Last Minute Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas…

Pumpkin-Salted Caramel Swirl Cheesecake
If you are like me and wait until the last minute to decide what you want make for Thanksgiving (or any holiday for that matter. Here are some not so traditional (but traditional flavors) desserts to make.
Pumpkin Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Icing

Honey Pumpkin Meringue Tart

Pumpkin-Ginger Creme Caramel

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Maple Cream Cheese Filling

Orange-Caramel Pecan Tart
Chocolate Overload Mud Pie

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  1. Well, it looks like you nailed my brothers’ dessert interests with your last item. Too bad for them I don’t use chocolate on Thanksgiving. :D That pumpkin caramel cheesecake looks absolutely killer, though. Has I not already made a pumpkin layer cake, a pie, and two other desserts, I’d be on it like smoke on fire (or like gravy on mashed potatoes), but I’m bookmarking it for later!

  2. Wow, these are some drool worthy options! Love this post :)

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