Not according to plan….

First off Happy Memorial Day Weekend to the men and women of the armed services! Thank you for all you do/did and sacrifices you make/made!

Soapbox Moment:

I will say that my Memorial Day Weekend started off with me being pretty cranky at the average American. Being a dual and leaning towards the Canadian side of that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the sacrifice that the men and women of the US armed forces make. So it made me very sad yesterday when at grocery store there were two veterans handing out poppies (for free but donations were appreciated so I gladly donated). I then shook both their hands, looked them in the eye, and thanked them for their service. I was disheartened to hear them tell me I was the first person to thank them that day for their service. I was there at noon and they had been there since 8am! I realize that it’s exciting to get a good deal on pop and plan out your BBQ but have a little respect people! These people have and would die for your freedom to have that BBQ!

Speaking of Memorial Day for most people it starts what is the summer season so to speak (even though summer is not for a month technically). And that means swimsuits. I just want to remind you that you do have a swimsuit ready body…it’s called your body. If you don’t like your swimsuit go get a different one. I got a good one at Costco for $30 two years ago. I still rock that bad boy. You can rock yours too. It’s all about your attitude. And if you have white legs celebrate that. I have two friends this week getting biopsy due to tanning bed time!!!!

I got another package from overseas from a reader this week. I looked at the mailman and said that there is some sort of star or red flag by my name at the post office isn’t there. He just smiled and said that would be my guess yes. :)

My life became complete last week when a fellow hockey player who was looking for clip art Googled Hockey Player Drinking Beer and guess who was photo number 76 on Google images? That’s right….me and because people looked at it I actually moved up in the images rank. I also have a different photo further down on the page! I think I found my tombstone engraving: Hockey Playing Beer Drinker. :) Ironically in both photos I am neither playing hockey or drinking beer.

These brownies were originally for my Phish Food flavor. I had this great idea that I was going to pipe fish shaped marshmallow fluff onto the brownies, fill the center of the fish with salted caramel, and then top with chocolate so that you would see the outline of the fish. Clearly as you can see by these brownies the plan worked beautifully. Hahaha. But then I got to make the Phish Food Pie and that was fabulous. Before I threw the brownies out MDP was like wait don’t throw those out. I told him they look like a hot mess and he said but how do they taste. Yeah, they taste crazy good. So I knew I had to put them on the blog. A tad messy but holy yum.

And lastly those that don’t follow me on Instagram (because if you did you would see the dog a lot) asked how Crazy Cocker Spaniel is doing. Obviously from the photo from below she is being mistreated and has a rough life.

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  1. “I was going to pipe fish shaped marshmallow fluff onto the brownies…”

    Seriously? I love you Peabody – you are such an optimist!

  2. It is my firm belief that how food tastes is by far the most important thing, and if it looks nice, that’s a lovely bonus. I’m not going to frame it and hang it on my wall. I’m going to eat it. Hopefully, lots of it. I’d like to eat lots of these.

  3. These look amazing! I love the ooey gooeyness.

  4. It is incredible that no one thanks the people in the armed services! I work with a lot of veterans (engineers), and since I started three years ago I always write them notes on Veteran’s Day, and they’ve all said I’m the first person ever to acknowledge them! That’s heartbreaking to me. I hate signs I’ve seen in the grocery store that say “Memorial Day means hamburgers!” It’s like, no, Memorial Day means I am enjoying freedom because someone else is not. The recipe looks great! Thanks for sharing, despite your misgivings. :) Out of curiosity, who are you pulling for in the NHL playoffs since your favorite team is out? I don’t have a huge opinion, except NOT Detroit. Haha.

  5. Our troops deserve way more recognition, for sure.

    On the food-related note… those brownies look amazing! At first I thought that was a melted Cadbury Creme Egg on top :)

  6. Peabody, that’s why I always love reading your blog! You tell it like it is, and always remind us what is important and what’s not! Oh… and you bring us awesome treats too! ; )

  7. *raises hand, rocking those white legs, shade your eyes if you can’t handle it*

    These brownies look super yummy, love them!

  8. Peabody says:

    @Caley- I guess I am rooting for the Pens because of Jarome Iginla. I’d like to see he get a cup.

  9. They may not be fishy, but they sure look delicious! :)

  10. Happy Memorial Day, girl! Hope you had a safe and meaningful one, as well as fun. Fab recipe! Thank goodness for kitchen mishaps…like Ruth Graves Wakefield and the chocolate chip cookie. Oh, be sure to tell MDP that I love the name “Hot Mess”! This is definitely going to start a trend. Gotta go watch the game…puck’s already been dropped! Pinning… xo

  11. I’m glad you decided to share these brownies, because they look crazy-good! I am going to have to make them as an extra treat at my youngest son’s birthday party later in June… they will go crazy for them!

  12. I just fell off my chair.

  13. They looks so gooey and amazing!

    You’re very sweet to thank the veterans. I’m sure you made their day.

  14. I made a brownie smores pie over the weekend and it tasted fantastic, but cutting into it was a disaster! I should’ve taken pictures anyway, but I think I’ll retry with single servings.

  15. Oh my, how indulgent! I have to make these brownies :)

  16. Peabody,
    I know what you mean about respect for veterans. All I ever hear is that we shouldn’t go to war and everyone seems to forget those that served and those that died in all of our wars.
    I dare say that your brownies look heavenly.

  17. I am making these before work and will refrigerate them to let the flavors meld together after it’s done baking. I read through a few of the “most helpful” reviews on the brownies recipe page, and they said that that does wonders for the brownies, especially the initial greasiness. Your directions read that I should put the marshmallow fluff on the brownie while it is still slightly warm…if they are cold, will this be a problem? Would it be fine if I heated each one in the microwave for a few seconds before placing the fluff on top, otherwise?

    Thank you! These look amazing!

  18. Peabody says:

    @Karen- it wont be a problem the fluff just wont spread like they do in the photo is all.

  19. Simply amazing. I’m so mesmerized by it, there are no words. Ok, there is ONE word. SWOON!

  20. Susan Holmes says:

    Is that a Cocker Spaniel in the pic? I have a blonde one also – she’s the LOVE of my life. Your recipe looks
    sooooo good. Will try it for Thanksgiving day. Thanks much!!

  21. Yes, @Susan Holmes- that was our cocker of 15 years. She passed this year. It’s been hard. She was the love of my life as well. We have two rescue cavaliers now.


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