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When I was younger and thinner I went into Abercrombie and tried on a pair of shorts in an 8. They were cute with bows (I’m a sucker for a bow) but they left little to the imagination for what kind of underwear I might be wearing. Not being comfortable having shorts at my underwear line I thought maybe if I size up they will sit lower on the hip. I asked the sales girl if they had that in a size 10 and I got this reply “oh we don’t carry that item in a size 10…could you imagine how bad that would look. We don’t cater to the obese. Besides those fit you fine”. I promptly left.

Recently the CEO of Abercrombie has come under fire for his comments:

With such comments you would think that I would boycott Abercrombie. Nope just the opposite. Oh I’m not going to give them any more business but I do own some Abercrombie stuff. I own a few size 10 jeans that I can squeeze into. And I own quite a few men’s sweatshirts (the women’s are too tiny) that I wear to score keep in because they are thick. I plan to walk around proudly displaying that 40 year old chubby women wear Abercrombie.

I’m going to guess that my outfits due to the outrage might even become collectors’ items. With 67% of the population unable to fit into anything Abercrombie has to offer combined with those comments will probably leave him only left with doucebags walking into the dark and heavily perfumed store. Which in his defense there are a lot of those in the world so who knows he could still thrive.

In other news it’s been warm around these parts which means I want to turn on the oven as little as possible. Enter a no bake key lime pie….with marshmallow fluff added for an extra creamy pie. Easy to make and eat enough so you too can’t fit into Abercrombie clothing!


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  1. Scott Elliston says:

    I just have to remind you that YOU ROCK. Didnt have much else to say. Just wanted to remind you.

  2. This is EXACTLY what I was thinking! We should get some chubby / fat girls (I am one) to squeeze into their pretentious designs. I feel a social commentary type photo shoot opportunity coming on here. They are just asking for it! Imagine! You get a decent art director, and the shoot could be so sexy and appealing to LOTS of people.

    One thing that made me so sad was that he thinks because someone has more body fat than someone else, by definition they can’t be cool. I am honestly OK with companies choosing what sizes they want to sell (this idea could have a thesis written about it), but comments like that are so delusional. Being fat really is the last taboo, last thing society has to make fun of. There is acceptance for everyone else (for the most part). Or at least people think twice before making anti-gay/race/gender/etc comments. Not about fat people.

  3. I’ve heard comments saying this douche bag’s remarks are ok because Lane Bryant does the same thing. I’ve never heard the CEO of LB say anything like this. I’m ok with them choosing what sizes are in their stores. I’m not ok with him bullying people.

    I think I’m going to make these this weekend. I can’t imagine my husband and I eating 12 mini pies in a weekend. Do you thing these would freeze well? If so, should I thaw them on the counter or in the fridge?

  4. Peabody says:

    I think they would freeze well.

  5. Vindra says:

    If they only hire good looking people, what is he doing there? He is not attractive!!

  6. Someone else suggested taking big frumpy clothes and sewing Abercrombie labels and logos on them. :)

    And it’s not that I think they should sell fat clothes. It’s that he says they only want the cool kids. The ones with great personalities and lots of friends. So to achieve that goal they don’t sell fat clothes. Because. You know. Fat kids have bad personalities, no friends, and are uncool. That perpetuation of it being ok to fat shame is what he should be maligned for. Bit probably it’ll just make him even more popular with the subset of cool kids who are the “right size” and assholey enough to believe his douchebaggery.

  7. @Sarah. Exactly. Choosing to only sell a certain range of sizes is not the problem. Publicly bullying people outside their preferred size range is the problem. And trying to attract teenagers by reinforcing the mean girl mentality and bullshit is disgusting. In this age where bullied kids are committing suicide? Irresponsible and moronic. He’s an adult. He should know better.

  8. Melissa says:

    Seriously? When I first saw this guy’s picture with these comments next to them, I thought the person was making a joke. I read the article and thought how funny they put this creepy looking dudes picture next to those words. I had no idea until the next day that he was the guy! Wow people can be overweight and beautiful. I may be remembering wrong, but isn’t this the same company that wanted to sell thongs to 6 year olds?

    On the other hand, I love key lime pie and love that this is no make. On the list!

  9. Didn’t Hitler also want to create a master race of skinny cool kids? Given the outcry lately over school bullying, I’m surprised that there isn’t more backlash against him. But, this is a free country where any douchebag can say what he wants. There happen to be plenty of big name designers who make their clothes for both skinny girls and not so skinny girls and they sell them in the same place. Nobody is going to be forced to walk around naked just because this asswipe considers a size 10 obese.

  10. Bethany says:

    Um “all-American kid”???? That is SO seriously disturbing. Because, clearly, body shape has a lot to do with whether or not you can belong to our national culture. I’m with Anita — sounds supremacist to me. “Uncool” kids get enough grief as it is — now they don’t even belong in AMERICA??

  11. Wow, I can’t believe he said that! I’ve never shopped at Abercrombie simply because of the prices (I refuse to spend $80 on jeans! I’m a Kohl’s person, when I have to shop, which is rarely since I HATE it), but you’ve certainly given me another reason not to go. I would not want to wear that logo and look like I am elitist and support his attitude. About the recipe, I love this! Key lime is my absolute favorite.

  12. They don’t make size 10s? Are you kidding me? She really said that to you!? What an awful place. But not an awful looking pie ;-)

  13. Victoria says:

    I’ve been in that store once with my little sister. I had to leave 5 minutes after that because I was getting a headache from all the perfume or whatever that they’re pumping in. You can actually see it if one of their few lights are by a pump. It’s disturbing.

    Anyway, when I was in high school I could actually fit in their clothes, but never wanted to shop there. I wasn’t in the popular group, but I had friends. But I also didn’t want to be wearing the same clothes as every other chick in my school. Too much cookie cutter-ness going on for me.

    And now for the food…I will definitely be making these this summer. :)

  14. I live in my own little bubble and had no idea of the Abercrombie scandal. And, I had no idea their clothing stopped at size 8. WOW – what a shallow world we live in.

    I think it’s awesome you are going to sport your Abercrombie hoodie on your larger than size 8 frame!

    Very well written post.

  15. In a world where size 10 is obese… I don’t know what that world’s like, ’cause it’s definitely not Earth.

  16. That is just beyond outrageous, I will certainly never allow my future children to shop there, who wants to be that kind of “popular”? I still have one thing from way back when I went & shopped there one time. The let the skinnier girls into the fitting room before me & I’ve never been interested in going back since. Plus, why do they have to project that terrible smell out into the mall so that you are assaulted just by walking by it?

  17. I never liked Abercombie or Abercombie and Fitch. I never got a good vibe in that store, especially when I weighed about 20 lbs heavier. I would only go in there because I would be shopping with my sister and she wanted to go in there. I could only stand being in there for about 5 minutes before needing to leave because of the smell (and this is coming from a girl who could live in bath and body works and loves scented candles). Hollister isn’t really all that much better, when it comes to lighting and the smell, but at least they are friendly when I walk in. Anyways, I think it’s stupid that a CEO could ever say that, but I guess that’s what he wants to broadcast his company as.

    This pie looks good. I’m seriously craving some citrusy foods right now thanks to this pie :P

  18. I don’t shop there for 2 reasons, the first is because the one time I actually went in and looked around, I decided I could get better quality clothes in the thrift store or at Walmart, and the second is because it stinks so bad…. bad enough that a few months after they put it in my favorite mall I can no longer breathe for several stores before and after it, with me walking across the way.

    This is in fact the second time I remember the CEO saying something stupid and truly offensive. I don’t remember the details about the first, because I don’t waste much of my time thinking about that store, but I do know that it made me glad that I’ve never bought any of their trash. Still glad.

  19. Oddly enough, A&F was originally a store that sold cashmere twin-sets to wealthy WASP-type people. I can remember going to the original store as a teenager with my babysitting earnings. I was treated poorly because I was, apparently, too middle class. Then they almost went out of business and “re-invented” themselves. Now they’re just snooty about something else. There are plenty of stores that treat my good-looking size 12/14 self very nicely, thank you very much. Who needs these Fitch’s? I would much rather eat your wonderful desserts and purchase some perfectly lovely clothes from Target.

  20. I really don’t care what A & F does but since there are stores for large women and stores for tall man I don’t see what the difference really is. I’m 5’8″ tall and thin…..if anyone is discriminated against it’s me!!! I’m not kidding…there are NO stores for tall people that are a size 6. You should see how short the pants are that I try on and what I go through to get a pair that are a decent length!!!!! Anyhow Peabody the pie looks great!

  21. I’m so glad my daughter has out grown A & F and by out grown I don’t mean size but class. This coming from a man who is not attractive inside or out.

  22. My daughter has always refused to shop there and hates the smell. She does not have her self-esteem built into her size 3/4), but who she is and what she accomplishes in life. Her beauty is from within and that’s what she searches for in others. She was horrified at A&F’s statement. Thank God she and her friends have a lick of sense and don’t need merchandizing to decide to their coolness quotient.

  23. It had been my impression since high school that only obnoxious douche bag cool kids shopped there anyway. I’ve never even been in that store. I don’t know why everybody is so surprised that he would say something like that. His brand is a perfect reflection of his attitude. In other news, yes, I want eight of those tiny pies.

  24. I love it when you “touch” on one of the get-people-to-comment subjects! It reminds me that there ARE gals out there who CAN and DO think for themselves! As a previously for-a-long-time-I-don’t-even-want-to-tell-you-how-long size 16-18 female, I can definitely say that I am treated ENTIRELY differently as a 4/6. Of course, I don’t let it influence me. The jerks just look even more jerky now when they try to “play nice” to me. It’s a joke, really. They are clueless people. And, yes, just walking by that store produces a headache like not much else can… I try to hold my breath for as long as I can and move quickly!

    Of course, I can’t eat this tasty treat but I’m currently thinking about how I can make a gluten-free cookie crust and concoct some kind of lime-y guts that will still make me very happy!! Oh yes, summer is coming!

  25. I am so appalled at the comments made by abercrombie & fitch, I am so shocked that adults can think this way.

    Your pies look lovely :) I bet it tastes heavenly!

  26. I LOVE YOU for saying this. Currently wearing a pair of abercrombie shorts to go grocery shopping in, though I’ll never be buying another pair!

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