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It’s the month of baking and I want to help you get baking! Being a Rodelle Ambassador has perks (I’m always in vanilla and cocoa powder) but I realize that is not the case for many of you, especially when I use vanilla beans! So Rodelle and I are giving two of my readers a mini baking gift box with Rodelle Cocoa (which is awesome), Rodelle Vanilla extract (fantastic), and a Vanilla Bean vial so you can finally make one of my recipes that uses the vanilla bean like….

Vanilla Bean Cinnamon Roll Cake



Salted Vanilla Bean Caramels



Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies

So if you are wanting in on this prize and you live in the United States here’s what you need to do…tell me what your favorite vanilla flavored dessert is in the comments. If you don’t follow me yet on Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter. You can go follow me and then come back and leave a comment that you have. Also if you like Rodelle on Facebook and leave them a comment that I sent you and come back here and tell me then you get another entry. So a total of 5 chances to win! Contest closes Saturday December 7th 2013 at 5pm PST. Winner will be pick randomly and announced on Monday morning.


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  1. fresh peach pie with vanilla beans, so good it would be my last meal.

  2. I liked you and follow you on facebook.

    Favorite vanilla “dessert”… I would say Panna Cotta

  3. Vanilla Malt with extra malt!

  4. Jenifer Smith says:

    Hi Peabody,

    It’s Jenifer for the John Howie dinner from IFBC. I’d like to enter your contest. I’ve liked you on all social platforms and commented on Rodelle facebook page. Thanks so much happy baking!


  5. Ooh! Definitely vanilla rice pudding!

  6. aaaaand…now I follow you on FB!

  7. Pamela L. says:

    Vanilla has always been my favorite flavor. I love french vanilla ice cream.

  8. Really good vanilla ice cream :)

  9. Amy Schleider says:

    mmmm I keep old or used bean in sugar and it always just kinda fun to open the jar and inhale the aroma. wowzers

    Can I please win

  10. Amy Schleider says:

    woops…. yes to twitter, FB and Pinterest… heading to Rodelle pronto. Thanks!

  11. I’m simple. I like vanilla bean ice cream!

  12. I follow you on pinterest now!

  13. Vanilla bean ice cream!

  14. TaWanna Archia says:

    my favorite vanilla dessert is vanilla bean ice cream. I also liked them on Facebook (2nd entry :D).

  15. A smooth vanilla custard. Comfort food at it’s best! Most requested? Plain old sugar cookies with a double dose of vanilla.

  16. a really good vanilla buttery sugar cookie

  17. Oooopoh damn that stuff looks nice!

  18. Creme brûlée!

  19. I use vanilla daily in my oatmeal – add a dash along with cinnamon. Nummers. Ohhh and French Vanillas ice cream.

  20. it’s a toss up between creme brulee and rice pudding!

  21. Sounds weird…but, I LOVE vanilla bean brownies.

  22. creme brulee!

  23. Crème Brulee or vanilla ice cream….maybe a good sugar cookie!

  24. I love a good vanilla ice cream that you can taste the actual vanilla flavor–instead of some vanilla ice creams that are more plain.

  25. I have to agree, vanilla bean ice cream can be amazing!

  26. vanilla bean gelato!

  27. I commented on Rodelle Vanilla’s fb page

  28. I follow on pinterest

  29. i follow on twitter as well

  30. i like you on facebook

  31. My favorite vanilla-flavored dessert is a cream-filled Kadayif.

  32. I follow you on Pinterest as HyeThymeCafe

  33. I follow you on Facebook as Hye Thyme Cafe

  34. I follow you on Twitter as @HyeThymeCafe

  35. Xanthippe says:

    Butterscotch Vanilla Bean pound cake makes me swoon. I also make vanilla-infused vodka, which in turn yields many interesting and delicious cocktails.

    Like you on Facebook and follow you on Pinterest, but I’m not a tweeter!

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