Harry and David Mother’s Day Giveaway….

Mother’s Day will soon be upon us. The day that we celebrate the woman that gave birth to us. I of course celebrate that every day. :) But in all seriousness I do try and let my mom know how wonderful she is. It’s pretty hard to find someone that doesn’t like my mom and if they don’t like her it’s probably because they are a rotten person (for reals) and she probably chose not to deal with their bull crap! She’s kind, funny (well she doesn’t do it on purpose but we laugh at her a lot :) ), she’s charitable ALWAYS doing something for her community center or church. She’s one heck of an entertainer always having her friends over, especially those who don’t have family around. She’s a fundraising fool for all her causes, especially Relay for Life.

So when Harry and David asked me if I wanted to do a Mother’s Day Giveaway I thought heck yeah I do. And what a giveaway it is! I love this basket. It’s a $60 (well $59.95) value! Such great stuff:
4 Royal Riviera Pears (because every basket should have at least one of Harry and David’s pears!)
Milk Chocolate Moose Munch Popcorn (6 oz.) (because every giveaway I must give this…when I went to their store (they have a ton of flavors there) I tried my best to buy them out of Moose Munch. I love it sooo much)
2 Chocolate-enrobed Heart-shaped Raspberry Galettes (1.75 oz. each) (because you need something heart shaped to show your mom the love)
Chocolate Strawberries (4 oz.) (these are not dipped but chocolate covered dried strawberries and yeah, they are tasty)
Assorted Truffles (8 oz.) (LOTS of truffles)
2 Chocolate-dipped Coconut Haystacks (0.5 each) (I wish there were more of these…gone in like 10 seconds flat)
Neapolitan Maltballs (6 oz.) (I loved that there was strawberry and vanilla ones)
Net Weight: 3 lbs. 14 oz.

Now you don’t need to give it to your mom. If you are a mom to be, a current mom, a fur-baby mom, a step mom, or if you mom has passed (you can eat the treats and think of her fondly) I won’t blame you for wanting to keep the basket for yourself. Or if your mom lives near you invite her over and you can share the treats and time together!

Harry and David Mother’s Day Gift Box

(My mom and I at the Grand Canyon…the 70’s were a cruel wardrobe time. :P)


However you want to use the goodie box is up to you! But if you would like to enter here’s how. First live in the United States. Second leave a comment telling me something about your mom…good or bad. :) If you want extra chances go and like the Harry and David Facebook page and come back here and leave a separate comment saying you did so. Or follow Harry and David on Twitter and come back here and leave a separate comment. Winner is picked randomly using a random number generator.

So you have three chances to win. So good luck. You have between now and next Wednesday, April 24th 2013 at 6 pm PST to get your entry in!

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  1. valene wolfe says:

    My mom raised ten kids, seven being her own. (After divorce his kids, my dad, came to live with her) She worked endless hours to support us all. She remarried, twelves years later my dad passed away. My mom stepped up to the plate, and handled all the finances for his autopsy, and cremation. She does so many things that surprise you. Deep down I know she handled it for us kids, on top of it all bought each of us a cross necklace in honor/remembrance of our dad. Shes a great woman, with a loving soul. One any should look up too, because I surely do.

  2. Christina C says:

    My mom always goes to the gym and then goes out to eat with her friends afterwards :P

  3. Christina C says:

    I Liked Harry and David on facebook

  4. Christina C says:

    I’m now also following on twitter.

  5. I love my mommy! My mom despite the hard times she went through as we grew up she loved the heck out of us! She is amazing and I would love to share this basket with her! Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day :)

  6. Liked Harry and David

  7. My mom volunteered in the classroom I taught in almost every day last year. She saw I needed help and was there for me and my 35 fourth graders. I’ll never forget her generosity.

  8. Nicole M says:

    I actually host my mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother-in-law for Mother’s Day brunch every year, and I would love for us to be able to share this. They are all wonderful women. I think I am one of the few who actually loves my mother-in-law! :)

  9. I liked Harry and David on Facebook.

  10. dawn Sherman says:

    my mom is the hardest worker I know. worked at a factory right out of high school for over 35 years. when that Factory close their doors my mom never stop searching for a new job. she wouldn’t just settle for unemployment. she finally found another factory job after a year. a stable job with health insurance was the blessing she was looking for ( my dad is a severe diabetic). but starting over means she barely makes enough money to pay the bills now. I’d love to win the lotto and give it to my mom so she didn’t have to work so hard any more. Factory work has left her with bad hearing & joints. It just doesn’t seem fair… She is so kind & selfless.

  11. Taylor Kinmon says:

    My mom loves all of these things! (I do too :D )

  12. Taylor Kinmon says:

    Liked on Facebook!!

  13. Taylor Kinmon says:

    Followed on twitter!!

  14. Sarina G. says:

    My mom deals with me, isn’t that enough?! :) She is always there to support me at every dance competition and recital, and cares about me beyond anything I could ever ask for.Although we may have our moments, I seriously could not ever want a better mom than mine<3

  15. Sarina G. says:

    Followed on Twitter!

  16. My mother is very materialistic and narcissistic and we are not close because growing up she was pleasing a future step-dad instead of showing physical love and attention to her two kids. She worked hard and played hard so instead of having her love and attention she bought us out with anything we wanted to please herself and my stepfather. He and I actually get along better now than her and I. When you are raised without hugs and kisses and affection it makes you bitter and hard to change for your kids so you don’t repeat the cycle. I am now a mother of three and I have to remind myself to give them some extra attention they deserve. My kids come first and as a matter of fact if I win the Harry and Davids Chocolates I will keep them, tell my kids thank you and let them help me eat it all. Thanks for this little giveaway because win or lose it gave me a place to vent out some suppressed feelings.

  17. brittany horton says:

    My mom is a fun, crazy person to be around but she has a lot of health problems. She has had a rough life. She has 2 metal rods in place of her spine among many other unfortunate issues and she actually spent two months (last year) in the hospital of a strep bacterial infection. She was comatose for 2 weeks but slowly came back to her old self (not that she’s old lol!) She missed my daughter’s first birthday because if this incident. Needless to say, though she’s doing better now she still struggles with her other health problems every day. The poor woman hasn’t actually felt “good” in close to 20 years now. If anyone deserves a special gift like this, it’s her. We all appreciate this nice gesture :-)

  18. brittany horton says:

    Liked on FB!

  19. jamey boldiszar says:

    I love my mom because she has always stuck up for me.

  20. Colleen Rose says:

    My mom deserves something special and I think that this gift box would be perfect. She works full time as an insurance agent and has 4 children. She is the single most self-less, inspirational, and outgoing person I have ever met in my life, and I’m not just saying that because she is my mom :) I wish I could buy her something nice like this but I am a broke, college student who can’t afford to buy her anything like this. Thanks for reading!

  21. My mother is my angel. She is the most kind-hearted selfless individual I know. She deserves the world.

  22. Svea king says:

    My mom may not have the hardest life like most others, but she does have the hardest job. The 5 of us kids make her stay on her toes 24/7. Whether we need rides to places or new clothes, shoes, things for school, etc… she is always there for us. Lately, shes been struggling with her own personal happiness, and has become more and more stressed as the days go by. I want to be able to give her the best thing ever so my plans for mothers day is to give her the garden she always wanted but has never had time to build. She would adore this gift and hopefully it could make her day by being treated like the queen she really is, but never gets to be.

  23. amanda Gallegos says:

    I think my mom should win becouse she has worked really hard all my life as a single mom raising 3 kids and many times she would go with out so that we could have. She worked 3 jobs to provide and has always been there for all of us. She still continues to be there if we ever need anything she will drive across the U.S. to make sure we are taken care of. She has taught me the meaning of selflessness.

  24. amanda Gallegos says:

    Also liked your face book page:-)

  25. Katlin Stewart says:

    There is so much to say about my mom. She does so much, she is a teacher, a friend, and most of all a really great mother. Being a daughter who has gone through so much growing up she has never left my side or told me to go a certain way. When people ask me who I am the closest with I always say my mother without hesitation. She is my partner in crime especially through all of our crazy adventures and endless bucket list. Mainly though she is my best friend. Coming from a military family you end up being really close to your family especially when you have to go through a lot of struggles. Growing up I learned my mom has my back and I will always have hers. I love you mom you have the strength I admire 100% and only hope to be as strong and as amazing as you one day!

  26. Maggie Wallace says:

    They’re are many things to say about my mom. She is the strongest person I know. She was a single mother to 4 kids and took on the role as mother and father when my dad walked out of our lives. Last year, she had a stroke and her health has gone down quite a bit but we are all so hopeful for her to get better. This would really make her mother’s day as she loves Henry and David’s pears!

  27. Maggie Wallace says:

    I am following Henry and David on twitter! (@maggie_Wallace7)

  28. Christina Z says:

    My Mom is a great Mom raised 7 kids and is a great Grandmother who loves to spend time with family.

  29. Christina Z says:

    I like Harry and David Facebook page

  30. Christina Z says:

    I like Harry and David on Twitter

  31. I miss my mom terribly, but she was always there.

  32. My mom is about to become a grandmother for the first time thanks to me and my husband this coming June. I’m hoping to do something special for her to thank her for all the help she has given us as we prepare to become parents ourselves!

  33. Liked Harry & David on Facebook!

  34. My mom always listens to my crazy ramblings, and I appreciate that!

  35. Also, I follow on Twitter!

  36. Followed Harry & David on Twitter!

  37. Nicola M. says:

    My mother and I don’t have a good relationship, but I still respect her as a person. I think she had a hard time finding herself after having my brother when she was only 14. I do wish we lived closer again so we could try to connect again.

  38. My mom always inspired me to do great things and she showed what a true fighter she is during her battle with breast cancer.

  39. Followed Harry & David on Twitter

  40. Liked Harry & David on Facebook

  41. I love my Mom for forcing me to enter a cooking contest at 8 years old. I didn’t want to, until I realized how much fun it could be to play with my food. I still play with my food. Thanks Mom. :)

  42. I liked Harry & David on Facebook!

  43. and Twitter too!

  44. Marji Nordicks says:

    My mom was a fun and loving mom to all of us, to other kids that she “raised” (more or less!), and now to her grandkids. She was a great role model for all of us, and now that I am a mom I see just how hard that is. I love my kids, but MAN can they try my patience. I hope they enter a contest some day and are able to honestly say great things about me too. It’s hard work being a mom and we can only HOPE that we get it right and don’t cause any damage as we fumble our way through parenting! =)

  45. Marji Nordicks says:

    Following Harry & David on FB.

  46. My mom is a pain in the butt sometimes but still she’s the person I call if I need a bit of advice.

  47. Dyana Stevens says:

    Liked on FB

  48. One of the things I look at most fondly about my mom is how much she spills. Every time she eats, she spills the food on her clothes. She’ll even wear an paron to dinner, and the food manages to land on her shirt in the ‘v’ where the apron opens. My dad and I wait all dinner for it to happen. It is so funny, and such a quirky thing about her.

  49. Liked the page on Facebook!

  50. Dyana Stevens says:

    Following on Twitter

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