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So back in early April Kristan, Shelly, and Bridget declared it candy bar week and created treats in honor of their favorite candy bars. I thought that sounded so fun. I mean we all know I have a candy addiction/un-natural obsession. This time around however Shelly and Kristan went with a Ben and Jerry’s Theme Week, which is equally as fun so much so that I had to get in on the action! Be sure to see what Shelly, Kristan, Julie, and Heather did with their flavors this coming week!

As for me, my favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry’s is Chubby Hubby. But I’ve already made several things with that flavor profile, see here, here, and here. So I decided to go with Phish Food. If you don’t know the flavor it’s chocolate ice cream with marshmallow swirls, caramel swirls and fudge fish. Things I learned while making this:

1. I never realized that ice cream was named after the band Phish. Mostly because I didn’t listen to their music and because I usually bought the ice cream during a break up time and wasn’t really interested in reading the back of the ice cream pint. I listened to one of their songs. Yeah, not a fan. But pro the ice cream.

2. Marshmallow Fluff spreads way more than I thought. I originally had made brownies and was going to pipe a marshmallow fish on top. Which I did…and they spread and spread and my fish were now blobs. So back to the drawing board and enter this pie.

3. I should not be a surgeon or a tattoo artist. While piping the chocolate fish I had a very unsteady hand and some seriously shaky fish lines. If they had been tattoos they would have looked like I had done them in prison (which currently I have never been to… just thought I would clear that up…but I saw Shawshank Redemption so it’s like I was there). Though I think if it were a prison tattoo it would probably be a gang name or a tattoo of their woman’s name (always a good idea to get your girlfriend/boyfriends name tattooed on you).

4. I cannot work with chocolate without it getting on the side of my hand. Which then leads to me getting it on my shirt and somewhere on my face. Which I don’t notice until I am in public and someone near me is praying that it is chocolate and not the “gifts” of a newborn baby left on me (note I did not have a baby since my last post but random strangers seeing brown smear on me don’t know that).

5. I loved having a challenge this week. It’s exactly what I needed to kind of get over my bloggeritis. Well at least for a week. :)
Make sure to see what everyone else did!

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  1. This cake is ridiculous. IN the best way possible.

  2. And well, I meant pie. And it’s still ridiculous.

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous. Plus, it’s brownies and pie in one, which means I need it and I need it now.

  4. Oh my god, are you kidding me with this? It’s just… ridiculous. Insane. I love it. Those fish are dang cute. Now I need ice cream. I have to eat it to build up the strength to make this pie. That’s a thing people do, right?

  5. Found your site via Shelly, you guys are awesome! This pie sounds looks amazing, so many great flavors in one.

  6. This is going to be the best week ever! Fish Food Pie, yes please.

  7. My favorite Ben and Jerry’s, and the first one I ever had!! I love your take on it.

  8. This pie looks extremely tempting and sinful!



  9. What a fun theme for the week!

  10. I will definitely be making his one. So good!

  11. I for one am grateful marshmallow fluff spreads. This way, when I get a scoop out of the jar for snacking, the tell-all scoop fills in and nobody knows! Hooray!

    Your pie looks awesome. I’m so excited for ben and jerry’s week!

  12. Looks great

  13. You guys are KILLING me here! Whoa.

  14. Laurie A. says:

    That looks so delicious… I will definitely have to make it this weekend. I had a thought… if you had trouble piping out fish, couldn’t you use the Chocolate Goldfish crackers? The ones from Pepperidge Farm? It could add a little extra crunch?
    If any of you guys make something with the Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, I’m totally all over that!

  15. Peabody says:

    @Laurie- you could use the Chocolate Goldfish. I was trying to stick with the fudge fish so that it would be more like the ice cream.
    I’m not sure if someone is doing Coffee Heath Bar Crunch….but maybe I will just do that another time for you. :)

  16. Peabody says:

    @Dessert for Two- ha! Love it. Yes, it would be hard to tell if you sampled from the jar. I like the way you think!

  17. “always a good idea to get your girlfriend/boyfriends name tattooed on you”

    You could always fix it with something lame. I saw a picture on pinterest of a guy you had “Lauren” tattooed on his arm and then he changed it to “Ralph Lauren” haha. Also, my cousin’s ex got his own named tattooed real big on his forearm. He isn’t the brightest color in the crayon box.

    Anyways, I used to love phish food! Then for some reason, I stopped eating it. Anyways, I love the look of this pie! :)

  18. This pie looks amazing!

  19. My ultimate favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor. LOVE THIS.

  20. Peabody says:

    @Becca- hahaha Ralph Lauren. That is really bad. And I guess in your cousin’s ex defense…at least when you tattoo your own name on yourself you know that you are going to stick around. Seems like when the people I know get their significant others name tattooed on them or a symbol of their love that is pretty much the kiss of death for their relationship.

  21. Phish Food is one of my favorite B&J flavors. This pie sounds fantastic!

  22. Sweetsugarbelle says:

    Can’t tell ya have shaky hands from this end lol!!! It’s GREAT!

  23. This is so amazing! I love Phish food!

  24. This looks wonderful! I love phish food, this could be my new favorite dessert ;)

  25. Looks great! The fish are so cute!

  26. Phish is my favorite band, but I can’t say I ever really liked their Ben & Jerry’s flavor! Had to come check this out when I saw it on Pinterest – looks pretty good! How bad can something be that contains marshmallow fluff?!?!

  27. This looks scrumptious!

  28. This is one of my favorite flavors! And this looks fantastic!

  29. Crystal says:

    This was delicious! Very rich. While baking, I wasn’t exactly sure of what the consistency should be, so I just baked it until a toothpick inserted into the center came out clean. Tasted great – everyone loved it!


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