Harry and David Mother’s Day Giveaway….

Mother’s Day will soon be upon us. The day that we celebrate the woman that gave birth to us. I of course celebrate that every day. :) But in all seriousness I do try and let my mom know how wonderful she is. It’s pretty hard to find someone that doesn’t like my mom and if they don’t like her it’s probably because they are a rotten person (for reals) and she probably chose not to deal with their bull crap! She’s kind, funny (well she doesn’t do it on purpose but we laugh at her a lot :) ), she’s charitable ALWAYS doing something for her community center or church. She’s one heck of an entertainer always having her friends over, especially those who don’t have family around. She’s a fundraising fool for all her causes, especially Relay for Life.

So when Harry and David asked me if I wanted to do a Mother’s Day Giveaway I thought heck yeah I do. And what a giveaway it is! I love this basket. It’s a $60 (well $59.95) value! Such great stuff:
4 Royal Riviera Pears (because every basket should have at least one of Harry and David’s pears!)
Milk Chocolate Moose Munch Popcorn (6 oz.) (because every giveaway I must give this…when I went to their store (they have a ton of flavors there) I tried my best to buy them out of Moose Munch. I love it sooo much)
2 Chocolate-enrobed Heart-shaped Raspberry Galettes (1.75 oz. each) (because you need something heart shaped to show your mom the love)
Chocolate Strawberries (4 oz.) (these are not dipped but chocolate covered dried strawberries and yeah, they are tasty)
Assorted Truffles (8 oz.) (LOTS of truffles)
2 Chocolate-dipped Coconut Haystacks (0.5 each) (I wish there were more of these…gone in like 10 seconds flat)
Neapolitan Maltballs (6 oz.) (I loved that there was strawberry and vanilla ones)
Net Weight: 3 lbs. 14 oz.

Now you don’t need to give it to your mom. If you are a mom to be, a current mom, a fur-baby mom, a step mom, or if you mom has passed (you can eat the treats and think of her fondly) I won’t blame you for wanting to keep the basket for yourself. Or if your mom lives near you invite her over and you can share the treats and time together!

Harry and David Mother’s Day Gift Box

(My mom and I at the Grand Canyon…the 70’s were a cruel wardrobe time. :P)


However you want to use the goodie box is up to you! But if you would like to enter here’s how. First live in the United States. Second leave a comment telling me something about your mom…good or bad. :) If you want extra chances go and like the Harry and David Facebook page and come back here and leave a separate comment saying you did so. Or follow Harry and David on Twitter and come back here and leave a separate comment. Winner is picked randomly using a random number generator.

So you have three chances to win. So good luck. You have between now and next Wednesday, April 24th 2013 at 6 pm PST to get your entry in!

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  1. Following on Twitter – SaraRowe8

  2. I was cleaning out some paperwork today and found a note that my mom sent with flowers to me when I was sick. She signed it “Doctor Mom”. It’s pretty awesome to be an adult and get flowers from your mom when you’re sick. She loves to give fun, thoughtful gifts. :)

  3. And I liked Harry and David’s FB page. Thanks!

  4. Stephanie A says:

    My mom has always been my biggest cheerleader, she supported me and my sister and brother through all our dreams and activities and I love her!

  5. Stephanie A says:

    I liked Harry and David on facebook!

  6. Stephanie A says:

    I follow Harry and David on twitter @gnwg

  7. Ummm, my mom looked eerily similar to your mom in this photo! Seriously. Did your mom also go through the permed hair stage? Maybe we’re related! ;)

  8. I’m following Harry and David on Twitter.

  9. If my mom doesn’t talk to me every single day she says it’s been so long…it drives me CRAZY. I know one day I will miss it.

  10. I liked H&D on Facebook

  11. Best thing about my mom is no matter what she’s on my side. She may say some off the cuff things that come across harsh but at the end of the day. She’s always on my side.

  12. I liked h&d on Facebook too!

  13. Donna Batman says:

    My Mom wasn’t so great as a Mom, but she was a great Grandma!

  14. Donna Batman says:

    I also Liked Harry and David on facebook!

  15. Most recently, my mom made me an amazing mermaid cake for my birthday… With a doll in the cake! She has always made amazing and creative things like this.

    Thanks for the chance to win her something like this!

  16. Hello Peabody!
    My mother loves to read, likes the color yellow, and daisies, and she is always the one that brings our family back together after disagreements or conflicts.

    Facebook search is being a jerk so I followed H&D on Twitter! (RighisaurusRx)

  17. My mom is much funnier, crass, and crazier than I ever thought she was while growing up. I’m basically her, haha.

  18. AMrunnergirl says:

    My mom passed away in July of 2012 so this will be the first Mother’s Day without her :-( I am a mom so I would share this delicious prize with my kids :-)

  19. Here’s a neutral fact. My mom perms her hair way too much. What is with Asians and permed hair?!

  20. I followed them on twitter too!

  21. I love my mother, she can easily annoy but I think most mothers do ;) I’ve always loved how creative and caring she is. She is always willing to contribute something!

  22. My mom was always the mom that my friends wanted to have growing up. Which at the time I didn’t see. Years later when I went to visit a childhood friend she told me that she wished her mom was like mine growing up. My mom always made sure my brother and I were involved in numerous things to make us well rounded adults.

    She can be a bit crazy at times, but she has one of the purest hearts I have ever seen in a person. Even when she is down she finds a way to see the positive in the situation.

  23. I’d love to give her this.

  24. My mom is the most amazing woman on the face of the planet. No lie. She is selfless, caring, kind, and generous. My brother passed away about a month ago, he was only 38 (!!). She has been having a truly hard time with his passing. It was such a traumatic, tragic loss and we are all struggling with the day-to-day(me, my mom, my dad, and my older brother). It would mean so very much to me if I could give this to her. While it may not heal the hole in her heart, it might cheer her up for just a moment and she deserves all the cheering in the world. Regardless if I win or not, every mom should be honored for their love and sacrifice. Especially in the face of tragedy. <3

  25. I liked the H & D fb page, too. Cuz I love their moose munch!!

  26. bonita english says:

    want for my mother in-law.she’s been very sick and may not be here next year.she’s just mom to me she has been there for me everyday for over 30yrs and has helped me with my son whom has lupus and a stroke at 23yrs old.people often comment on our closeness she’s wonderful and i would like to give her something special on mothers day.and i liked you on facebook

  27. My mom has had to put up with a LOT of horrible things in her life, yet she’s an incredibly positive person & I admire that about her. I’d still like her to move out of my house though…

  28. I think my Mom is pretty cool. She was always putting her family before her in a lot of ways – just quietly serving her family and not bemoaning the sacrifices she made. Know that I’m a mom I’m trying to do the same thing. She made it look a lot easier than it really is sometimes!

  29. I miss my mom daily and I know that continues to be guiding light each day. She was the hardest working person I knew and was uber talented in a variety of facets. I only hope that my children will remember me as highly.

  30. My mom is awesome!

  31. Nicole-Lynn says:

    My mom has been a wonderful support system for me during my (first) pregnancy thus far! It has been such a blessing having her support and love during this special time. I’m so grateful for her. Thanks for the opportunity!


  32. Nicole-Lynn says:

    I like Harry and David on FB!


  33. My mom loved chocolate and she would always take me for a milkshake after a good test score :)

  34. Sherry Compton says:

    My mom is going to be coming to visit soon. She loves Cracker Barrel and Dairy Queen snickers blizzards. I know we will be making a trip to both while she is here. :)

  35. Sherry Compton says:

    I visited the Harry and David FB page.

  36. Elisabeth says:

    My Mom and I are both big lovers of chocolate!

  37. Elisabeth says:

    I like the Harry and David Facebook page!

  38. Elisabeth says:

    I follow Harry and David on Twitter.

  39. Even though my mother and I don’t get along all the time, I do have to admit she’s one of the toughest people I know. She doesn’t take any bullpoopy from anyone.

  40. My mom may not understand a word that comes out of my mouth…but she consistently tries.

  41. Chlsebrz says:

    My mom is a little crazy at times, but a lot of fun generally. She works at the hospital and would love to share chocolate with her co-workers on night shift.

  42. My Mom has spent her life giving to her three children. We could never possibly begin to repay her for all she has done for each of us. This would be a wonderful gift for Mom, she is in declining health and is home bound now. You would like her, she was a creative cook and baker and managed to make delicious meals and treats for us despite a very limited grocery budget. This gift would be quite a treat for my Mom.

  43. jessica brower says:

    For almost 32 years my parents have been the ideal example of a happy marriage. My mom’s positive attitude and unconditional love have encompassed my sister and I through difficult relationships and 4 complicated pregnancies. She even beat the emergency responders to me when I was in a car accident. Mom never hesitates to put her children and grandchildren before herself.
    She has supported my father, a Chiropractor, as his office manager for over 25 years. As with any small business, there are no paid vacations, sick days or raises. Any free time she finds she gives to anyone in need. I don’t know where she stores all the love that pours out of her heart that she so freely gives.
    This year is my mom’s 50th birthday and she deserves the very best!

  44. I don’t know if there is really any word to describe my mom in any language so I’ll simply say she she is INCREDIBLE! P.S. Rhymes with deliciously edible :-) I like H&D on FB!

  45. She loves me unconditionally!

  46. lindesay seiferheld says:

    My mother always stressed the importance of an education and a good job with benefits. She told me to marry someone i would want to be friends and lovers with. She also taught me how to be a lady and expect to be treated as such.

  47. Wayne Remington says:

    My mother is my best friend!!!!!

  48. My mom was the most wonderful woman who ever lived! I miss her more each day. Since this is a Mother’s Day giveaway I’ll tell you a Mother’s Day story every Mother’s Day each of us kids (4) got a gift from her because “we were the only present she needed” and she truly felt that way (don’t worry we spoiled her rotten) I’d probably give these to my god mom

  49. My mom is an amazing cook and still cooks every Sunday for us and our families. Sunday Dinner at Mama’s house, what a wonderful tradition I hope to pass on to my children!

  50. My Mom is now safely home in heaven. This is my first Mother’s Day without her. She brought joy to so many people’s lives, including mine!

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