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So you know how you can tell if you would be friends with someone by looking at their Pinterest board? Well at least I can. :) Well that’s how I felt the first time I saw How Sweet It Is. I knew Jessica and I should be neighbors. We would become really large, really drunk neighbors but neighbors nonetheless. Her love of sprinkles, bacon, avocado, and bourbon alone make us kindred spirits. Oh and her love of make-up which I share except she actually wears hers I collect mine as if I am opening up some sort of make-up museum later on in life.

It got me thinking about what I look for and DON’T look for in a friend. So without further ado people I doubt I could be friends with (with a few exceptions based on the person’s overall awesomeness).

1. People who tell me they never wear sweatpants not even around the house. Here, let me toss you to the curb because I can…because I am wearing my comfy sweatpants that I don’t worry about getting messy. :P

2. People who say they can’t imagine spending that much for a handbag. If the person has the money and wants the handbag just let them have the handbag darn it all. Or the shoes.

3. People who don’t think Milk Duds are a complete meal. Chocolate (dairy), Corn (aka vegetable) Syrup, Vegetable Oil (again MORE vegetables), plus the box says it has 1 gram of protein and 28 grams of carbs. That is a complete meal in a box right there.

4. I am suspect of women who like to sleep in their bras (like ALL the women on Sex and the City did). I try and figure out how to wear them the least amount of time not 24/7.

5. Non-bacon eaters. Now I have a few and their other qualities shine out but know that they are on the fence at any given moment.

6. People who take two bites and say oh I’m so full. Which in a way these people can be my friends I just take their extra food.

7. People who have never eaten peanut butter or Nutella out of the jar…usually with a spoon but sometimes you have to improvise.

8. People who think fat free cream cheese is normal. My dog won’t eat it. My dog will eat her own poop, vomit, and snot filled tissue…but will not eat Fat Free Cream Cheese…that ladies and gents says all I need to know about Fat Free Cream Cheese.

I would like to add to the list people who cook/eat that are skinny but sadly I know too many skinny chefs that I actually like. Case in point Ashley over at Not Without Salt. The first time I tasted one of her creations was at a local get together for Helen who was in town. Ashley had made cookies that MDP were so in love with words cannot describe. I asked her to put the recipe up on her blog immediately. She made a face that I know so well. It was the well I just sort of threw stuff in there and out came cookies face. She told me that she used the base of her Chocolate Chip Cookies and just started adding.

So I went and made what she called The Last Chocolate Chip Cookie. Okay. Whatever it’s a cookie. I’m the person who can usually pass on a chocolate chip cookie no problem. I’m a snickerdoodle gal as most of my blog readers know. But these…OMG these. These are some chocolate chip cookies. I used to make my own caramelized sugar to use in cookies and people would laugh at me but then loved how the cookies tasted. They taste similar to these but these are better. It does help that I used TCHO chocolate which is amazing stuff. My friend was nice enough (be sure to see the card and how she was originally going to send me 25 pounds of sprinkles) to send me a large bag for my upcoming real birthday (not blog birthday).

So find some of the best chocolate you can and make these cookies. Pronto.

Yes, the chocolate was more practical than 25 pounds of sprinkles but oh the fun one could have with 25 pounds of sprinkles. :D


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  1. Oh these look amazing!!

    I cannot stand when people judge what I spent on a purse. Hello, they probably spent triple that on lattes all year.

    Are there really people who don’t eat bacon? I put them in the “I don’t have Facebook” camp. Meaning…they don’t really exist.

  2. Sleeping in bras is awful! But I am subject to using reduced fat cream cheese – NEVER fat free though!

  3. People that REFUSE to taste something..”I don’t like that” How do you know? You’ve never had mine haha

  4. Haha @kristan yes totally about the FB thing. Or I have had two people tell me they don’t have a phone. I’m like I know 9 year olds with phones.

  5. You are awesome and this recipe is AWESOME! If we met we would probably be best friends! LOL!

  6. I totally agree with your entire list and am very happy that none of them describe me.

    I also want to say that the first newsletter was great! I love the bonus recipe.

  7. Ha! I made chocolate chip cookies with pecans and dried cherries this weekend. I thought I was inventing them. I like the addition of turbinado sugar – I imagine it adds a little crunch factor? Also, a little salt on top sounds good. I have a little dough left (since I’m trying the aged dough method) so will try that on the last batch.

    Also, I agree with your list. Even the purse thing. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to indulge in that but there’s a NOVICA bag that I think will eventually find a home with me.

  8. Becca from Cookie Jar Treats says:

    Based on all your standards, I can’t be your friend :( I hardly ever wear sweat pants. I wear pajama bottoms sometimes, but that’s only if I’m waiting for jeans to dry or I have taken a shower at an awkward time (like too early for pjs but too late to wear actual clothes sort of time). Bacon is so far the only meat that I have tried that I don’t like (fish doesn’t count). I don’t like milk duds, so I would never eat them as a full meal, but I do the same thing you do when it comes to desserts ( ice cream = dairy = calcium = strong bones; cake = eggs = protein = muscles; etc.) But I do agree with the bra thing. I don’t see how some people can sleep in those things. I have fallen asleep fully clothed before and the next morning my chest is so sore I wonder why I didn’t take two seconds to change.

    Can’t wait to try these cookies! :)

  9. Just whipped these up to take in for my lovely workmates. Saw the picture on FB and had to make them, pronto haha. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I’m happy to report I mostly satisfy your friend criteria. ;) Except for the handbag thing… I really can’t understand why anyone would want to pay so much for one. But then, I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would think the amount of money I spend on certain other things is ridiculous… so to each his or her own. :D

  11. Peabody says:

    @becca-that’s why I say there are exceptions :-)

  12. I hear ya on all of these points. Especially the people that say they are “so full” after 2 bites. I like to eat out with my friends so these people are not going to enjoy a meal the way I would prefer!! Also, to never judge people on their purchases since we all waste money to some degree! Can’t wait to make the cookies!

  13. I like nice stuff – purses included. I only judge someone for buying a ridiculously expensive bag when she complains in the next breath about not bring able to afford summer camp for her child or paying the rent.

  14. I could definitely be your friend. I’ve only bought one expensive purse ever and even then it was 1/2 off.

  15. These look amazing. I have been looking for a treat to make a friend of mine for his support. I think these fit the bill!

    By the way, you must not have any Muslim or Jewish friends if you can’t be friends with people who don’t eat bacon :). Just thought that was interesting.

  16. Peabody says:

    @sahar- I actually have quite a few Jewish friends…they eat bacon even though they aren’t supposed to. :) And again you will notice repeatedly I said there were exceptions, there always are. :)

  17. Stephani says:

    Everything but the bacon… I know that I’m a very strange and rare person…
    In this day and age who doesn’t eat bacon? Well me for one, I discovered about seven years ago that most pork products – specifically ham and bacon (Gasp!), were no longer my friends as they triggered intense inflammatory conditions similar to gout :(. No bueno…
    So now, they don’t even smell good to me anymore. I did try one piece about a month ago because it did smell good that day, but blech. It didn’t taste good to me at all.

    These cookies look and sound amazing. I adore a good chocolate chip cookie, as well as a fantastic chewy snicker doodle. I will defiantly have to try these next week after I get paid!

  18. Love your list – especially the bra thing – I can hardly stand to wear one during the day. The cookies too – like the idea of sprinkling the salt on the top. And TCHO chips – who knew? Thanks:)

  19. I wear sweatpants, yoga pants, and pj pants around the house. It doesn’t matter what day it is, if I am done with going outside, I am in my pj’s (and the bra has been done away with). If people are coming over, I get kind of crabby if I’m expected to wear something nicer than yoga pants… :/

    nilla wafers are perfect for scooping out peanut butter… if you ever find yourself without a spoon. Also, if you have a toaster oven, please try spreading peanut butter onto a graham cracker, and generously sprinkling brown sugar over the top, then set to broil until the sugar melts. yummm. (I don’t really buy nutella anymore because sometimes the jar doesn’t make it home… so it’s become a special occasions treat… but I love oreos dipped in nutella.)

  20. I’m sad that we can’t be friends since I will never comprehend spending $500 on a bag. Get a $100 bag, which is still ridiculous, and donate the rest to the foodbank. They can provide 25 meals on just $10. But then I’ve never been rich, so maybe I really would need a $500 handbag. I just prefer to waste my money elsewhere. On the other hand, taking off my bra and putting on sweatpants is pretty much my first priority when I come home from working at the foodbank. Seriously, though, I love reading your work.

  21. erin m. says:

    Yay!! We can totally be friends!! As soon as I get home from work, my bra is off for the rest of the night and then I can usually be found eating PB out of the jar after dinner :)

  22. I just started reading your blog yesterday, due to a link that Jessica had on her blog. After just a few posts, I want to go back and read everything you’ve written! These cookies look amazing and your list is hilarious. I think we could be friends. I’ve never been full after 2 bites of anything and fat free cream cheese is TERRIBLE! I buy cheap hand bags, but I buy expensive kitchen gadgets and ingredients. Like others said, we all “waste” money on something that others wouldn’t agree with.
    And to the girls above – I don’t have Facebook – gasp!! I used to, but quit so I don’t know if that counts or not. :)

  23. well well well… i certainly wish i lived closer to you! case in point: last week i tried to roast fresh cherries and put them in chocolate chip cookies – um, one of the worst recipe fails i’ve ever had. these look lightyears better and i wish i had one right now!

  24. I’m so glad I can pass the test!! Aside from the handbags (I personally can’t spend a lot on a handbag but I can drop a good bit on kitchen things) and cream cheese (I just straight up don’t eat the stuff), I hit all the check points. Oh but can I substitute eating cookie dough for a meal instead of milk duds. Because I’ve totally done that a few times. :)

  25. Interesting combination for a cookie! I need to try this recipe!

  26. I could not agree more about Pinterest!! I swear…what did we do before Pinterest? It makes me seem like I’m ready to walk down a runway with new clothes and makeup, plan a wedding, workout until I have the best body, eat every bit of good food, and drink until I’m dead.

    Those cookies look like the perfect combination! Every time chocolate and sea salt are involved….I’m in!



  28. Oh my god we could totally be friends :)
    Cookies look awesome!

  29. We ARE friends! I wish we were neighbours! I don’t really drink bourbon but love to cook and bake things with it in. I am sure that counts, though ( I love Czech and Belgian beer.)
    The cookies do sound and look wonderful.
    That was a lovely, perfect and thoughtful present to send to you!

  30. These cookies look amazing. Not sure if I can find turbinado sugar around here, but darn it all if I won’t try now!

    I personally can’t imagine dropping more than $15 or $20 on a handbag, but I say if it makes someone happy and they can afford it, I say go for it! I also have a very close friend who doesn’t eat bacon, but that’s because she’s very religious and her religion is against eating any pork products.

    The peanut butter/Nutella out-of-the-jar thing I’m totally with you on, though. A girl I went to college with once said, “Oh, that’s gross!” when I said peanut butter was best on a spoon from the jar. Knew immediately I couldn’t be good friends with said person. :P

  31. These cookies sound so good!

  32. Marcie S-O says:

    These cookies look DELISH & I will be making them for some sort of get together soon!! Glad to know that I’m an exception since I don’t eat bacon and I hope I’m safely on the ground by the fence :)

  33. These cookies look fantastic!!! Also, I think we could be friends. I definitely qualify ;)
    Wait, aren’t we already friends? Ok, things just got weird.

  34. I admire your body acceptance posts, but regarding your skinny chefs comment, so you only preach body acceptance as long as the person in question is not skinny? Seems hypocritical.

  35. @lee – it was a joke since the saying is never trust a skinny chef. All women/men are beautiful.

  36. Glad to hear it!

  37. You totally crack me up! But…..I’m not on fb, I don’t eat bacon, and I don’t even own a pair of sweat pants…..but, golly, I still think you’re wonderful!! I LOVE cookies! I can’t really remember meeting one I didn’t at least like!! So…there’s that, too!! (I will be making these when the weather is cooperative…) And Nutella with a spoon…doesn’t everyone do that?!? Oh…the bra thing…in complete agreement with you there. Gals back in college wouldn’t be caught without one and I could NEVER understand that!

    I’ve was fat (for a long time) and now I’m thin again. Doesn’t matter. I know what I’m doing in the kitchen…so…so much for that silly saying. Someone needs to come up with one better. Any ideas???

  38. You and Jessica are amazing bloggers and friends :)

  39. Well I have most of the 10 covered. You will never find me doing anything with Nutella. Blech. I know this will make me very popular :D Wait. People sleep in their bras? Luscious cookies Peabody.

  40. OMG sleeping in bras…I mean REALLY, who DOES that!? I would like to eat a batch of these cookies while compiling a similar list of weirdos ;)

  41. Representing your friend in sweatpants!! Or yoga pants. Or basically any pants that don’t feel like pants. YES.

  42. I love this list :) it’s perfect! These cookies look incredible :) I love the flavors!

  43. maybe this information is in the comments somewhere…but what kinds of dried cherries did you use? tart? bing? sweet? I have three options at my disposal and am not sure which one for your recipe….

  44. Becca- depends on your taste. If you like things more sweet then choose sweet. If you like more tart choose tart.


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