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This week two people I know found out they had cancer. Both people I know fall more into the acquaintance category but I certainly want to help them if I can. One of the people a bunch of women who all knew her started an email and came up with the idea that we were all going to do the next run/walk for cancer. We will all get matching t-shirts and wear cool socks and tutus. Okay. I say to them how much money are we planning on raising? Raising they say? Yes, how much are we going to try and raise for the cause? They tell me we are donating when we sign up for the race. Ummm. This from the same woman that did a Mud Run where they claimed it benefited Autism. If you read the fine print what they donated was the proceeds of you donating your used muddy shoes to which they would clean up (at a cost aka take away from the Autism charity) and then sale at a Goodwill type store. Then $.03 of that would go to the charity…if they sold your shoes!!! THREE FREAKING CENTS. You paid $70 to run the race. You went on Facebook and had all your friends let you know what a great person you were for running this race. You didn’t even donate your shoes…so you benefited Autism…zero.

So I say to them, how much will all of this cost us? They said it’s $40 for the race. Probably about $25 for a t-shirt. The tutus they want are $23. The socks they want are $15. So I say well over $100 just to go run? So I suggest the radical idea of giving $700 to the woman in need for her upcoming medical bills. NO ONE was on board for this. 7 (if you include me) women were willing to fork over more than $100 to run for this person but not actually give this person the equivalent in money to help with her bills. That’s disgusting to me. The answer I got was that they also wanted to do the run (I suggested running around the block). Told me they were raising awareness…no they were looking for adoration on their FB page. The good job what an inspiration you are. That’s what they wanted. They didn’t really want to help this person. I of course am no longer in the loop on the email because I let them know how I felt.

Now before the evil emails start coming in about running calm down. I’m not saying don’t go run your race. They can be fun. We used to sign the dog up for many of them that allowed dogs, but we knew it was all in fun and we were paying money to get a t-shirt (or hat) and walk. That’s it. I’m saying don’t pretend you are doing it for charity…especially if you didn’t raise any money. My friend M walks every year for March of Dimes. Her baby was born at 24 ½ weeks and they consider him their miracle (he is awesome). I always donate. She raises quite a bit each year…and walks. The first year I did the Susan G. Komen walk (the year my mom got breast cancer) I raised a lot of money. I mean a lot (five figures). I soon learned that this was a mistake as the next year when I was just going to raise a little (in comparison to the first year) and do the walk they hounded and hounded me that I was to match or exceed what I raised the year before (and guilted me for not!). I wasn’t going to beg for money from my friends again. They were very generous the first time around I don’t need to bug them again and again. They all got bugged too. I still get hounded to this day (though luckily I changed my address to my parents and now they get the letters :P ).

You running a race isn’t going to make advances in cancer treatment. You know who is? Pharmaceutical companies. Why? The first one that figures out how to cure cancer….that’s payday galore for them. Trust me they are motivated. If you want to donate to a lesser known disease why not research what companies are working on finding a cure…and donate directly to them and their research? Just a thought.

As far as awareness there are far more things you can be doing for awareness than running a race. I mean certainly run your race but I have yet to see a friend post on FB with their participant medal a link telling about the disease they just ran for. Or suggest what others can do to help. I personally plan on bringing awareness about Vestibular Disease in dogs, especially in hearing how common it is. I really feel it could help people to know that their dog can get better (yes CCS is improving). I’m going to do this by using this blog and social media. I also donate a few times a year to Old Dog Haven. I’ll be doing their walk that they have in July…which is truly for old dogs as it is only a half mile :D . ALL the proceeds go to their cause (they take care of senior dogs when others cannot which can be very costly). I will probably bug you all to donate as I want to raise money for the cause.

And seriously people if you want to help your friends who have cancer or any other serious disease please consider just donating to them. Or offer to cover a bill for them. That is something that will actually help them. Trust me, as someone with a lot of medical bills, they would be overjoyed at you doing this for them. Even if the bill was $28.17…it would mean a lot.

Off of the soapbox and into the kitchen. I have seen quite a few Wendy’s Copy Cat Frosty recipe …the original Chocolate Frosty. But I love their vanilla one more. No such luck other than some scary low fat one using tofu that had me fleeing the site. Most of the recipes I found for the chocolate one had three ingredients, none of which had malt and I always felt they had a hint of malt in there…especially the vanilla flavor. I think I came pretty darn close to recreating both taste and texture. It was warm in the house today so this baby started to melt the second it was put in a cup…just like a real Frosty would.

P.S. In case you haven’t noticed I’m back to my old feisty self. :D

Wendy's Copycat Vanilla Frosty


  • 7 oz. sweetened condensed milk
  • 6 oz. Cool Whip (thawed)
  • 4 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 3 cups whole milk
  • 1 ½ TBSP malted milk powder
  • 1 ½ TBSP vanilla extract (I used Rodelle)
  • Seeds from 1 vanilla bean (I used Rodelle)


  1. Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend together. You could just do it in a bowl but I think this really helps incorporate the ingredients together.
  2. Pour into an ice cream maker and follow the ice cream manufactures instructions.
  3. Mine took 42 minutes to reach desired consistency.
  4. Serve with a spoon just like they do at Wendy’s.


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  1. Peabody, this post was enough to get off lurker status. I LOVE what you wrote. I feel 100% the same way you do. These runs are FOR PROFIT. There are so few races that actually donate a significant amount of money to charity and that is largely done through the participants raising money. I’m all for running races and took my daughter to the color run last weekend (definitely not for charity!), but it is so wrong to pretend the race entry fee is doing anyone but the race organizers any good. Good for you for speaking your mind!

  2. Peabody says:

    Thanks for de-lurking @Linda. The Color Run is a great example…yes they give to charity but the run is really about just having fun.

  3. I remember hearing about an on-campus bake sale at my university that raised several hundred dollars for “cancer awareness and research”…then everyone found out that only half the proceeds actually were set aside for the cancer donations, and that half had all the supplies for the baked goods, setup, etc. taken out of it, then also had more deducted from it to pay the holier-than-thou “volunteers” that had come up with the idea, THEN had more taken away to “sponsor other awareness-raising activities around the school” which just ended up going in the school’s pocket. It was embarrassing for the entire school. The next semester I had my own bake sale…me baking everything, having my brothers help lug my own tables there, having my mom help transport the baked goods…and even though I only raised a little over a hundred dollars, every penny went to a cancer research foundation. It felt a lot better to me than the other bake sale had, that’s for sure.

    On a happier note, I think I know what I’m having as a birthday dessert tonight. There’s a vanilla frosty calling my name!

  4. Peabody says:

    @KB happy birthday! $100 is a great amount to raise! It all helps especially when you donate directly.

  5. Peabody, first time leaving a comment here also. I loved everything you said and you are spot on! I find it unbelievable when you mentioned to these “friends” about donating the $100 to the individual that they didn’t just jump at the idea.

    Hoping if I ever have to go through a serious illness, I have more friends like you and less like the other so called “friends”.

    Hope your blog post goes viral!

    Kathy B

  6. Katie Rose says:

    This really hits home since I found out this week that my roommate from college was recently diagnosed with cancer. She has three kids, one of whom just turned one a month or two ago and I know from personal experience how the medical bills must be piling up already. I agree and always have that those “raise awareness and support” type runs/walks never seemed to make sense and that direct donations would be more practical and so I plan to put my money where my mouth is and give HER the donation. It might not advance research, but it will help her directly regardless. Cancer sucks.

  7. Audra Blair says:

    Chiming in Peabody – we actually skipped a local color run this past Saturday, because last year after all of us joining – thinking a portion of our race fee was being funneled to our charity of choice – as we were lead to believe – found out the charity benefited – not at all. A huge disappointment. We took this year’s race fee and donated it directly to last year’s charity. We missed out on an acutal run, but we made a much bigger impact.

  8. Wow!!! Very well said! A friend of mine was just diagnosed with breast cancer. I am already thinking about how I can help with meals, gas money for the many treatments she will need to go to, and even helping out with cleaning the house!!

  9. Peabody says:

    @Gwyn- the cleaning idea is perfect! Love that.

  10. Peabody says:

    @Audra- I’m all for running for fun but I do think many of these place falsely give the impression that you are donating to charity. I just think people should research.

  11. Peabody says:

    @katie Rose- cancer does suck…big time

  12. So glad you are back to your feisty self :)
    I’ve never tried the vanilla frosty…must put that on my to-do list!

  13. Great post! Nail on head. Being able to calmly call a spade a spade is one of the things I think many people appreciate about your writing. :)

  14. I really do appreciate that you made this post as it’s given me a lot to think about. I’ve taken up more 5K’s in the past year (though if I can get away without getting a shirt I’m good). Some of the races are for charity such as Thanksgiving or arthritis. Most others fun (the Singles Dash the day after Valentine’s Day). But I feel guilty about the few races I’ve run where they ask you to raise money. I’d rather give money directly to the organization when I sign up rather than ask people for money. I just don’t like asking for things. It is an important thing to think about: are you running for your health to keep fit and active, or to help others? Or are you just in it for the shirt?

    It’s a lot to think about and I really do appreciate reading this post!

  15. I’m a runner BUT I admit I run my races for bling… No harm! The part that I don’t go toating or tooting or whatever is I match my race fee to my charity of choice (usually brain cancer – how I lost my mom. This years will all go to pancreatic cancer how I lost a dear friend) so I do half the races I’d like but can not feel like a troll at the end…

  16. Erin M. says:

    I love this post. Awesome.

  17. Love this post! I was looking for a butterscotch icing recipe, found your site (how? I don’t remember where I came in) and have just spent the last half hour wandering around. This post makes your blog a keeper, in my books! Thanks!

  18. foxyvee says:

    I made this over the weekend and my kids went bonkers! It really did taste like a frosty!

  19. Peabody says:

    Awesome @foxyvee glad they liked it

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