Don’t let others get your goat…

I think what is interesting when I ask people why they want to be thin is that the answer is almost always to be hot. And I say why can’t you be hot now? They clarify that they want others to think that they are hot. Bingo. It always seems to come down to our preoccupation with what others think of us. Who cares what other people think of us? Why is this such a big deal?

People care so much about what they drive, what they wear, what zip code they are in (MDP and I can’t wait to leave our current zip code),how they look, and of course what we weigh . You are the only person that has to deal with you from birth to death. You need to start liking you for you. Once you start liking you, and I mean really liking you, then you open yourself up for others to start liking you…for you. Not the you that you think others want you to be. The one that reads US Magazine but knows like no one in it, snorts when they laugh, sticks tissue up their nose when they are sick because you just get too tired of blowing your nose. The one that finds stale candy and eats it anyway. The one that greets the UPS man half the time lying to him telling him you are sick as an excuse as to why you are still in your pj’s. That you.

I had to laugh when quite a few people commented that they hoped by me becoming a “professional” blogger that I would not change. No worries there peeps. Well some worries to the person who suggested I proof read more for grammar and spelling issues. Yeah, this is me. Bad grammar is part of me. :) I write like I talk so it’s pretty hard to have good grammar.

Start asking yourself if you are trying to lose 10,20,30+ pounds why are you really wanting to do it?

Then ask yourself why don’t I own an ice cream maker yet?

If the answer is you do have one fantastic! If not get a starter one like this Cuisinart ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker, White. And then after that go buy her ice cream book (link is in the recipe). I am obsessed with Jeni and her ice cream. Her flavors are crazy good and I love how smooth her ice cream is without having to use eggs.

I plan on featuring a few of her recipes in the coming weeks so get ready. And by get ready I mean go get an ice cream maker. It’s so fun and easy to make and so much tastier when you make it at home. This is a take on her Goat Cheese and Roasted Cherry Ice Cream. I added some orange liquor to my cherries as well as a little OJ while they roasted. Next time I will definitely add more cherries. This ends up coming out like Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream with just a hint of tang. Really rich and really freaking good.

Make sure to sign up for the email as they first newsletter comes out Sunday. Have a good weekend and be kind to yourself and your body.

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  1. I LOVE Jeni’s and this is one of my absolute favorites in the cookbook – amazing! Definitely a winner. :)

  2. The first time I saw one of Jeni’s recipes I was skeptical. Ice cream that’s smooth and creamy without eggs, yolks, or alcohol? But now I’m seeing her EVERYWHERE. Most of the recipes I see are just basic flavors with the comment of, “There are so many more interesting things in the book, you should try it!” But I hadn’t seen proof, so I shrugged and doubted for a while.

    But this. THIS. I love goat cheese. I love cherries. There are fresh cherries at the store right now. It sounds out-of-this-world good. It sounds like the kind of thing that makes you wonder, “Why do people say ‘fat pants’ like it’s a bad thing?”

    New goal: Strive to lose 20 pounds so you can gain it all back just by eating so much of this ice cream. :P

  3. Becca from Cookie Jar Treats says:

    I love sticking tissues up my nose. My nose is like a faucet when I have a cold (which is like 4-5 times year). I recently had a cold and I stuffed a tissue up my nose and my dad told me he could take me seriously when I did that. I kept the tissue shoved up there and made him talk to me.

    I know the reason I don’t own an ice cream maker. I don’t own one because my parents re in the process of getting our house moved and my dad doesn’t want to add to the clutter we are slowly getting rid of. Once we are settled into the new house (in a new state) I will for sure get an ice cream maker, especially for my apartment during school because hello! homemade ice cream will be a total calmer when I stressing over exams.

  4. Oh my I bet this is an amazing ice cream to try!!! I love my machine! I got it for a birthday gift one year!

  5. I LUV goat cheese…can’t wait to try using it in an ice cream! Starting with this recipe. :)

  6. I don’t own an ice cream maker because I’m poor. That makes me sad. I’ve tried a couple different tricks for making ice cream without it. They work out okay, but I know it’s not the exact texture I’d get with proper equipment. I don’t let those extra ten pounds hold me back from going to the beach, and I sure as hell don’t let my pathetic paycheck stop me from making ice cream. You just have to improvise.

  7. I’ve been slacking off on buying that ice cream cookbook but I really need to do it, it has so many great flavors!

  8. I used to live in Columbus and got hooked on Jeni’s. We have had the book for a couple years and there are so many good recipes. We haven’t tried this at home but had it at the ice cream shop and it was soooo good! My husband has found the best results using whipped cream cheese and he skips the ziploc of ice and just chills in the fridge overnight.

  9. Ice cream is my favorite dessert. I think it’s high time to get an ice cream maker. Nummers. So excited for the upcoming week.

  10. I don’t worry so much about what other people drive, but HOW other people drive. That’s what scares me.
    I am trying to lose 30 lbs. It’s baby weight and some from before the baby. I want to first off, look better for me. And secondly, I want to look better for my husband. We’re the only 2 people who see me naked and I want to look better by my standards. My husband loves me the way I am, stretch marks and extra weight and all. I want to feel better too. Carrying around 30 extra lbs is hard!
    Thanks for always making a point to promote self-acceptance :-)

  11. A reminder for those who buy into the weight charts… DON’T!!! You can’t trust them. I know. At my age and all of 5’4″, I’m not supposed to weigh over 144. That’s bogus. A physical trainer told me so. For ME, with my muscle mass, I struggle to get to and stay at 153! I feel good there though. I’m happy there. I like the way my clothes fit, too! I’m currently about 10 pounds too much…and I do NOT feel good. So, listen to your body. It won’t lie to you! Be friends!!!

  12. I love the message in your post today :) very positive! And this ice cream, oh my goodness…fabulous!

  13. I just made this for the second time and questioned why I had waited so long to make it again. I am in love! It is perfectly sweet and delightfully creamy. Thanks for sharing.


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