Peabody and the Giant Peanut Butter Cup…

Ever have so much to do that you choose to accomplish nothing? This seems to be me as of late. Only problem is it doesn’t really work. :) Procrastination is only your friend during the procrastination part…it’s the part that comes after that’s not so great. I’m procrastinating now by putting this post up. :P

When we were in Idaho there was a chocolate shop that we stopped into to get some huckleberry ice cream from. They had giant peanut butter cups. I looked at them and thought, I could do that. They seemed to be made in mini tart pans. I thought I have those.

What you can do and what you should do of course are two different things. :) Making giant peanut butter cups is actually pretty easy especially because I didn’t temper the chocolate because well, I was eating/using them right away. But then I had giant peanut butter cups at home. Calling my name. Oh and to answer the question just how giant are those cups…see the last photo with the Hello Kitty Band-Aids to get an idea.

I realize that many of you don’t have mini tart pans so I thought I would give a set away. So if you would like to win some Chicago Metallic Tartlett Pan 4 Cavity, 10.60-Inch by, 9.90-Inch by 1.30-Inch (3-1/2-Inch by .90 Cavities) just leave a comment telling me what about Spring are you most looking forward to? It’s open to US residents only sorry. You have from now until Thursday April 18th 2013 at 6pm pst to enter. You can only enter once.

Off to procrastinate some more from my real responsibilities by baking something with my giant peanut butter cups!

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  1. Cindy Clift says:

    I love spring because it means my older girls come home from college for spring break. Planting new plants,and buying some new summer clothes. Because of sugar problems, I won’t be able to enjoy the peanut butter cups 😤 but I love all the healthy recipes on your site!

  2. My favorite part of spring is birthdays! We have 3 in April in our family :)

  3. My favorite part of spring are jelly beans at Easter and swimming once it is warm enough which in Phoenix could be this week or next.

  4. Linda Lester says:

    I like spring because I can work in my yard comfortably. I don’t like to work outside in our hot, humid Georgia summers and in the fall you don’t get to see the fruits(flowers) of your labors because the cold is coming. I love to see the tulips and azaleas, dogwoods and other spring flowers blooming after I work around them in the yard. The grass turning green and the trees leafing out are beautiful to see.

  5. What about this spring I am most looking forward to is the end of this winter weather!!! It is April 16 and they are talking snow AGAIN on Friday:( I did manage to housebreak all 12 of my golden retriever puppies, most of them went to their new homes last weekend, and the new owners are very impressed with 7 week old HOUSEBROKEN puppies with good manners:)
    Anyhow, the 4 still here will be in intensive obedience training, mostly how to act on a leash and in a car, since they have already lots of practice indoors, looking out at the snow, rain and ice! It would be great if the flowers which have popped up their green parts would feel the sun, open up, and smell and look pretty, so we could stop and smell the flowers on our walks, then come home and eat some decadent treats (salmon jerky for them, peanut butter cups for me:)

  6. I’m looking forward to al fresco dining! Preferably with that peanut butter cup as dessert!

  7. I love Spring, with all the flowers and trees budding out. It’s such a beautiful time of the year.

  8. I love spring because here in Oregon everything is green. The tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and flowering plum and cherry trees are in full bloom and the world is full of beautiful color. It’s still rainy season, but the temperatures are moderate and the promise of summer is just around the corner. A giant peanut butter cup would be just the snack for a spring afternoon :-)

  9. the warmer weather for dog walking.

  10. Jen shears says:

    It would be crazy dangerous for me to have that giant peanut butter cup at my house!
    I LOVE spring! I love the days getting longer, the tulips, my wedding anniversary, my daughter’s birthday….so much to love! Thank you for the chance-so fun to read your delicious and funny posts!

  11. That giant peanut butter cup is calling my name!!! Oh my gosh…looks so so so good. What i am looking forward to most this spring is graduating from high school and finally seeing some green outside again!

  12. Well St. Louis has yet to see spring weather, so I’m looking forward to be able to hang out outdoors and making fruity desserts!

  13. Spring means a little more sun in the NW, and lots of flowers.

  14. I am looking forward to having more daylight and warmer weather- both make the long walks/ jogs way more fun. The more I walk and jog, the more peanut butter cups I can enjoy, seems like a good trade.

  15. Spring means push mowing my lawn! It’s exercise and time in nature all in one shot. While both are really excellent standalone reasons, push mowing really means blocking out the incessant noise and chronic refrain of my thoughts… all the planning, the feelings, and my tendency to reflect on it all. Everything that seemed so urgent disappears for a couple blessed hours. And my weekly ritual ends with a righteous shower to get rid of all the frickin pollen.

  16. I’m looking forward to more daylight, fresh veggies, and just the change in outlook.

  17. Spring means my lovely little purple crocus pop up! With so few “hopeful” sites around here this year, I am appreciating them more than ever! (And, if you could, think of me as the 18th is my birthday and I would love these little pans as a gift!!! Yeah, I know…you can’t play favorites…but my fingers are crossed!!) Best of all, these are naturally gluten-free! Or, maybe, not…because I WILL MAKE THEM!

  18. Carol Engelhardt says:

    Definitely looking forward to the tulips!! They’re my favorite flower, and it isn’t Spring until they are up.

  19. My favorite thing about spring is warmer weather and no more snow/ice on the ground…that means more running with my dog outside, which in turn means I can eat more desserts!

  20. I am looking forward to the warmer temps and all the blooming flowers.

  21. Martha Spiegel says:

    I am looking forward to NOT seeing snow on the ground. Seeing the flowers blooming makes me so happy!

  22. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the fresh veggies when the Farmer’s Market opens again! Nothing better than grilling out while the kiddos run around outside in the beautiful weather!

  23. Katie Rose says:

    Not feeling like it’s bedtime ALL DANG DAY because the sun is actually shining!!

  24. Helen in CA says:

    Being able to open the windows to breezes , SUN and dancing the May Pole.

  25. basketpam says:

    This is a message in reply to Cindy Cliff. I hope she sees it since the comments on this site don’t have reply ability. When I saw the title of Giant Peanut Butter Cup I immediately thought of my dad. He LOVES peanut butter cups and has at least all of my life. (which has been quite a long time now). However, my dad is diabetic now and shouldn’t ever really be eating lots of pure sugar like you find in a peanut butter cup like this. I’ve been lucky at one of our local pharmacies to find Sugar Free Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and once a month when I get my one prescription I try to get him a small bag or two. They’re not inexpensive but hey, this is my dad. I’ve also started trying to make him homemade sugar-free candy, especially peanut butter cups using chocolate I’ve discovered sold by Wilbur Chocolates in Lititz, PA (it’s basically in Amish country). They’re chocolate is heavenly, it’s so…….creamy and they offer a lovely sugar free chocolate. Their chocolate does need to be tempered. Anyone interested in this chocolate and needs to have it shipped should do so soon. They don’t do much shipping in the summer due to the heat. I live about 2 hours away so if I need an order I or my family can collect it. My parents visit the area quite a bit. So to you diabetics, you don’t have to deprive yourself if you would like to make a peanut butter cup. Check out Wilbur Chocolates online and request one of their catalogs. You won’t be sorry!

  26. Spring is when all the flowers in my garden look great!I love to work in the garden in spring!!!

  27. I love Spring because all the flowers are blooming !I love to work in the gardening Spring!

  28. I look forward to being able to walk my dog without bundling up and reading outside when it is a comfortable temperature!

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