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While Pinterest has been good about getting people to see my past recipes, I’ve decided to bring back Way Back Wednesdays because there are recipes I feel people are missing out on for not being lifetime readers of CCbyP (don’t worry I forgive you).

This one is only a few years old but given how cold it’s been almost everywhere (but not here) I figured some cocoa would be good right about now. I mean melted ice cream as cocoa…yeah, that stuff is awesome. What makes them more awesome is Frozen Oreo Whipped Cream Circles.

So it’s January 8th, 2014 (not used to writing that yet) and I’m going to give my best dieting advice for you…don’t listen to ANYONE in a forum. Seriously. The misinformation people give is awesome. Though I have figured out all the people who come tell me the recipe didn’t work out (and then find out they tried to make it gluten free with skim milk) hang out at.

I’m in awe of people sometimes. I love to troll (well not really troll as I don’t comment) different forums. My favorite this week is the woman that was eating 6 (YES 6) cans of cocktail peanuts a day and was on “Atkins” and was gaining weight and didn’t know why. She loved the diet because of how much she loved peanuts. Ummm. Then there was a guy (same forum) who was eating egg salad sandwiches (hi…you can’t have bread dude) and when he told people he was doing modified “Atkins” they ate him alive. As they should. As he is not doing Atkins. It’s like the people who say they are vegetarian but still eat meat from time to time. Then you are not vegetarian.

Any way you can go for support to those kind of things but please don’t take advice from the people on there. If you truly are trying to lose weight chances are they will give you the wrong info. So just have more cocoa and call it good. :)

Cookies and Cream Cocoa


  • 3 cups cookies and cream ice cream
  • 3 TBSP unsalted butter
  • ¼ cup mini chocolate chips
  • 1 cup water
  • Oreo Frozen Whipped Cream Circles (see link in post)


  1. In a large saucepan, melt together the chocolate chips and butter. Then add the ice cream (yes, I know but go with it).
  2. Once ice cream has melted add the water to thin it out and let it be heated through.
  3. Serve warm and add Oreo Frozen Whipped Cream Circles.

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  1. Those are my favorite comments/complaints – “Yeah, I tried this and only changed 6 things and it didn’t work” Oh. Okay then.
    Anyway, happy 2014 to you and thank you for this delicious looking treat. They really need to invent taste-o-vision screens so it’s not weird that I lick the screen…..

  2. Forget dieting….I’ll have some cookies and cream cocoa :) This has got to be just fantastic!

  3. Silly question, but how did you rim your cup? Did you melt additional chocolate and just dip it like you would a margarita glass in salt?

    I get so annoyed with some of my family members who keep trying fad diets. They don’t realize they’re doing more harm than good by eating only cabbage for a week or taking some unregulated HCG crap and only eating 500 calories a day. I don’t keep my mouth shut about it either… I’ve never “trolled” weight loss forums but I bet it does get pretty interesting. I typically use SparkPeople to track my food intake and activity just to help keep myself on track but I’ve switched to their sister site BabyFit now that I’m pregnant. I’ve never encountered crazy in those forums.

  4. “It’s like the people who say they are vegetarian but still eat meat from time to time. Then you are not vegetarian.”

    This is a really narrow view of vegetarianism. There’s an interesting book out called “Everybody is NOT Doing It: Abstinence and Personal Identity” that goes into the lived experience of a bunch of people who abstain from a bunch of things, including from eating meat. Many of them have “cheat days” where they eat meat, even if it’s just grandma’s Thanksgiving turkey. It doesn’t make they less of a vegetarian. It just means their vegetarianism doesn’t look like you think it does.

  5. Looks yummy :)
    In Canada, with our -35, we could use a hot cocoa!

  6. Well, that chocolate around the rim of the mug is just wicked! Happy New Year to you Pea! x

  7. I read the title, looked at the picture, and thought, “Is the advice, ‘Don’t’?” I remember this stuff and I can’t believe I never got the chance to make it. Printing it, stat (ain’t it great that you are a Best Blog and have a print button?).

    The problem with a lot of people who go on the Atkins diet is that they don’t realize where carbs can hide, and they think if carbs are fiber, then those carbs are okay. Not the case. Some fiber carbs are okay, and surprisingly, some sugar carbs (sugar alcohols) are okay, but some aren’t, and starch is almost never okay. I have a lot of personal experience with Atkins because my mom was on it and I went on an Atkins cooking crusade. Lots of meats and low-carb sides, plus desserts – yes, there are such things as Atkins desserts! You just have to know how to read labels and what to watch for. 6 cans of cocktail peanuts? You’re kidding me. :P

  8. mmmm this cocoa looks so good. I’m pretty sure I read this post sometime long ago (when I get really into blog I go all the way to the beginning)

    I can’t sat I troll those websites and chat groups just because I know all those diet tricks and foods and whatever are just so unhealthy for you. There is this one really weird commercial where they are sprinkling something that looks like sugar onto hot dogs and mac and cheese and it’s supposed to make you lose weight…. that is probably the weirdest diet thing I have ever seen.

  9. Damn you and your mug of hot deliciousness. I may be making this when I get done at work. Secondly, I love this time of year for all the diet and heath advice I hear and see all over the place. Cracks me up. I don’t do diets, I don’t have the self control for it ;D

  10. @J.C. – So if I cheat on my husband only time to time, say around the holidays am I”m still monogamous? Because I don’t think he is going to see me choosing not to cheat as being a narrow minded view of monogamy. If you eat meat from time to time then just tell people I mostly eat vegetarian because that is the truth.

  11. @Alice -you just heat up some chocolate on a small saucer plate and then dip the cup in it. You can add fun stuff like crushed up cookies or sprinkles to make it even more fun.

  12. That’s what I was thinking, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Thanks!

  13. I love this Way back Wednesdays since I haven’t been around you for that long!! Like this hot cup of deliciousness needs to happen ASAP. It is still so cold in the NE.

  14. I gave up on dieting a long time ago. I found out that if you start counting those nasty calories stay at 1800 and work out every day you will lose . Do not tell anyone your dieting first rule and if your cheating especially do not tell anyone. Now I think I will try your hot chocolate and enjoy that wonderful recipe but not tell anyone. Paulette

  15. Ahhhh modified Atkins – brings back memories of adding honey to everything lol. Agree with you – weight is simple math regardless of what eating model works for you it’s in vs out calories. Eat and live balanced.

  16. I just try to eat less of the bad things when my clothes start to feel tight. I don’t like to think about not being able to eat certain things.

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