Cake Re-Do…Tablespoon Style…


For those who loved the look of my Chocolate Peppermint Stick Marshmallow Fantasy Cake here is a simpler version that I made for Tablespoon…same great look with 1/2 the effort. So go over and check out the easier version.

Also the winners of the Rodelle Vanilla Giveaway were announced on Facebook.

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  1. Oh my. How do I not remember this cake? Seeing as I eat those peppermint crunch chips by the handful (and don’t even get me started on the unholy speed with which I go through bags of Hershey’s candy cane Kisses), I think this has to go on my “To Make” list. :)

  2. KB- the cake is quite a few years old

  3. A beautiful and festive cake! I love it.



  4. Audra Blair says:

    Peabody, this cake is what dreams are made of. I have replicated many recipes from your site, but this one still eludes me. Perhaps this will be my year to bring this little bit of deliciousness into our home!

  5. that looks yummy and I’m on my way to check it out now.

    not that I won or anything but any chance you could post the winners here also for those of us who don’t do facebook? thanks for at least considering it.

  6. Oh my gosh, that is beautiful!!

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