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So I totally planned on writing a different post until I woke up this morning. The morning I chose to sleep in asking where my Ben and Jerry’s post was. All the other times we posted at 8pm EST so when I jumped in last minute because a reader asked if I would do anything with Coffee Heath Bar Crunch I didn’t pay attention to the time switch to 8am est (5 am my time). And since I was having so much fun I thought sure. I asked if I could get in on the last day and didn’t think anything about that there might be a time change. There was. It’s how my life goes. :S So this is way late but yummy all the same! And while they look nowhere near as lovely as what I modeled them after my spiral cookie making days are definitely getting better.

To see what the people who can follow directions did: See Shelly with her Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Kristan with her Chunky Monkey Sandwich Cookies, and Heather with her Chocolate Therapy Cake that looks out of this world.

Quick things:

I would have added more coffee next time. But that’s just me. Living in Seattle is wearing off on me I guess.

Working with small bits of toffee sucks for cutting cookies neatly.

Sprinkles Bakes never disappoints with her recipes (do you have her book yet? If not you should….SprinkleBakes: Dessert Recipes to Inspire Your Inner Artist

Good news is I am more than WIDE awake for my conference call this morning as I frantically put this post together!

Sorry ladies that I was slacker who can’t follow directions.


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  1. Love these! Such a fun spin on Heather’s cookies.. Also, can anyone make things as pretty as she can? Impossible… but these look pretty great to me!

  2. Laurie A. says:

    Thank you Peabody! I can’t wait to make these and to sink my teeth in them! A useful tip for keeping the roll even during the chilling time… cut open a (empty) paper towel tube, unfurl it, and wrap the cardboard around the cookie roll and secure with a rubber band (if necessary). The cardboard tube maintains its shape and helps the cookie roll from flattening. I have a huge bag of empty rolls for this purpose! My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I’d rather have extra rolls than flattened cookies (hope that makes sense!).
    And thanks again! I bow down to the awesome Peabody!

  3. These cookies look pretty darn good to me. I will take your advice though with the coffee. I am definitely a big fan of coffee flavor, and I’m pretty particular about the brand I drink, so I will up the amount too.

  4. These cookies look divine! Oh, I just love the flavors here :)


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