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Holy whirlwind of a week last week was. Nothing was better than getting up today and realizing that I technically didn’t have anything to do. Which is a lie for the fact that this here blog has been on the neglected side. Sorry about that. Not making excuses just telling you why: Canada Day, Birthday, 4th of July, more going out with friends for my birthday, Hockey Tournament thrown for my birthday, Beerfest, and then more hockey. And oh yeah I’m taking a business course.

(we took home the bronze)

(yes we really do take the dog everywhere)

(I take MDP everywhere too :P )

Since the IRS keeps telling me I’m a business I decided I need to learn more about the business side of things. But I know that many, many of you were concerned that I would lose what you like about this blog if I went more “professional” so I made sure to find a course that focused on building up what I already had based on what people already liked about it. In order to do that we had a first assignment. I already got my friends to help me with it but I would really appreciate it if you my readers would help me out as I am essential doing all of this for you as much as I am for me.

So here is what I am asking you to do. First off don’t read anybody else’s response I want your response. I need you to tell me WHAT YOU FEEL ARE MY THREE BEST QUALITIES?  As in why do you read this blog? So many of you tell me that you read the blog for the writing and not even really the food (which to this day baffles me but you know I roll with it :) ). I want to be focusing on what you like and expand on that. I’m really interesting in seeing what the public so to speak thinks of me vs. what my friends said.

The other reason for nothing on the blog other than the obvious no time was it’s still too hot. For the Hockey Tournament even though they had cake…my sister in law went out of her way to make sure I had awesome cakes. If you follow me on Instagram you saw them already. No bakery would do Star Wars (the theme of the tournament) so she had them just make a white and chocolate cake. Then went out and found mini Star Wars figurines and her and my mother in law put them on the cakes. So I have all the rebels on the white cake and all the villains on the dark side (and yes I kept all the little figurines because I’m really still 12 inside). It was awesome. But not everyone likes cake so I made rice krispie treats because pretty much everyone loves them. I did the birthday cake ones. So when I decided I needed something up for the blog I went with rice krispie treat.

I saw a version of these on Pinterest (shocking I know) and wanted to make an Elvis version of them…aka throw in some banana to add to the fluffernutter already happening. But regular banana seemed like it would be a nightmare and so I wrestled the rabbit for some of his banana chips and threw those in there. I love the texture (aka crunch) that they added to the treats. And of course the peanut butter cups didn’t hurt at all. I had left over peanut butter cups from my latest obsession of S’mores using PB cups instead of a chocolate bar. Soooo good.


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  1. I love that you share personal stories, your humor, and of course super unique decadent recipes!

  2. Honesty, Integrity and true happiness.

  3. the pictures because they’re always so mouthwatering
    the little stories about how you ended up with the recipes
    and yes of course the recipes

  4. I like your view on the world and how you share it on your blog, I like reading about your recipes even if they are a little crazy/have ingredients I don’t care for, and you make me laugh!


  6. The 3 qualitites I like best about you are…
    1-You’re no bull-crapper. You tell it like it is, even if it’s not the most popular opinion.
    2-Accepting/Tolerant of others and yourself.
    3-Positive even if you’re having a crappy day.

    P.S. I like your blog. It gives me an extra boost when I read a new entry.


  7. Your personality, your pictures, and your creativity – you have such uniquely fun ideas for food! But mostly personality – I’d read your teaching blog, or your running blog ;), whatever you wanted to write about, because you’re fun to read.

  8. I think you have a unique way of writing. I think your pictures and recipes are great and it is intriguing to me that you have done this for so long and you are just starting to go the “professional” route.

  9. stephanie says:

    I first started reading because of the recipes, but your spirit kept me coming back. Of course this week I find out we are both cancers (6-30 for me) and i love your pinterest pieces on body acceptance. So I guess now i read you because it is like having a drink with a friend with out all the hard work maintaining friendships requires! (tongue firmly planted in cheek)

  10. @stephanie- haha…it’s kind of true. :)

  11. @Tracey-hahaha. I could see my running blog now. Day 1. Didn’t run. Day 2. Didn’t run. :P

  12. My favorite qualities of yours:
    creative in both recipes and writing
    witty writing with great stories
    kind to both yourself and others.

  13. I love your creativity when it comes to recipes. I definitely don’t make everything you post, but it reminds me to have more fun and think outside of the box with my cooking. I would also say your sense of humor. I read this sometimes when I just need a good laugh. Please keep it up!

  14. For me, I really love and appreciate your tell it like it is style of writing and living, your creativity, and duh, your crazy delicious looking and sounding recipes. I’ve only ever made 2 of them but I read them all. I’m a tell it like it is person too, and it’s sometimes (a lot) completely unappreciated, but someone needs to be real, right? That’s me! And you!

  15. Mary Red says:

    I love your recipes, frankness and story telling. Every recipe I’ve made is awesome. You always tell us “like it is”, life is not all happiness and light. I particularly enjoy your self esteem posts. We tend to judge ourselves so harshly. I appreciate your reminders to love ourselves as we are now. Finally, every post makes me think and usually laugh. Even though I’ve never met you, I’ve prayed for you as you’ve dealt with illness, CCS, divorce and life. I look forward to wedding pictures. Thank you Peabody for sharing a portion of your life with us.

  16. Katie Rose says:

    Not gonna read the rest of the responses (I”m easily influenced ;-) ) Here are my three:

    Your humor and perspective on life from the most mundane to the bizarre
    Your lack of pretentious snooty food (I want to eat nearly everything you make!)
    Your “girl next door” appeal- You feel like a real person who I’d be friends with if you didn’t live on the other side of the country. If you stopped by and the laundry was on the bed half folded and then abandoned, I wouldn’t feel judged or the need to shove it in a closet/quick close the door. Whereas there are other appealing and talented food bloggers who I might be friends with…but feel like I’d never be able to have them to my less than pristine home because there online persona seems much more Stepford Wives perfection. If that makes any sense at all.

  17. 1. I really like how you are very honest and speak your mind. I am the same way which always cracks people up, but honestly has always been the best policy.
    2. I like the recipes and have made a few of them and the ones I have made are very user friendly with common ingredients which is a plus because a lot of sites have weird ingredients that you don’t normally have on hand.
    3. I like that you don’t sell out to various companies. I think the sponsors that you have had have been appropriate and the related posts not overwhelming with pressure to purchase the product.

  18. 3 Qualities about you
    1. Love your attitude – you tell it like it is even if you know it might ‘offend’ someone else. Anything anyone says could offend any one person at a given time.. I love that you can do that and not take it personally!!
    2. Your recipes and cooking skills – LOVE LOVE LOVE your recipes and creativity
    3. your humor – it fits so perfectly with the other two items above

    Keep up the great work. I love taking a break and reading your blog. I never know what I’m going to read, but it always puts a smile on my face!

  19. You’re creative, funny and fun.

  20. Pamela L. says:

    #1- your personality and writing style(been reading you for 6 years)
    #2-your food photography, have you considered doing something with that?
    #3- the crazy recipes you come up with…

  21. i love the twist on recipes
    your stories
    and your body exceptence / love of desserts
    ps yes that is all on thing

  22. Rebecca says:

    OK, didn’t look at any other comments:
    -Fantastic desserts

  23. -interesting recipes
    -dessert inspiration / recipes
    -interesting stories

  24. I’ve been meaning to comment for a while but hate doing so on my phone (but that’s where I read, so it usually takes me forever to leave a decent comment!)

    The reasons you’re my favorite food blog and I keep coming back (even though I hate the partial feed and totally understand it at the same time…)

    1. You’re funny. I just like reading whatever you’ve written even though we have pretty much nothing in common besides baked goods and thinking Phoenix is too hot.

    2. Your photos are gorgeous and your recipes always turn out. I can count on your recipes to be creative, delicious, and easy to follow.

    3. You seem so straightforward, loving yourself, seeing things how they really are, I think it’s hard to describe. Just feels like when I come here there’s not going to be any BS but there will always be a laugh and something delicious. It’s perfect.

    Thanks for writing. I know it’s a lot of work, but I appreciate it!


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