Being 10….

These cupcakes were for a newly turned 10 year old. It got me thinking about what I miss about being 10.

I miss when boxes were a sense of adventure not just something I broke down for recycling and put into a never ending pile.

I miss not feeling weird about chasing down the ice cream man. Though I must say that stealing a neighbor’s tennis ball and chucking it at the moving truck will get the guy to stop to wonder what the noise is and then you don’t have to run after him. Feel free to use this trick at your home.

I miss thinking that the county fair was just as good as Disneyland.

I miss thinking that chores were fun. I remember begging to get to help do laundry. Clearly my mother had me under some ridiculous spell….I wish I was still under that spell.

I miss having my parents explain to anyone who came to the house why I slept in the closet. Yep. We had this REALLY cool giant closet under the stairs. And while I had a perfectly good bedroom upstairs I begged all the time to get to sleep in the closet. I had made it a little play house under there. People were horrified. I loved it. I wish I had one now.

I miss my mother’s cleaning. About every 3 months I would come home and my room would not only be clean but my mom would have completely rearranged room. I used to think it was so cool. Later on I learned it was the OCD in her that would move the furniture because she didn’t want it to leave indents in the carpet. I would love for her to come do that every three months now. :) Speaking of my mom she’s doing Relay for Life again and I know several of you have donated to her before if you would like to here is the link. It’s really important to her and therefore important to me. If you do donate mention you are from this site…my mom doesn’t think the Internet has much power and I think she is wrong.

One thing I don’t miss is going to birthday parties. We went to a ton and oh yeah they were fun but they almost always served chocolate cake. And I was THAT kid. The kid that loved cake…just not chocolate cake. Which is why I LOVED going to weddings with my parents. There always seemed to be white cake with white frosting and that’s what I loved. I’m having white cake at my wedding.

But the 10 year old these were made for does like chocolate cake very much which was made very clear when by the time I finished serving everyone their birthday cake and Buckeye Ice Cream (that recipe is coming up in another post) his cupcake was gone. I consider that a success. :) These are Devil’s Food Cupcakes filled with a Peanut Butter Cup Filling (literally mashed up peanut butter cups) and a Milk Chocolate Ganache Frosting. Very rich but very yum.

What about you? What do you miss about being 10?

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  1. If you figure out the magic laundry spell, please let me know. I’m buried under a pile of it these days.

  2. Your closet sounds cool – it made me think of Harry Potter, although I’m sure yours was much nicer! :)
    One thing I miss about being 10 is being able to spend basically 5 days a week during the summer with my younger cousin and twin sis.

  3. jacquie says:

    is that the correct link? to bab’s pizzeria in idaho? for some reason I was thinking your mom was in Arizona or at least someplace in the southwest.

  4. Katie Rose says:

    Not getting weird looks when I’m reading things like Nancy Drew and the Boxcar Children :-) (I LIKE fluffy simple reading but I like reading pretty much anything (even cookbooks and recipe development articles!) and I liked reading Hugo’s Les Mis. and I kind of want to read War and Peace because of the Peanuts Comic Strip when Snoopy was reading it. But I digress)

  5. I don’t miss a ton about being ten, more before that. I miss being 8 when I didn’t have to worry about reality… the world was huge yet my life was a neighborhood street with an awesome bike hill and backyard adventures. I was 10 when my parentals got divorced, and they have a weird divorce where they actually get along and they put us first… and my mom and step mom saw each other every day because they took care of my kids until we moved to Arizona last month for grad school. Even with all that happiness and blessing… at 10, my world lost some of it’s shiny glow. The divorce meant that my dad took us on awesome trips across the country though… I still wish he paid for all the awesome trips:)

  6. Peabody says:

    @jaquie- yes that’s the team sponsor

  7. I miss climbing trees. We lived on the edge of town – really on the edge – and there were woods in all our back yards. We would climb trees as far up as we could and then see how far we could get the branches to sway. Only once did I get a tick from a tree and that was at a family reunion in Fuqua-Varina, NC. Yes, that’s really the name. I didn’t grow up in Mayberry, but it must have been right next door.

  8. Anything with peanut butter and chocolate gets a thumbs up from me.

    I remember turning 10. I thought I was SO old, because I was in the two digits, lol.

  9. Ah the joys of being 10. I miss not having any financial responsibilities and I miss having the whole summer off.

    Those cupcakes look delicious!

  10. I miss not having a care in the world….and right now am missing having my summer off!

    Your closet sounds awesome. I would love to have a little hideaway like that even as an adult.

  11. I miss the lack of responsibilities . .. after chores being done, the sweetest words were always “be home before dinner”. The world was mine for as far as I could peddle my bike! No cell phones ringing, no emails to answer. Just me and my bike. And whomever else I could rustle up to follow me :)

  12. These cupcakes are calling my name…to be made for my brothers, the resident Reeses obsessors. :)

    I miss the sense of carefree happiness that came with being 10, when the worst thing that was on my mind was when my brothers teased me or my best friend and I had a fight. I miss being able to go outside and find a mass of kids my age ready to play, and being able to play tag and hide-and-go-seek and house without being judged. I miss the days when I’d walk in the door and find my mom had made a giant batch of her huge homemade chocolate chip cookies, which are the best cookies on the PLANET, and getting to eat one fresh and warm and melty and gooey.

    Also, a closet under the stairs? JK Rowling must have stolen that from you. :P

  13. Becca from Cookie Jar Treats says:

    These cupcakes look so delicious!

    And sad thing is… I hardly remember being ten, and that was only 9.5 years ago! D: I remember events, but not so much just being a 10 year old. My neighborhood never had an ice cream truck to chase down, there were no neighborhood kids to play with (I’m serious, it was me, my sister, and the neighbor boy who hated me/still hates me since the day we moved in)

  14. I miss having all the time in the world to read books and nap! If I could tell something to all the kids out there it would be to enjoy those naps…you will miss them when you can’t have them anymore!

    Those cupcakes look amazing!!

  15. My birthday is in mid-December, but my husband has been reminding me since January 1st that I will be 35 this year. I only got to be 34 for two weeks. My point? I want these cupcakes for my birthday. It’s still a long way off. Maybe I’ll have to come up with another excuse.

  16. I miss hiding in the front bush (similar to your closet) reading books and eating pickles :) These cupcakes look a little chocolatey for me (i’m like you…white cake is way better) but the Hubster would probably LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Maybe a special treat for the kiddos?

  17. I miss riding my bike to friends houses or to get ice cream. Calling friends to see if they could come out to play. And not having bills or serious responsibilities.

  18. Heck yea! Chocolate and PB is always a winner.

  19. Oh, this post turned up the nostalgia in my heart :) these cupcakes look beautiful and I am sure they taste heavenly too!


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  2. […] you are reading cake mix and groaning feel free to make your own cupcake from scratch (THIS is the recipe I use most for chocolate cupcakes). I went with box this time because cake mix was on […]

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