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So it’s Cinco de Mayo on Sunday. For the record Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day (that’s in September), in fact I would guess most people have no idea why we even celebrate it. To me we celebrate it so that Mexican food restaurants and the tequila industry get a boost and people find yet another excuse to get trashed.

Speaking of getting trashed, one of the trends I can’t stand is Skinny Girl cocktail type items. It’s booze. Booze does not make you fat because of all the calories. Booze makes you fat because once you drink just enough you don’t care and a half plate of nachos and your boyfriends fries get inhaled and somehow find yourself calling out for Del Taco.

So let me introduce you to the Peabody Skinny Chick Margarita. You might also know it by its other name…a shot of tequila. That’s right for just 96 calories you can do a shot of tequila. Suck on a lime for a bit if you want a more margarita flavor. There you go. My easiest recipe to date.


In all seriousness be safe and have fun this Cinco de Mayo.


  1. P-Bods, I love ya! You always tell it like it is. Thanks for making me laugh today, friend. Just had to comment on this post. Are you going to BHF in Austin? Would love to go and meet you IRL. You would probably hate me because I’m a diehard Detroit Red Wings fan. (Read your About page. Love it. Agree with everything but The Wings part, LOL!) Go Wings!! ;) xo P.S. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  2. This post made me laugh. I once saw a blog post on a comparison of a Skinny line of beverages, and how they actually were not that skinny (I think they had a lot of sugar or calories) but anyway it was a bloggers opinion on them and the Skinny company contacted the blogger and she ended up pulling her original post. That makes me dislilke them even more. I realize this is pretty random but just thought I’d share.


  3. I wonder when they are going to come out with the skinny dude line? Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  4. HA HA HA!!! I love this so so much. You are hysterical. Your version of a skinny margarita is WAY better. I have tried the skinny girl cocktails – NOT good at all!!!

  5. Cinco de Mayo just happens to be not only my birthday, but my (not a twin) brother’s birthday too. Since he’s turning 21 this year, I’ve got all sorts of booze and baked good with booze planned for him. Nothing as simple as this recipe, though a short of tequila sounds like the perfect way to tie the day up… :)

  6. Love your “recipe.” They say Cinco de Mayo is more popular in the US than in Mexico, probably because we love a good underdog story. It’s certainly celebrated in NYC. I’m looking forward to a porky-porky weekend: a nice Southern ham for Derby Day and a spicy slow cooked pork shoulder on Sunday. Totally my kind of weekend.

  7. HAHA!! Seriously!! I used to win bets all the time in college about Cinco de Mayo being a battle not Mexico’s Independence Day, even against the ex who was guess what it Latino (his mom grew up only speaking Spanish and was 1st generation born in the States! LOL) Loser. Oh and the “Skinny Girl” line that has the same amount of calories but sucks. If you drink a glass of wine drink a good freaking glass and enjoy it.

  8. Hahaha you are hilarious ;) I love it!

  9. hahaha oh my gosh what a funny recipe!

  10. This has to be the best recipe on here. I can’t wait ’til I’m old enough to sit at a bar. Not so that I can buy alcohol, but so I can watch other people get plastered. I’m going to bring popcorn :)

  11. Pinning this one!

  12. Hahah i love this. Drinking straight alcohol is definitely skinnier than mix drinks ;-)

  13. This is great!!!!

  14. This is BY FAR the greatest recipe I’ve ever seen!! AH-MAZING!!

  15. LOVE it!!!

    I get funny looks and reactions all the time because I love drinking dark beer (Shiner Bock and Shiner Black). My husband prefers to drink Shiner Blonde or Shiner Light so we do get looks. They think it should be reversed! Hmpf! I”ll take a dark beer over that light stuff any day!

  16. hahahahaha, amazing!

  17. lvbebe says:

    You know my thoughts on Skinny Girl drinks. The cocktails are fake tasting the wine sucks (and has no less calories than regular wine) you’re better off with a real wine or a real alcohol – tequila and vodka are the lowest calories with a simple mixer. Done.

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