Knock Knock. Who’s There? Your Past….

Some like to argue that the past is the past…move on. But Paula Deen might have a valid argument right now that the past is not really the past. It is part of who we are. If your past didn’t affect your future we would probably have a bunch of dead people on our hands. I mean you could just say to the judge….yeah I killed him but that was in the past. And the past is the past…YOLO (don’t get me started on that crap).

Nowadays I watch people do things without thinking them through. Snapchat. Sending photos of parts of you because your significant other wanted you to (then you break up). Photos of you getting high or drunk or making out with people who are not your girlfriend on Instagram. Going on Facebook and venting about what a crap head your boss is. That will one day become the past. It will come back to haunt you in all likelihood…just ask Paula.

Now some things are forgivable for sure. But some are not. Granted you do not need for it to consume your life but I don’t always believe in forgive and forget. I gladly forgive but that is for my sanity not theirs. But that doesn’t mean I forgot what you did. My counselor once told me that the people she sees that say the past is the past are the ones who tend to not take responsibility for their actions and they just want people to get over it and move on.

Everything is recorded now. Browse You Tube if you don’t believe me. Choose wisely is all I’m saying.

Speaking of choosing wisely…whenever possible I like to wrap things in bacon. A local restaurant makes this appetizer and I chose to recreate it at home. It’s one I make time and time again. And you will too.

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  1. I love bacon wrapped scallops. LOVE. Year in the past (thankfully this actually IS “the past” :) ), I made an entire panful…and then my brother and I ate them. All of them. Oh, the bacon-flavored scallop-induced coma was glorious.

    I hear you when you say everything is recorded. Just last night I was shown a video of a girl at a wedding who got drunk, started pole dancing with one of the outdoor canvas pavilion supports, and accidentally brought the whole pavilion down. The bride had a bloody nose. I feel for that poor girl who did one thing (albeit stupid, but don’t we all?) that is now a permanent mark on her via the internet.

  2. Peabody, I just had scallops for dinner!! Next time I know I need to wrap it in bacon, this looks so delicious.

  3. First off, I love scallops. This recipe is amazing, as expected, since it comes from you :D

    Second, I 100% agree about the past. I do not support Paula Deen and she needs this lesson.

  4. Yeeeah. I have seen some people do some pretty idiotic things. Most of it happened last year (first year in college) Yes, your past is your past, but people will still judge you for it, that’s why there is a list of ex cons.

    Oh this looks like something my mom would really enjoy! She loves scallops :)

  5. I think it’s okay to say the past is the past as long as you learned from the past.

  6. Everything can be wrapped in bacon in my opinion ;) looks amazing!!

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