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Holy whirlwind of a week last week was. Nothing was better than getting up today and realizing that I technically didn’t have anything to do. Which is a lie for the fact that this here blog has been on the neglected side. Sorry about that. Not making excuses just telling you why: Canada Day, Birthday, 4th of July, more going out with friends for my birthday, Hockey Tournament thrown for my birthday, Beerfest, and then more hockey. And oh yeah I’m taking a business course.

(we took home the bronze)

(yes we really do take the dog everywhere)

(I take MDP everywhere too :P )

Since the IRS keeps telling me I’m a business I decided I need to learn more about the business side of things. But I know that many, many of you were concerned that I would lose what you like about this blog if I went more “professional” so I made sure to find a course that focused on building up what I already had based on what people already liked about it. In order to do that we had a first assignment. I already got my friends to help me with it but I would really appreciate it if you my readers would help me out as I am essential doing all of this for you as much as I am for me.

So here is what I am asking you to do. First off don’t read anybody else’s response I want your response. I need you to tell me WHAT YOU FEEL ARE MY THREE BEST QUALITIES?  As in why do you read this blog? So many of you tell me that you read the blog for the writing and not even really the food (which to this day baffles me but you know I roll with it :) ). I want to be focusing on what you like and expand on that. I’m really interesting in seeing what the public so to speak thinks of me vs. what my friends said.

The other reason for nothing on the blog other than the obvious no time was it’s still too hot. For the Hockey Tournament even though they had cake…my sister in law went out of her way to make sure I had awesome cakes. If you follow me on Instagram you saw them already. No bakery would do Star Wars (the theme of the tournament) so she had them just make a white and chocolate cake. Then went out and found mini Star Wars figurines and her and my mother in law put them on the cakes. So I have all the rebels on the white cake and all the villains on the dark side (and yes I kept all the little figurines because I’m really still 12 inside). It was awesome. But not everyone likes cake so I made rice krispie treats because pretty much everyone loves them. I did the birthday cake ones. So when I decided I needed something up for the blog I went with rice krispie treat.

I saw a version of these on Pinterest (shocking I know) and wanted to make an Elvis version of them…aka throw in some banana to add to the fluffernutter already happening. But regular banana seemed like it would be a nightmare and so I wrestled the rabbit for some of his banana chips and threw those in there. I love the texture (aka crunch) that they added to the treats. And of course the peanut butter cups didn’t hurt at all. I had left over peanut butter cups from my latest obsession of S’mores using PB cups instead of a chocolate bar. Soooo good.


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  1. Kristen says:

    Your sense of humour/personality, the fantastic recipes, and how you make the readers feel like thy’ve known you for years. I used to follow a ton of food blogs, years ago, and now, yours is pretty much the only one I still consistently visit. That says it all, I think. :)

  2. Flavor profiles
    Mix of recipe types

  3. I like that you make fun recipes that are not found on other blogs, are honest/true to yourself with you opinions voiced on here, and tell entertaining and/or meaningful stories.

  4. I do read for the recipes in addition to what you have to say…

    1) Recipes that never fail – I’ve made several of yours and they’re always great
    2) Your “message”: positive body image, being accountable in your own life, personable stories with your tell it like it is point of view.
    3) Your humor. You crack me up some days and always on the days I really need it. It’s like you’re clairvoyant or something!

  5. My 3 favourite qualities, aka why you are a best blog in my eyes ;)
    AKA Why you are the only blog I check every single day (I’m 24 ;) )

    1. You aren’t afraid to be yourself, and you don’t care if anyone gets mad about it. I mean that with everything from sharing hilarious emails, to saying your honest opinion

    2. You don’t let the hate stop you – every good blog has hate mail, it breaks my heart to see the ones you get sometimes.. I’m SO grateful you keep on keeping on

    3. the food. You take great ideas/recipes and make them OVER THE TOP. Giiiiirl you are my hero.

  6. 1. Your sense of humor
    2. You tell it like it is without sugar coating
    3. Your recipes look and or taste delish

  7. are just the sweetest person ( you did after all say you would pretend to be my friend to go to Blog Her Food haha maybe 2014 ) 2. your flavour profiles in your recipes match what my Autistic son loves to eat 3. you post to your readers sincerely and the recipes work =o)

  8. 1) You come up with recipes that are unique
    2) The food isn’t hidden behind 6 different high end/vintage props.
    3) The sense of humour that runs through every post.

  9. 1. Your recipes have a great flavor profiles – but nothing overly “out there” that would send a picky eater into orbit.
    2. Personality – you seem true to yourself and are funny. Plus, you speak hockey. Not enough hockey chicks out in the world!
    3. The “clean look” of the blog – I hate it when things are hidden or jumbled with too much advertising. That will turn me off from a blog instantly.

  10. Penalty box says:

    Read it for the 3 h’s: Honesty, Humor, Hunger … And the photos are great

  11. Jen McPherson says:

    1. Posts that are funny and seem real/true
    2. Recipes that sound great and dont use a ton of exotic crap that would require a trip to Whole Foods
    3. Great photos

  12. Congrats on you and your team taking the bronze, girl! So proud of you!

    1. Your personality, passion for hockey (shared) and sense of humor are what drew/draws me in. I love to laugh. And, how these aspects and qualities come thru each blog post when you share openly in a chatty style—just as if your reader was with you in person conversing at your kitchen table as friends. Peeps are voyeuristic and enjoy getting a glimpse into the lives of bloggers outside the recipe posts on food blogs. You really win in this department!

    2. Your positive attitude about life in general…even after all you have experienced not so pleasant. Your stories are inspiring! Another win. People are attracted to winners.

    3. How you throw caution to the wind and work with wild abandon (like I do) in the kitchen…with no fear of failure…no matter what. Hence the recent “hot mess” brownie recipe that was a success!


  13. Just 3 things? Ok…I haven’t looked at any of the other comments so these are all my own favourite Peabody blog best bits.
    !.) You read all your comments. Having 63000 comments may do your ego good but then I know you couldn’t possibly read any of my comments. Because you do read our comments, I feel your blog is more personal. And I love that.
    2.) You don’t say things just to be fashionable. I like that you say how you feel. Being politically correct gets on my nerves. I just like that you will say your honest opinion,and not what you think others want you to say.
    3.) I like your whacky take on recipes. You are original. The photos are always very tasty looking, too
    4.)( I know, you only asked for 3 reasons, but I don’t care!) I am very nosy and I like it that you share your life a bit with us. You do such fun things, sometimes I am sure I can hear you laughing.
    P.S. You get good strange people commenting. This makes me laugh! xx

  14. Your three best qualities are that you are real, honest, and very approachable on your blog. And I keep coming back to your blog daily for great creative yet simple recipes I know I can attempt.

  15. 1. Your honesty. 2. Your body positive message. 3. Your sense of humor.

  16. Peabody says:

    @melinda- going for the bonus points :-) and yes I really do read EVERY comment

  17. Honest, optimistic, real.

    :) first time commenter, right here.

  18. Peabody says:

    @Katie- thanks for coming out of the commenting woodwork. :)

  19. Happy b-lated birthday! I love your blog for many reasons! For your real ‘down to earth’ yet hysterical writing. For your out of this world desserts and beautiful photography! Also, I actually have a lot of your ‘savory’ recipes bookmarked and always appreciate recipes like that. I just like that you are you! : )

  20. Your personableness (?), your ability to write about your life in a way that speaks directly to the reader, and your incredible recipes!

  21. your storytelling, blunt humor and creativity are the things that keep me coming back to every post!

  22. Rich and delightful desserts
    The freaky letters you get from people
    Interesting stories and good writing

  23. jacquie says:

    urging people to accept themselves for what they truly are – weight or other wise.

  24. I actually do love the food on your blog and have pinned a ton of your recipes. The thing that makes your blog one of my favorites to actually read, though, is your frank and honest voice. I know I can look forward to an interesting story. I don’t just scan through the photos and pin the recipe. I actually read every word. I appreciate your open nature. You make your readers feel like you care, and they’re your friends. You definitely inspire my very small, but hopefully growing, blog. Thanks for being so awesome.

  25. Good mix of recipes, both simple and time consuming

  26. I’m happy you are taking a business class. I like business, I find it interesting. By the way if you haven’t seen it. Watch Shark Tank. It’s a fun business show (no actual sharks sadly). It’s on ABC :) Anyways here is why I keep coming back to your blog:

    1. You’re funny. I’m not sure if you try to be or not, but you are. I think the reason you are so funny is because you are real. You’re not afraid to let your geek/nerd/childish flag fly.

    2. Going off from above: you’re real. Some blogs just go on to tell you how good the food is or how they came across the recipe. But you tell stories that people can relate to. Your posts come from the heart, even when you get writer’s block and just type random things like your Dear So-and-so posts.

    3. You tell it like it is. This may go under the category of “you’re real” but I don’t care. If there is a situation that bugs you, you don’t sugar coat it. People today don’t need more sugar. You’re blunt, but your tactful about it.

    4. You interact with your readers. You respond to our e-mails, and facebook posts. Heck sometimes you even take the time to respond to your readers through comments, which I find amazing. It means you take the time to look at what people have to say.

    5. You’re inspirational. You don’t care how many calories that double decker cupcake with a ganache center and creamy cream cheese frosting drizzled with hot fudge sauce and topped with a chocolate truffle (dang wouldn’t it be nice if a cupcake like that existed). If it tastes good, then you enjoy it. An the best part is you are teaching your readers and followers to do the exact same, me included. But you also teach us to love our bodies as well. I mean you probably do care what goes into your body, but if what goes into your body makes your pants fit a little more snug, you accept that and love the extra you. And with all that wisdom you have, you choose to share it with us all, hoping that you will get through some of our thick skulls so we can pass it onto others.

    6. Your;e awesome. Is that a quality? I’m going to make it one :)

    That is all :)

  27. I love the recipes you post, because they are often a little offbeat while still being totally approachable. You’re also completely authentic — your voice sounds like a real human being who is totally relate-able and real… you’re not trying to be the too perfect version of anything. For some reason, I think this helps me feel more confident in trying some of your recipes.

    The silly third reason why I love your blog is because I’m from/in Seattle, and I know you live somewhere around here. Sometimes you’ll post about life stuff and I’ll think, “oh hey! I was totally there last weekend!” And I enjoy that. For the record, I won’t stop enjoying your blog if you decide to move to another state for whatever reason, but the little Washington-centric side of me does love that at least for now, these recipes are being made in my home state. That last reason probably isn’t very helpful to you, but there it is.

  28. First off, no need to apologize – it’s definitely a busy time of summer! And I love those rice krispies treats.

    And now, your three best qualities = (1) Creative (in the kitchen and with writing); (2) Genuine (you tell it like it is and don’t sugar-coat anything… well, except for the delicious baked goods you make, but those should be sugar-coated :D ); (3) Witty (your posts on your blog and on Facebook always bring a smile to my face with the sarcasm or other humor).

  29. 1. Recipes + photos. The photos of the food you make always look incredibly delicious. Recepies are always something i have never seen before. Unfortunatelly i can’t make all the recipes exactly, because in my country we don’t have candy corns, rice krispies, peanut butter cups + chips, marshmallows (some of the recipes i make, i have to completely improvise but it’s fun – like making my own peanut butter cups from plastic molds). we do have ice cream makers, and i’ll be getting one soon :)

    2. Memorable stories :) I like to read your blog because of the stories you tell as well. they kind of stick with me – like the one about you being the Best Blog and getting a print button…. or the one about your Co-worker who always lies and forgets about it later on.

    3. Truth + honesty. it’s very refreshing that you aren’t twofaced or fake.

    can’t wait for your e-book to come out :)

  30. Jeanne H says:

    Peabody’s 3 Best Qualities:
    1) You don’t put on airs about anything. To paraphrase Popeye, you are what you are and that’s all that you are. You’re Peabody the Culinary Concocter! : )
    2) You say enough about yourself and your life that readers have a sense of knowing you, but you still maintain essential privacy.
    3) You come up with some really good eats! :D

  31. 1 – Your writing (it’s often the reason I click through)
    2 – Your recipes – YUMTOWN!
    3 – Inspiration – I love your “real talk” (wow, horribly corny there…) about body image

    I could go on and on – but I’ve been following your blog for years now (since well before my son was born and he’s 6 1/2!!!) and I just have to say that I love it!

  32. Elizabeth says:

    1. I really love your concern with building positive body image and emphasizing that decadent desserts in moderation are part of a full and healthy life.
    2. The recipes are awesome. Several of your recipes are go-tos for me and I always get lots of compliments and requests for the recipes when I make them.
    3. The writing. On a lot of blogs I skip to the recipe. With you, I always read the whole post. You tell it like it is, which is often funny, thought-provoking, or inspiring. Even though it might not hurt to check the spelling and grammar, I really do like what you write and am excited when I see a new post from you pop up in my feed.

  33. I love the fact that you’re real. When I read your blog and twitter and whatnot, I feel like I know you and we could totally be BFFs. And while the recipes aren’t always up my alley (in fact I CANNOT STAND bananas), I still come back because of the writing and the realness. For me there are some blogs I follow only because of the recipes which I will skip the whole introduction and scroll directly to the recipes, but I always read your stories.

  34. You’re a busy woman, that’s for sure! These sound and look amazing. I’ll have to whip up a batch!

  35. 1. Your sense of humor/wit/sarcasm
    2. Your honesty/not sugar-coating things/telling it like it is
    3. Your ‘realness’ – you admit your struggles, the fact that you have a special cleaning house outfit, etc. etc. Very easy to relate to you.

  36. I like your entertaining storytelling, forthrightness & out of the box recipes. I also like that you are on the other side of the country from me & therefore have a different perspective & access to different ingredients but that is more coincidental.

  37. 3. Your sinfully delicious, unashamedly sweet recipes! Because you know I want to eat every. Single. One.

    2. Your honest, humorous, blunt commentary on life – yours and everyone’s in general. I feel like every blog post is a glimpse into your reality and it makes me laugh and makes me think.

    1. Your inspirational activism about loving your body for what it is, not hating it for what others say it should be. It has helped change my life.

  38. No pretentiousness with you. Number one quality in my book.

    Saying it like it is…or should be. Also number one quality.

    You don’t let the stupid stuff get to you. Or stupid people. You simply understand that stupid people will be stupid people and move on. Admirable. Very admirable.

    You realize that a quick creative tasty snack is always better than no snack at all and have recipes to offer that instant gratification monster a good smack-down! (Also recipes that require more time but are tasty, too!)

    Bottom line: You are you all the time, no matter what, in all things. Face it all head-on. No excuses, no reservations, no hesitation. Very rare in my world. Very refreshing! VERY APPRECIATED!!! You could post fewer recipes and I would still read every word you put down. And, yes, I read almost all of the comments, too! The “kinship” is just what I need some days… AND your readers…..we’re our own little group!! Yep…very very appreciated…..

  39. 3 things:
    1. your recipes always look delicious, you use unusual/interesting ingredient combinations that are sometimes over-the-top but make me think “yuuuuuummmmm” also, the recipes usually aren’t too complicated or difficult.
    2. you’re funny
    3. you’re honest and I love the self acceptance talk

  40. Victoria says:

    My three reasons:

    1. Your honesty. Love it! Especially your “love yourself” attitude. It’s helped me a lot!
    2. Recipes. You make some tasty food!
    3. Your sense of humor. Especially when some crazy person emails you about something crazy. (Ie. “best blog”)


  41. Wow! I could just say..what they said..haha But I know you want a response. I am a recipe lover. I read cookbooks and follow a few blogs.Most of those I just ck out the recipe. I NEVER miss reading yours. You have no idea how many times you have made my day by your humor and outlook on life. Love that you are you not trying to be a Martha(ughh can’t stand her ha) You love dogs,hockey and all your guys and a good adult beverage,like me! Oh wait I almost forgot..I have had only raves about anything I have ever made from your site.

  42. 1) Your personal stories! They are funny, sad, inspiring, real,… Love them :)
    2) Recipes: They always sound tasty and when I have a chance to actually make them, they’re always good.
    3) Quality images. Your blog looks lovely :) And you don’t do that “let’s take a picture of every single step of making this recipe and waste the reader’s time as they scroll through the page because they don’t care what crap in a mixing bowl looks like”

  43. Pauline says:

    Humor, Excellent pictures of delicious looking food, and the fact that you write your blog based on your life. Oh and for bonus points, easy to follow recipes :)

  44. kamaile says:

    you’re authentic, funny & your food is delectably delicious.

  45. 1) Your sense of humor

    2) The fact that you’re “real” and don’t try to put out some Martha Stewart facade like so many food blogs do.

    3. 99% of your recipes are things I’d actually love to make (and feel like I actually COULD make)

  46. I love how brave you are, telling people what they need to hear even if it makes them mad (I need to learn to be assertive ;)), I admire your body-image positivity, and you come up with some over-the-top desserts!

    P.S. Did I miss something and you already got married?? Or are you referring to MIL and SIL in preparation? Congrats either way :)

  47. Your humor.
    Your frankness.
    Your amazing recipes (I used to bake all the time, now I can’t, but I live through recipes vicariously!)
    And 4, for the sake of it, the lovely photos.

  48. KristinaYellow says:

    So, I have to say–I cannot eat pretty much any of your recipes right now (my 8 month old has tons of dietary allergies so I’m gluten/egg/soy/dairy/nut/apple/corn/rice free for at least 6 more months and it’s been a LONG 8 months already) but I love your site.
    I love how you make things seem “easy” for me to do–even if something is complicated, you are honest about it and make me want to try it. You see failure as a positive which makes me feel better when I have things that don’t turn out perfectly.
    I really enjoy reading your personal stuff–I’m nosy and I think how I want to be like you. Do the hard stuff in life and it’ll lead to happier, more satisfied life.
    And finally, I love your embracing all things sweet and yummy–I hate blogs that talk about making things healthier and making me feel badly about baking. You know what? I love cookies and cake and sweets and I don’t want to sub applesauce or carob instead of chocolate or beans in my brownies. Give me full fat, full flavor, and all the yummies they bring. You don’t make excuses-you balance with your hockey and that’s awesome. Love that modeling :)

  49. 1. Creativity
    2. Shamelessness (in a good way — you’re very “yes, brownie-stuffed-cookie-stuffed-s’mores are delicious and I’m gonna eat ‘em sometimes, and if you don’t like it, tough”)
    3. Down-to-earth-ness — you’re not Martha Stewart, and that’s a good thing ;)

  50. 1. I love your writing style – fun peeks into your life that make me feel like I’m a friend, not just a reader (and really, for heavens sake, I’m not that far away. I ought to come out to trivia at the Diamond Knot or something one of these weeks, before my little one makes an appearance!). Your style comes across as conversational, friendly, and open. I love reading snippets about you, MDP, hockey, the crazy cocker spaniel, life, the universe, and everything, and your great thoughts on positive body image, which really speak to me personally.

    2. The blog style is clean and easy to read. The focus is on the content, without it looking boring or cluttered.

    3. Ridiculously good looking recipes with clear instructions, tips for getting things to work, and assurances that even if it doesn’t look great, it’ll still be delicious and no one will care, which my coworkers will happily attest to. =)


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