Bite me…

I keep staring at a blank Word document so I am just going to ramble:

I found the happiest person ever. It’s a doctor I have waited over a year to get into (good news is once you are in you are in). I can see why people like him. Seriously the happiest, genuine human being I have ever run across. Too bad he can’t bottle himself up and send it off in prescription form. :)

I’m having a major case of jealous as many a food blogger friend of mine heads off to Austin this week to BlogHer Food and I will be here in the Seattle area. At least they claim we are getting good weather all this week into the weekend and they ironically show rain for Austin. But then again I don’t want bad weather for my friends who are going.

I’m in serious protest that it is June. I’m not ready for June. In two months Hallmark starts to put out Christmas ornaments. I’m not ready.

I’m tired of people telling me they have no time and then I go look on their FB page and see that they played Candy Crush 47 times that day.

Got excited about Rainbow Sherbet Vodka until we opened it. Normally when we smell a flavored vodka it smells better than it taste. This smells like Aquanet Hairspray. I am afraid to know how it taste.

These were the highlight of my Dole Peel the Love Party. I got the option of using their recipes or doing my own and we all know how I roll with that. I love the chocolate frozen banana bites and decided to do a twist on that with originally what I thought would be salted caramel. But I only had regular caramel sauce and so I sprinkled sea salt on there.

Easy to make and highly addicting.

*Dole paid me to host a party but did not compensate for any blog posting that’s all me.

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  1. Oh, P-Bods…these banana bites of yours look phenomenally good! I need to make a double batch to soothe my soul over not attending BHF in Austin, too, after all. We shall commiserate together. xo

  2. Laurie A. says:

    I LOVE frozen bananas. Trader Joe’s makes these frozen banana bites… They also make a sea salt caramel sauce that I’m gonna have to try on these babies… Must be serendipity that I bought about 4 pounds of bananas today! Lol!

  3. These look so delicious – they’re almost healthy treats!

  4. Caramel sea salt is a winner on anything! Haven’t had it with banana yet though.

  5. Those banana bites look amazing. OMG.

    Oh and Candy Crush. Dear me. I am so sick of those notifications.

  6. my chocolate didnt come out to pour it melted but was thick what did i do wrong

  7. Peabody says:

    If your chocolate is not pourable add a little more melted butter or vegetable oil.

  8. Whoo hooo! I have everyone I need to make these.

  9. Ugh everything I need

  10. Jacqueline in Atlanta says:

    Those look amazing! I am making them this weekend. Come over and sit it in the hot tub and eat ‘em with us!

  11. I made these banana bites tonight and the chocolate was not pourable even with 2tbs more butter. Should the chocolate be heated 1 cup for the bottom and then melt the 2cups? They were still fabulous tasting.

  12. Peabody says:

    @caramel- what kind of chocolate are you using? Those using Nestlé and Hersey are having seizing but those using higher quality chocolate are fine.

  13. Delicious and so easy to make..can’t wait to try it myself! :D

  14. Oh so delicious :) I love sea salted chocolate!

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