Harry and David Mother’s Day Giveaway….

Mother’s Day will soon be upon us. The day that we celebrate the woman that gave birth to us. I of course celebrate that every day. :) But in all seriousness I do try and let my mom know how wonderful she is. It’s pretty hard to find someone that doesn’t like my mom and if they don’t like her it’s probably because they are a rotten person (for reals) and she probably chose not to deal with their bull crap! She’s kind, funny (well she doesn’t do it on purpose but we laugh at her a lot :) ), she’s charitable ALWAYS doing something for her community center or church. She’s one heck of an entertainer always having her friends over, especially those who don’t have family around. She’s a fundraising fool for all her causes, especially Relay for Life.

So when Harry and David asked me if I wanted to do a Mother’s Day Giveaway I thought heck yeah I do. And what a giveaway it is! I love this basket. It’s a $60 (well $59.95) value! Such great stuff:
4 Royal Riviera Pears (because every basket should have at least one of Harry and David’s pears!)
Milk Chocolate Moose Munch Popcorn (6 oz.) (because every giveaway I must give this…when I went to their store (they have a ton of flavors there) I tried my best to buy them out of Moose Munch. I love it sooo much)
2 Chocolate-enrobed Heart-shaped Raspberry Galettes (1.75 oz. each) (because you need something heart shaped to show your mom the love)
Chocolate Strawberries (4 oz.) (these are not dipped but chocolate covered dried strawberries and yeah, they are tasty)
Assorted Truffles (8 oz.) (LOTS of truffles)
2 Chocolate-dipped Coconut Haystacks (0.5 each) (I wish there were more of these…gone in like 10 seconds flat)
Neapolitan Maltballs (6 oz.) (I loved that there was strawberry and vanilla ones)
Net Weight: 3 lbs. 14 oz.

Now you don’t need to give it to your mom. If you are a mom to be, a current mom, a fur-baby mom, a step mom, or if you mom has passed (you can eat the treats and think of her fondly) I won’t blame you for wanting to keep the basket for yourself. Or if your mom lives near you invite her over and you can share the treats and time together!

Harry and David Mother’s Day Gift Box

(My mom and I at the Grand Canyon…the 70’s were a cruel wardrobe time. :P)


However you want to use the goodie box is up to you! But if you would like to enter here’s how. First live in the United States. Second leave a comment telling me something about your mom…good or bad. :) If you want extra chances go and like the Harry and David Facebook page and come back here and leave a separate comment saying you did so. Or follow Harry and David on Twitter and come back here and leave a separate comment. Winner is picked randomly using a random number generator.

So you have three chances to win. So good luck. You have between now and next Wednesday, April 24th 2013 at 6 pm PST to get your entry in!

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  1. Simply put, if I could be half the woman & mom that my mom is…I would be doing A-OK. She is the perfect balance of driving me nuts but also being everything I need from a mom when I need it. This year will be her first Mother’s Day without my grandmother so I’ll be loving on her even more because I know her heart is hurting.

    Side note about Harry & David’s…we ordered her a pear gift order for my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. They let you order well in advance so we’ve had it done for a month.

  2. Well, I was always told “if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.” So instead, I will say that although my mom has never treated me good and we are no longer on speaking terms, my mother-in-law has taken me in as her own and has shown me the kind of motherly love I was never shown. It’s too bad that she lives in Calgary, cause if I did win this basket, I would totally give it to her (unless the basket will last until June, that’s when she comes down to visit ;]). I can never thank her enough for always being there for me when I need a mom.

  3. My mom is the bravest woman I know. She is currently battling ovarian cancer. She is handing it with strength courage faith and a good sense of humor. She has had so many bumps along the road to overcome but she has done so with flying colors. She has not let this sickness take away her love of crafts or family. Everyone my mom knows is praying as everyone loves her as well. She is the life of the family she holds us all together. She is there when you need her no questions asked. Her personality shines through no matter what and who she encounters. She is such an amazing giving caring woman, and I am proud to call her my mom.

  4. Jen Blumenthal says:

    I love that my mom stays active- she looks a decade younger! I hope I can do the same when it’s my turn. She enjoys skiing for half price right now (for seniors), and when she turns 70 in 4 years she will ski for FREE!!! :)

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