Reasons I’ve Been A Bad Blogger

Night before we move I was talking to a player (I was scorekeeping not playing) during warm ups. I had my hand resting on the side of the penalty box. A guy thought he would be funny to check the guy I was talking to from behind. Not expecting it he plowed into me. At first we thought it was my hand turns out it was my ulna. So yeah.
So I didn’t get to help move and unpacking has been interesting!

Also sadly my computer doesn’t want to work. So everything is being done on phone…with my left hand.

I was made fun of by my non-baking friends for having three mixers. :-)

But I get to move to this awesome kitchen (all gas yay!) so worth it. And interestingly enough even though there are boxes everywhere I feel more at home here in the last couple days than I did in my old place.

So not much baking which is sad since my NINE year, yes 9, blog anniversary is Friday!
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I’ll be back when I can.


  1. Well that sucks! Hope you get back on your feet (hands?) soon. Moving is bad enough with best case scenarios. We shall miss you and happy anniversary!

  2. Speedy healing Peabody!

  3. Oh no! :( Wishing you a quick, full recovery, Peabody! Hang in there. And on a happy note, wishing you an early happy blog anniversary! I would have never blogged or learned to love baking if it weren’t for you, so I’m SO glad you started (and keep) blogging.

  4. Victoria says:

    Oh no! Hope you feel better soon. :)

  5. It’s difficult enough to move but being injured while moving is even worse. I feel for you as we just moved as well.

    Best wishes to you and a speedy recovery, Peabody!

  6. Oh no! Hope you get better soon. But please get lots of rest while you can.

  7. Pamela L. says:

    This kitchen looks much nicer than the last one and it has a window! I hope your arm heals quickly and your back in the kitchen, baking away…

  8. Ouch! And moving too. Yikes!

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