Chubby Hubby’s Home Fries…

I got a bunch, and I mean a bunch of request for MDP (for those newer to the blog that stands for My Defense Partner…aka my man) to give his recipe for his home fries that he makes pretty much every weekend. When I told him this he made a face and said you are going to make me do this aren’t you and I smiled.

The team jokes and calls him my Chubby Hubby (which I thought had a nice ring with the home fries so I went with it…I don’t find MDP chubby at all) though they all admit they are not sure how he lives with me and doesn’t weigh 500 pounds. :) MDP really cooks about as much as I do when it comes to actual meals…it’s pretty nice to not feel like cooking because you were baking all day and have a man come fix you some chicken, corn, and roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

The big problem with giving the recipe is that there isn’t one. I mean we have the same ingredients usually (except when his kids come over he melts cheese on top) but how much really just depends.

The first thing you do is wake up with a cocker spaniel on you. :D

You dice some potatoes up. How much is kind of how many we have and how many people are eating them. We like to use Yukon Gold Potatoes but go with what you got. Also dice up an onion. We like to use Walla Walla Onions which are local to WA State and are in the sweet onion family.


Then he fries up some bacon. We fry up a full pound as we like to snack on it as well as use some of it for the potatoes.

Then you find your kitchen helper to help try and trip you while you cook. :P Deep down I really think she thinks she is helping. Anyway you put the potatoes into the bacon grease and about 5 minutes later you add the onions. You can use oil if you are one of the non-bacon eaters that we talked about in the last post.

From watching too much Triple D…MDP started to cover up the potatoes with my Le Creuset pot lid. He does this to help get the potatoes tender as well as a nice crisp on the taters.

He adds some crumbled bacon and continues to cook them with the lid off until the potatoes and onions are tender. Salt and pepper and there you go.


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  1. You’re so cute. That is all. Oh yeah, and your fries look way yummy.

  2. Love this post! {{{MAJ HUGS}}} to MDP for putting up with you…and us! He is a true champ for doing this recipe blog post for all to enjoy. Gave me the idea to have The Big Lug be featured over at WGK. (Hey, MDP knows what he is doing. The Big Lug makes a big breakfast each weekend and does the same…so the steam cooks and makes the potatoes tender.) We’ll see about his upcoming appearance…he’s so shy! xoxo

  3. Y’all are so cute! It’s nearly midnight, but I’m tempted to go in the kitchen and make these right now. Please don’t judge.

  4. Peabody says:

    @Amy- oh no judging here. :)

  5. You know… we should have been BFFs when I lived in Washington. Why? Cause you make stuff like this. I LOVE potatoes. LOVE LOVE LOVE this home fries recipe too. PINNING! <3

  6. Those look amazing!

  7. Katie Rose says:

    When I’ve made homefries in the past I found I either had to parboil them first, or cut them super small so they weren’t crunchy/raw inside but then they sort of fell apart. It never occurred to me to cover them. How long would you estimate you leave them covered?

  8. Introducing a recipe with all that is good and right about savory breakfasts in this world. :) Mmm, bacon grease.

    You and MDP always look so happy together that I can practically feel the happy bouncing out of my computer screen. Major props to him for cooking, too!

  9. @katie – that’s the hard part because it changes every time based on how big he chops the potatoes. I would start with about 7 minutes and start checking after that.

  10. LOVE homefries!! one of my favorite things ever. Can’t wait to try!!

  11. I’m missing one of the essential components – i.e., the cocker spaniel to assist in the kitchen – but this looks like it might be delicious anyhow! Mmm, anything with bacon is bound to be good. :)

  12. Love the picture of you two! Very cute. That’s awesome that MDP (maybe your readers should refer to him as YDP, haha) cooks!

  13. Becca from Cookie Jar Treats says:

    Aww that picture of you two at the bottom is adorable :) I love me some potatoes. I usually don’t have them for breakfast (actually I never have them for breakfast) but I could totally do this for dinner. Yummy yummy starches! :)

  14. Now I know exactly what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow. I’m such a potato fanatic, these look amazing!

  15. Jeanne H says:

    Silly me, it never occurred to me to add bacon to fried potatoes. unh, mental head slap. Melt some cheese on it and you can call it a meal all by itself!

    Alright, yes, I do fry leftover boiled potatoes, cooking more than I expect to need in the first place, just for that purpose. I slice them no more than 1/4″ thick and fry them in plenty of butter so they get crispy. Butter’s OK, right? ; ) add some onion to the process and call it close enough.


  16. Oh man, those look incredible! My husband and I would finish up that plate quick :)

  17. Gotta love a man that cooks! I know I do (mine cooks dinner every night even though we’ve both been working all day). Those potatoes look amazing and great pic of the two of you as well.

  18. Bonnie Simonetti says:

    Looks so yummy. I like adding sweet bell peppers when I make fried potatoes. Never thought to add bacon. Guess what we are having tomorrow.

  19. Thanks guys! Trying with my hubby right now!

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