I’m not in school. I haven’t been for a while now. For a while I was a school junkie. I went all the time. I went straight until I turned 31 and moved to WA State and the UW didn’t have the program I was in the middle of. And so I stopped. It’s funny because it didn’t seem like it at the time as it was just what I did, be the perpetual student, collecting degrees (that clearly I do so much with)but wow do I have a lot of schooling. When I had to go to jury duty and they had me fill out the form it asked how many years had a gone to school. 24. That’s a long time. That’s a long time especially to end up as a food blogger. :P

Eight years of running this blog is rapidly approaching. Eight years. I don’t know if it’s because it’s been that long or because Seattle has looked like this as of late:

But this girl has a giant case of senioritis except the blog version. I have bloggeritis. It’s a thing I swear. Now unlike senioritis I don’t have it because the end is in sight. I don’t plan on abandoning blog ship by any means. I just can’t seem to get on board as of late. I mean I’ve been telling myself for days that I need to write this post. But then that meant that I would have to write out the recipe. Write out the post and nothing got done. I’m honestly not sure how it’s getting done now. Though that being said next week there is something that was a fun blog challenge for me so hopefully that will spark up my blogging interest again.

Maybe I’m finally turning into the turn Seattleite where when the sun comes out any and all productivity stops. Which usually isn’t a problem but we have had the sun and are supposed to continue to have the sun for quite a while. Whether I wanted to bake or not my bananas browning heavily on the counter were giving me no choice. So I made a banana cake that reminded me why I bother to bake in the first place. Holy yum. The fudge frosting is killer. I mean killer. That might be because TCHO chocolate sent me some baking chocolate and I used the semisweet in there. Seriously good stuff. Then I thought why not add crushed Butterfingers on top. I actually found at the Cash and Carry a giant bag of crushed Butterfingers for baking. So you know I had to buy it. How could you not? So yeah, make the cake.

I’d love to say that the bloggeritis is passing but I think that is lie. :)

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  1. bloggeritis….yes, I am familiar with this condition. ;)

  2. Lol! I can totally relate to being a school junkie. I am turning 30 next year and I am still in school. The cakes looks yum!!

  3. Once the warm weather hits I think we all come down with a case of bloggeritis. My daughter has now been at university for 8 years so she is well on her way to being a life long student.

  4. Stephani says:

    Like I said on Facebook, there is NO such thing as too much frosting. Specifically fudge frosting! When I first read the title of this recipe, I thought. “Eh, no thank you.” But then I read the post and the entire recipe.
    Sounds absolutely delicious. I have to avoid most things banana since I am allergic. For some reason, I can eat and positively adore banana breads and cakes. I can’t make it for myself, because I refuse to touch bananas and can’t stand the smell when raw (massive sensory issues here!) But my birthday is coming up soon, maybe my sister will make this for me.

  5. Alex G says:

    I think this would make a phenomenal layer cake as well! Hope the bloggeritis doesn’t keep you away for too long.

  6. Mary Red says:

    I believe I’ll be baking this cake for my sister. She loves the combination of banana & chocolate. That frosting is decadent – my favorite food group.

  7. Looks fabulous!

  8. I went through bloggeritis after a year of blogging [I can’t imagine 8 years!]. But I slowed down on my posting for a while and then suddenly a few months later my blog craving came back! And please pass me a fork for this outrageous cake!

  9. I have that problem every now and then and I’ve only been blogging for 2.5 years! I think it’s completely acceptable after 8 years. It’s an amazing accomplishment to still be doing it at all this long! But please don’t go haha.

  10. I just finished my first year of college. And I just received my first C (well technically two first Cs) since I was in middle school. Sad thing is, I’m super excited because those classes were kicking my butt. Hopefully I wont ever be in school for 24 years. I don’t think I could take it. :/

    The topping of this cake looks really great!

  11. OMG…this cake sounds soooooo good! Love it!

  12. I’m currently in the middle of bloggeritis but I know at some point it will pass. And I have three ripe bananas in my freezer…hmm…..

  13. I am definitely familiar with bloggeritis. What it really turned out to be was that I didn’t want to eat they way I had been any longer, let alone blog about it. I started a new blog with a whole different take on food and now look forward to blogging again. Only I need to learn how to cook differently with my new food choices… there aren’t too many posts yet!

  14. Theodore says:

    Thank you for the post and for the recipe. I love any cake that has bananas in it. Will try to make it this weekend. I’m sure it will be as good as it looks. Thanks.

  15. Haha! :) That cake looks amazing!

  16. Oh wow, this is drool-worthy for sure! I love butterfingers :)

  17. I do hope you don’t jump blog ship, really. Yours is one of the first food blogs I ever read, and an inspiration to me, Pea. <3
    That cake looks amazing and it will perfect for work – 13×9 is a size large enough so everyone can have seconds.

  18. Stephani says:

    My sister made this for me today. Oh myyy! It is so good. The combination of the frosting and cake is perfect.


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