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So I don’t watch the Biggest Loser anymore. I watched it the first season and tried the second season but by that point they had a sponsor for everything. Now don’t get me wrong I’m okay with sponsors…it keeps things going. But I could just tell that some of the sponsors they could care less about other than they gave them money. Which I have issue with.

I noticed a big change over the seasons as well when I would see it on social media. The women were getting smaller and smaller…yet starting larger and larger. All in the same time. I’m not in awe of this. I am afraid of this. Losing 155 pounds in 5 months is not healthy. Period.

The saddest thing perhaps when I saw her was I didn’t think oh she is so thin but that wow a woman in her 40’s was able to lose so much so fast. Only to find out she is 24! I thought she was older than me. She looks older than me. I have an acquaintance that has recently dropped a ton of weight (again) and has gone too far and now in my opinion looks older than she is. She’s been called Skeletor as of late by those who know here (to which I all told them to shut up as they would not want anyone calling them something horrid).

If she’s happy great and I not knowing her have no way of knowing if she is happy or not. She will however most likely have a lifetime of struggle with relations to food, which I wish on no one.

Okay, I’ve said my two cents and we move on to food!

I saw some Red Velvet Truffle Bark by Something Swanky and decided that I would give it at try…but with carrot cake because carrot cake is better in my opinion. She says she got two trays worth. I barely got one. I am not a good spreader. Then I had this crazy (read turned out bad) idea to add a little of the extra frosting to the white chocolate mix. DO NOT do this. It will cease up and you will have to start that part over. Oops. Live and learn. It was tasty though.

I would cut these smaller than what I did for the photos…they are pretty rich. I think they would be great for an Easter buffet, baby/bridal shower, or just all around snacking. And these are WAY more easy than making cake pops!

Carrot Cake Truffle Bark Bars


  • 1 carrot cake mix, baked according to directions and cooled (I used a Duncan Hines cake mix)
  • 1 cup canned cream cheese frosting
  • 7 cups white melting candy or white chocolate (I did a mix)
  • Pecans for top (decorative)


  1. Prepare a 2 9x13 jellyroll pans by lining them with foil. I personally only got one sheet but I am not skilled.
  2. Crumble the carrot cake into a large bowl. Add the frosting and mix until a moist, dough-like mixture has formed. This was therapeutic and similar to squashing meatloaf minus the gross I’m squashing raw meat and eggs feeling you get when making meatloaf. :)
  3. Melt down the white melting candy and white chocolate in a double boiler.
  4. Evenly spread 2 cups of the melted white candy on each of the lined jelly roll pans. Place in the freezer for a few minutes to harden.
  5. Remove pans from freezer.
  6. Divide the carrot cake mixture in half and spread one half over the white candy on each of the pans. You may find it's easier to use your fingers for this…I did.
  7. Evenly divide the remaining melted white candy between the two pans, and spread on the top coat as evenly as you can.
  8. Place pecans on top as you like.
  9. Let candy harden (either in the freezer or at room temp) before cutting into pieces to serve.


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  1. A life of struggling with your relationship to food is no picnic (and pardon the painful pun). Shows like The Biggest Loser always make me think, “Yeah, the biggest loser to therapy payments later.” But then, The Healthy Eating And Exercising Plan just wouldn’t get funding for TV or generate the buzz of watching people torture their bodies into shape and beyond.

    TV aside, these cake truffle bars look delicious and a lot quicker than dipping spherical truffles! I’m with you that mushing the cake and frosting mix around is fun. Best part is that you can clean your hands afterward…with tongue prior to soap and water. :)

  2. But, but. Skeletor is love. Google it. Totally off topic, but if you haven’t seen it, you should. I’ve been sending Skeletor is Love memes to everyone at work whenever they complaint or get overwhelmed :-)

  3. Who doesn’t like carrot cake! So glad this recipe is easy. I’ll be making it this weekend.

  4. These look so goood!!! Thanks for sharing! I found a similar recipe on Pinterest layering brownies, oreo truffles and topped with Chocolate Ganache. YUMMY! I want to try a white chocolate version using the new Lemon Oreos!!!


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