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As much as I would love to get up and make MDP breakfast each morning…he gets up at 4am. Peabody does not get up at 4am. Often I have only been to be an hour or two before he is even getting up. BUT I do want to make sure that he has something to help him get the day to start off right.

Now I could make him muffins but reality is that we all know that sugary carbs (though highly delish) are more for an afternoon snack than a good breakfast (weekends being the exception when I wake up in the afternoon :) ).

Enter the Scotch Egg. These are usually served in pubs in the UK and you have them with your ale. I don’t think MDP’s employer would be down with him downing a few pints with these at work. Damn the man. The original kind are deep fried and sometimes rolled in bread crumbs. The first time I had one I kind of lived in fear. I mean sausage wrapped around a hardboiled egg? None of that sounded good to me. That was until I ate one. Who knew!

Words I never thought I would be writing on this blog (and if you hear about a girl being struck down by lightening this week in the news it might just be me) but these are gluten free, low carb, Paleo friendly, and dairy free. They also have a ton of protein…23 grams per Scotch Egg. If you truly want them gluten free please make sure to find sausage that indicates that it is indeed gluten free.

So whip up these unusual but tasty and high protein breakfast on the go for your family.

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Baked Scotch Eggs


  • 4 hardboiled eggs
  • 13.3 ounces mild Italian ground sausage (gluten free)
  • Coconut oil or olive oil


  1. Divide the sausage into 4 equal parts…notice I used a food scale.
  2. Shape each portion into a flat round.
  3. Place a hardboiled egg on the sausage and wrap the sausage around and enclose the egg completely with sausage.
  4. Place on a baking sheet that has been greased with coconut or olive oil.
  5. Bake at 375F for at least 30 minutes. Mine take about 35. Your oven might depend.
  6. You can eat these warm or cold. They are a perfect high protein (23 grams per scotch egg) breakfast on the go.


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  1. My boyfriend loves these! I’ll have to make them as a treat!

  2. These sound delicious! I mena you already eat eggs with sausage, why not wrap it up in it?!

  3. These would be so perfect for breakfast for my mom when she’s in a rush, since she follows the Atkins diet and doesn’t do carbs! Why did I never think of this? Thanks, Peabody. :D

  4. Looks delicious! These are on my list.. I hope one day I will try them :)

  5. I have always wanted to try these. I didn’t know they were so easy. Cannot wait to check them out.

  6. Not exactly a real Scotch egg (since it’s not breaded and deep-fried)… but seeing as I’m starting to run out of healthier breakfast ideas that I feel like eating, I might have to give this a try.

  7. Must try with the grandchildren !

  8. Looks and sounds delicious! One question: I have a daughter who loves bacon. Any thoughts about wrapping the egg with a strip of bacon before wrapping it with sausage?

  9. P.S.

    Shouldn’t they be called “Baked Scottish Eggs.” I’ve known a couple of Scots who take serious exception to being called “Scotch”. Scotch is a kind of whiskey (and tape ), SCOTTISH refers to the home Country, and make no mistake aboot it!

  10. Amy Schleider says:

    You know what? your time table sounds very familiar. I stay up way too late/ hubs goes to bed by 9 up at 3:45 to 4 I go to work at 10AM . What a wacky world. he he anyway, He hates eggs…… but with sausage this just might be the thing that would work for him especially since he is doing his weight loss thing right now. hmmm Thank you ha ha I have never seen these under the rock where I live. he he Good luck to you in your new adventure. I’m currently thinking of having a mid life crisis. Isn’t it the right time of year?

  11. @Bob- I am Scottish and I’m not offended. And it’s a Scotch not Scottish egg…Google that. :)

  12. @Peabody – So sorry… No offense intended, glad there was none taken. :-)

    So, what about wrapping the egg with bacon before baking?

  13. I think you would need to cook the bacon a little before wrapping. Not sure they are in the oven long enough to crisp bacon.

  14. If you can be bothered (!!) you can make these with quail eggs for parties – try and stop at one though!! :)

  15. Woman after my own Scottish heart! I love these. Just wanted to let you know I’ve included your post in my Friday Food Finds collection at

  16. Wow! I wish I had seen this method earlier. I just made two dozen Scotch Eggs for New Year’s Eve, using the deep-fry method. I received the recipe several years ago from an English co-worker of my daughter. He forewarned me that the procedure was a bit messy but that the end result was delicious, and he was right! I make them at least once a year. Everybody loves them, and they can be eaten anytime, for any meal, hot or cold. Two years ago I decided to make them for New Year’s Eve company and that worked for me, so I’ll at least continue that regimen. But now with this easier,
    less messier method, I’ll probably make them more often.

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Mrskingers says:

    My husband is from the UK AND he loves Scotch Eggs! When I showed him this recipe he was so excited! 👍

  18. do you think these would freeze well? I’m thinking to make a big batch then freeze to use a few of them here and there as a quick breakfast on crazy mornings. How might you go about warming them so the egg wouldn’t be rubbery?

  19. I don’t really know. Maybe make a small batch and give it a test run.

  20. Pinned this a few days ago and made it today using sage sausage. So easy, and YUM!

  21. Made these this morning but coated them in garlic parmesan cheese before baking. Not sure what it does to all the paleo, gluten free stuff, but it gave them a nice “fake fried” texture.

  22. Lynn Marie Schetinski says:

    I make a point to have 1 of these scotch eggs every time I go the Renaissance Festival here in MN. They”re my absolute favorite! I am so glad that I’ve found the recipe. I can make them here @ home at a drop of a hat!!
    Thank you!

  23. Has anyone tried making these with a lean mince?

  24. These sound delicious! While I was reading the recipe I had a thought. I wonder how they would taste using hard boiled pickled eggs? I always have a jar in the frig. Sometimes store bought but usually homemade. I may give it a try, but any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  25. Only one way to find out Carol

  26. The instructions I received with the deep fry recipe for Scotch Eggs, which I have been making for a few years, is that they don’t freeze well. They turn black. I don’t know if that applies to the baked method or not. I’ve never frozen them because they disappear very fast!

  27. Apparently the recipe comes via India and recipe called Nargis Kofta,hard boiled eggs covered in spiced ground mutton and deep fried. Cut in half and served with a tomato sauce. Or, they come from a shop in Whitby called Scotts and were locally called Scotties.

  28. My mother used to make scotch eggs all the time for my siblings and I. Breaded and deep fried is the best way to go, but this certainly works for a healthy option. I sprinkle shredded colby jack cheese on the inside of the sausage prior to wrapping the egg.


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