350 and Confessions of a Cookbook Queen all had a bake with Candy Bar week and I missed out. Maybe they knew I have a problem with eating the candy before it actually makes it into the dessert. :) Anyway you should head over and see what they are doing this week, it’s fun.

3. Domino Sugar was nice enough to give me a shout out on their Facebook page so if you are here from them…welcome. I actually worked with Domino about four years ago when I made these Tiramisu Sandwich Cookies for them.

4. If someone has a great recipe involving Banana Liqueur let me know. I had to buy a bottle for a Tablespoon post and now have a large bottle (no small bottles sold in my area) of the stuff. And no, don’t tell me to just shoot it.

5. I am just not in the mood to bake or blog as of late. Not sure why. Well I kind of do, turns out I have a vitamin deficiency so that’s kind of made me tired. The other reason I think I just got spoiled by having my mom cook food that when I came home I just wasn’t really in the mood to bake/cook. Except for dump cake.
My mom made us dump cake while we were there but the majority of it was eaten by others (Boo) and so when I got home I still wanted some. Normally I gorge myself on it for days…but only got one extra serving this go around. I had no cherry pie filling in the house. I did however have apple pie filling. Not your normal kind, it was the kind you used for Danishes. I thought I would use it one day…I didn’t, well until now. So my apples are way more chopped up than the kind you probably get at the regular store and that is totally fine. Dump cake is not pretty. But darn is it tasty. It’s also super dangerous for me to have in the house. I will not be lying if I say that half this cake went into me, ¼ went into MDP and the other ¼ we threw out because we kept eating it.

6. Oh and speaking of my parents…yeah that’s the view from their porch…no wonder I go there so often, eh?

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  1. Pamela M. says:

    About the banana liqueur, you might try maybe a variation of bananas foster or maybe a boozy banana pudding? Anything with bananas and booze already could probably take a bit more, I say. Ooh, how about a banana / fruity version of tiramisu?

  2. From what I’ve heard, jury duty sucks. My mom is not a U.S. citizen (she still has her green card incase the feds read your blog) and I swear she has gotten that official jury duty envelope like 5 times in the past ten years. Her scape goat is how she’s not a U.S. citizen haha. And my old spanish teacher had to leave school for a week so she could be on the jury, she said she had a really boring case. I feel like it’s only worth it to be on the jury if you have an interesting case, like murder (not that I’m cynical or anything o.O)

  3. Add the banana liqueur to banana bread. Use to flavor whipped cream. Use to make a crazy banana lady fingers custard whipped cream extravaganza.

  4. #1 This looks amazing.

    #2 You are totally in the next party!! Theme ideas?

  5. That explains why I have been picked every single time to be on a trial. 12 times now and the longest trail was 30 days and I was an alternate.

    Love the Apple Pie Dump Cake recipe and beautiful photograph

  6. @Pam why does that explain it?

  7. I love dump cake.. it’s so cozy!
    Dude, next time you’re totally invited!

  8. I’ve never had to do any kind of jury duty yet ::knock on wood::

  9. Marie M.C. says:

    It can’t be this easy, can it? Gonna try ASAP. I was chosen for Jury Duty, once. It was a murder trial. I knew the man was guilty even before the entire jury was chosen. I told the D.A. I could not be impartial and got off, thank goodness.

  10. Bananas Foster with banana liqueur already was suggested, so may I suggest a spiked choco-nana smoothie, or a boozy banana split milkshake? Or perhaps a tropical banana cocktail. Banana cream pie with a liqueur-kissed custard or whipped cream sounds tasty. Maybe banana sticky buns with liqueur-sticky sauce? Mmm. :)

  11. Stephani says:

    I adore dump cake. There are just so many combinations you can make. I made one last fall with apple pie filling (homemade!), and spice cake mix with apple cider sprinkled over the butter and cake mix.
    Pumpkin Dump cake is delicious as well, pumpkin pie filling (I always have to add extra spices, because I like it that way) and a butter yellow cake mix.

    I am craving lemon right now, so I need to figure out how to make a lemon dump cake!

  12. You made me nervous with the title of your post there for a second. Whew :)
    Glad it was just this tasty cake.

  13. Haha…oh no @Kristen things are super great in that area. ;-)

  14. Dump cake is super popular in my family too! I always make different versions and it is always the first to go at any get together! The good part, is it is embarrassingly easy!

  15. How lucky your parents are to have a view like that! That dump cake looks so amazingly sweet, yum :)

  16. I have a dump cake in the oven right now. Thought I’d try something different – key lime pie filling w/pineapple, coconut flakes, cake mix and butter. Hope it turns out well.

  17. @Sharyn- ohhh that sounds yummy!

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