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I get a ton of email each week and at least one of them is always a question about where to eat in the Seattle area when they come to town. This weekend is IFBC (International Food Bloggers Conference) and many bloggers who love food are coming to the Emerald City. So I thought I would write about a post where I like to eat in Seattle (that way when people email I can send them to this post.

If you are looking for an amazing meal and are a true foodie first and foremost I recommend The Herbfarm. Yep it’s pricey. Yep it’s 9 courses with wine pairing! Yes 9. Prefixed but they will work with you for food allergies /dietary needs no problem. I have been there many times and Carry and Ron whom own the restaurant are amazing people who really know how to create a memorable evening. You can read more about it over here.


Other more higher end restaurants that I recommend are Canlis, Pink Door, Lark, and Toulouse Petit Kitchen (awesome brunch).

Pacific King Salmon with Potatoes and Preserved Lemon from Canlis

Pacific King Salmon with Potatoes and Preserved Lemon from Canlis

To get a full hipster experience (where you can get Tang Cocktails) head over to Lunchbox Laboratory which has killer milkshakes and DORK (duck and pork) burgers that are awesome.

Tang Sunrise

Tang Sunrise

Local chains Dick’s Drive In (burgers by the bagful…which you then get to tell people you bought a bag of dicks :P oh and cash only ) and Ivars are classics around these part. Ivars (pronounce it I-VERS to not look an outsider) has great fried clams and clam chowder.

Fried Clams from Ivars Acres of Clams

Fried Clams from Ivars Acres of Clams

Paseo makes sandwiches that will quite possible change your life. The Caribbean Roast and the Paseo Press are amazing.

If you are looking for breakfast check out Serious Biscuit (which is next to Serious Pie…which is crazy good pizza), The 5 Spot (which is also good for all other meals and very quirky), and Portage Bay Café.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Pancakes from The 5 Spot

Peanut Butter and Jelly Pancakes from The 5 Spot

For sweet treats head to Dahlia Lounge and get the fresh to order donuts that are served with freezer jam and mascarpone. Or check out Molly Moon’s for ice cream. My bakery suggestion is Macrina (they have two great cookbooks as well ).

For beer and eats check out Brave Horse Tavern…have a beer with their peach mustard, pretzel chips, and cheese snack. Or check out the Jolly Roger Tap Room where you can get Deep Fried Bacon with Maple Aioli. Their fries are kick ass too.


Deep Fried Bacon from Jolly Roger Tap Room

Deep Fried Bacon from Jolly Roger Tap Room

So those are my recommendation for anyone visiting the Seattle area, especially if you are in town for the IFBC! Welcome. Look for posts while I’m there at IFBC!

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  1. I think you’ve just blown my mind!! DEEP FRIED BACON, sounds amazing! PLease send to the UK!

    FoodNerd x


  2. I really liked Etta’s which is a short walk down from The Pike Place Market. The waitresses were so lovely and food was really good. I think they are associated/owned by the same person as the Dalia Lounge. It is nice old fashioned food. (Interested to know if you disagree with me, Peabody.) I still loved Ivar’s clam and fries when I came over last year. I’ve been to Canlis and it was excellent and pricey.
    Fran’s chocolates…I rate ++++!

  3. I live in the desert. I’m just above the border to Mexico in the place that is farthest from the Pacific or the Gulf. Fresh fish does not exist here. That said, why, oh, why can’t I go to IFBC? (I know why, it starts with a “college” and ends with a “work.” :P) That seafood, both fried and not fried, looks spectacular. To say nothing for the pancakes. Peanut butter and jelly was my first love.

    Heck, deep fried bacon might even get my brothers to come with me. More likely it’ll get them to say, “Go into the kitchen and make it for us,” but oh well. :D Thanks for the recommendations. Now I need to find an excuse to go to Seattle instead of doing midterm exams….

  4. The beer battered bacon at the Jolly roger taproom is phenomenal! great with a pint and their little mahi sandwiches…

  5. Yes Melinda you are correct…Etta’s and Dalia Lounge are all owned by Tom Douglas. So is Serious Biscuit and Brave Horse Tavern. He is a culinary genius in my opinion. Any of his restaurants are an excellent choice.

  6. The pretzels at Brave Horse are my dreams come true. Also, they have a Sam Adams Chocolate Cherry Bock. AMAZING.

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