So I was gone all weekend to a soccer tournament in Vancouver WA/Portland OR…right during the heat wave. To say it was brutal for the girls to play in is putting it mildly. The highlight of the trip of course was the food. I lived off of the local chain Burgerville’s Oregon Strawberry Milkshakes. I’m covered in eczema to prove that sadly. But worth it. I had a ton of them. :)

At least it wasn’t raining.

I got to go to my favorite salad bar Sweet Tomatoes. They don’t have one around me and I used to eat there all the time. I end each meal with a mini cone.

And we tried out Pacific Pie Co and I had their yummy Key Lime Pie.

I’ve got nothing to put up right now because I haven’t been home and right now it is FAR too hot to turn the oven on. Looks like no birthday cake for me tomorrow. Oh well. But I did want to give you a recipe. When I taught in AZ I had a lot of Hispanic students who’s mom’s love to cook for me. Only problem was that I was allergic to it all. :( But I would share. Several students when they would bring guacamole I would see little red seeds in it. I asked what that was…pomegranate seeds. When I gave the guac to friends they would rave and so eventually I asked how to make it. This is what I got. It’s a combo of about 4 different mom’s recipes. How much heat you want is how much jalapeno you add. The pomegranate works as an acid to cut the fattiness of the avocado. And when they can’t find pomegranate seeds they used dried cranberries to get the tart flavor.



  1. Knowing your great of love of candy, why don’t you make a s’mores cake. You can have a big platter of graham crackers and all kinds of candy ready. Then everyone can toast marshmallows over the fire and concoct a big, goopy mess almost like nachos. I admit I have never tried this, but Happy birthday.

  2. Happy birthday Peabody. You can always have ice cream cake:D And yes it has been brutally hot. Jst a few days ago we were complaining here that it did nothing but rain:D

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEABODY!! *<]:o) It's been hot in South Carolina too. Like so hot and humid. But Nothing like the 117 degrees that Nevada keeps getting. But While I was in SC I heard that Colorado was getting some wildfires from the heat. Yay for living in the desert.

  4. Cake or not, have a fabulous birthday, Peabody! You deserve the best :)

  5. erin m. says:

    Happy Birthday!!! have an ice cream cake!

  6. Laurie A. says:

    I work in East L.A. in a school with a large Hispanic population. I’m gonna have to make this! I usually get homemade super hot and spicy salsas and tamales from my assistants! =) Good thing I have a tortilla factory down the street from my school so we can nosh away!
    I love Sweet Tomatoes (although here in SoCal it’s called Souplantation) too! I actually went to dinner there with my wedding party after the wedding (luncheon reception) in our wedding clothes! =)
    Happy Canada Day and Happy birthday!

  7. I hope you had a fantastic birthday!! All of this food looks wonderful

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