Really love your peaches…

If I were a betting kind of gal (which I’m not because I have the worst poker face) I would bet that there is a part on your body that you hate. I used to. I used to hate my stomach. A lot. I’m thick waisted. I have the type of stomach that if I suck in air or even drink some water it grows an inch (that is not an exaggeration it’s been measured before in the name of science and me being neurotic).

Then one day in the locker room everything changed. You can learn a lot by just listening to the conversations that go on in the male locker room. Now yes some of it is vulgar when they are trying to impress each other, but other times you can really learn. Case in point: my stomach. We somehow got on the topic of women’s “pouches”. Every guy in the locker room commented that they loved a little pouch in the stomach on a woman. I called BS on all of them and they all had a reason why they loved them. And then they shared their disappointment with the fact that women never want them to touch their stomachs. I piped up and said yeah, no, I don’t want any guy touching my stomach.

They kind of groaned and said why not. I told them because my stomach is gross. One of the guys shouted from across the way “when won’t you girls get it”. Get what I said. “Get that if I guy is touching you there and keeps touching you there that is turning him on”. And just like that I got it. A giant light bulb went off and has stayed up there ever since. My stomach and I are no longer at odds. Do I have days where my stomach pisses me off because it doesn’t look how I think it should in a dress? Yes. But overall I embrace it. This is the body I got. And some people love me enough to think that I’m hot. ;)

So I encourage you as we hit peak swimsuit weather to start to love what you hate most about your body. Start to realize that most of it is mental and not physical. That everyone isn’t staring at your stomach thinking OMG gross. That if your significant other is touching your thighs, arms, stomach, it’s for a reason. It’s not to make you feel bad or self-conscious it’s to make them feel good. And the part you hate is making someone feel good. Think about that and you will start to feel good too!

If we can’t get you there sober maybe a little liquid courage can get you going. :D A couple weeks ago a place called Total Wine and More opened up and it’s like the Disneyland of booze. Washington State only until recently had state run stores and when they didn’t anymore it was hard to find specialty booze and if you could they gauged the prices up hard core. So along comes this giant warehouse of booze that carries just about every alcohol I could think of and then some. I kind of went crazy with all of the specialty booze I kept finding. One find was this stuff called Drillaud (feel free to sponsor me makers of this stuff) and it taste like boozed up peach syrup…you know the kind that comes with peaches in a can. So yeah…instant favorite. And I’ve learned that when you add pineapple juice, splash of vodka, and some Sprite then you have a very dangerous cocktail…especially at 10 am when you haven’t eaten and you are just going to make one to take photos of but end up you know…drinking it. :)

Speaking of needing a cocktail…Crazy Cocker Spaniel is majorly down in the dumps. Why you ask?

Because of this cutie right here. This is who we are calling Bun-Bun on the blog.

As of right now it’s a he but that can always change with tiny rabbits. No, Little Fuzzy Bunny did not die off I just couldn’t resist him when I was buying rabbit feed the other day. He kept looking at me and standing on his back legs showing off and clearly sending me subliminal messages to take me home. So I did. Oh and no he is not staying with the other rabbit they would so not get along. Anyway feel bad for CCS as the new addition is getting all of her extra love (or so she feels).


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  1. BUN BUN!!

    I love this post. Growing up incredibly skinny (trust me, the things people say can be even worse…), I think I learned long ago to not care what people think, which I am incredibly thankful for.

    I recently bought a peach rum, and I have been making all kinds of cocktails with it, such a great flavor and not too sweet. This sounds fantastic.

  2. Sheesh! I just had a conversation with my husband about him being “obsessed” with my pouch. LOL who new?

  3. @Desi- I’m telling you most guys love them!

  4. I love browsing nice liquor stores and wishing I could buy all those lovely labeled bottles. Nice booze is so damn expensive. I wonder if I can get this stuff on my island. It sounds lovely. If I drink enough of it, maybe I’ll start to believe my husband when he tells me I’m beautiful in sweatpants.

  5. I believe that glass motto suits me to a ‘t’, except I’ll be drinking a gin and tonic in it!

  6. As always… great advice! And I could totally dive right into that glass and slurp it all up!

  7. I used to hate every part of my body. I was the same girl that would clench her stomach when a guy tried to touch it. Now I’m learning to embrace my body. I am happy with who I am and even though I need to lost weight, it will happen with time. No more stress.

  8. Melissa says:

    If guys love the mom pouch, I’m like a walking orgasm for them then! HA! My hubby has told me this too. Kinda funny how we think we have to be so thin and flat stomached to attract our men but that’s the opposite of what they want. I think the issue not being addresses here is why you are hanging out in men’s locker rooms?! =)

  9. Peabody says:

    @Melissa- I hang out in men’s locker rooms because I played Men’s League Rugby for 13 years and Men’s League Hockey (captain of a men’s league team) for 14 years.

  10. I love little bun-bun! Can I take him/her? Please?! Haha.

    And I never know what to say on your booze posts. :P I can’t drink for another year and a half before I can have the stuff. But I have decided I would like to eat my alcohol. Like those chocolate koluah mudslide shake things I always see. Mmm those look good :)

  11. I asked my husband years ago why he kept rubbing my stomach [’cause, you know, I’m not a genie lamp] and he admitted that he loves it because it’s soft. Same with my back fat [or ‘back boobs’ as I call them]. Those two areas of my body that always made me feel self-conscious and fat are two areas that my husband wants to touch. I still get a bit annoyed at myself for not looking thinner/smoother in clothes, but I do feel much better about my naked body now.

  12. Hi Peabody

    If I keep all the ingredients in the refrigerator, do I still need the ice.

  13. Peabody says:

    If you drink it quick enough you won’t need ice. :-)

  14. This looks like the drink for this weekend by the pool. I love pineapple even more than peach.

  15. Bun Bun is so adorable! No wonder you picked him out. My hubby felt the need to get a new pet but we can’t get another dog as we are renting the house we live in. So he got a dwarf hamster like this (, which is freakishly cute. My hubby originally named him Cornelius but then figured out our 2 yr old couldn’t say that, so now he is Gary Cornelius, Gary for short.

  16. I made this for me and my husband the other night (we had to use peach schnapps), and it was awesome. We loved it, it is super refreshing! Thanks for the great recipe!

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